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  1. It won't get incredibly better I suppose, but it's better to spam 1-2 stages than a whole tier. It's an energy sink for the impatient, it was like that for me in Halloween. I had my friends and guildmates all over it. Now about the star stuff, that's new to me since I kind of haven't done the missions but same basic principle for getting your gear up. It's going to take a little time but you'll get there. I hope the armor you have ready for 5* is elemental or has fire protection though if you're after FSC. (Shadow is ok, but some of those have fire weaknesses so that could be terrible there lol)
  2. Something to do until Black and White 2 (except I haven't played the first ones...I'm so behind D:)
  3. Er, is this advertising, remove it if it is bad then? Anyway, I never played Fallout (any of them), so I figure I would hop on this. If anyone else is slow like me, go ahead. http://www.gog.com/en/gamecard/fallout DRM free and all the good stuff (though I do like Steam...let's not get into that). I hear their site might be overloaded right now but I think you can just add the game and download it later.
  4. I'll probably do this, not sure. I'm glad to see they've made a year and I was there for most of it. Anyway, just like punkin, this guy spawns in clockwork tunnels, so just look for d9 stages with clockwork tunnels and farm those. It'll still waste your energy, but you won't have to run entire gates looking for them.
  5. Wasn't sure to make another post or just necro...so necro it is. More tracks and whatnot have been added, but I'm here to post...the music is released Download: http://torcht.com/nitronic-rush-soundtrack/ Details: http://torcht.com/2012/03/its-finally-done/ Don't ask me what it sounds like >_> it feels like it's going to take all night to download
  6. well I was holding on playing until Missions Released, then I got exams so I'm sticking with something lighter (FPS game since disconnections don't "cost" me there). Anyway, today's update adds to missions but as of this time, it's steam only and requires payment. No workarounds at this time. Steam gifting is an option but only if you have steam. I'll wait to see what happens next. Kind of tough that many have wished for a shadow bomb and one gets released like this. I won't be mad yet though.
  7. Happy Birthday Divine Avenger
  8. not sure. Didn't really need them in normal following regular attacks and I tried hell today and got absolutely ruined...
  9. I own the game =.= I bought it because I wanted to know the story of the game. However, it's much more convenient to just play the trial at school than to install the full game to every random computer I use at school. Sega had competitions for fastest times on the demo of Sonic Generations to win a copy of the game if I'm not mistaken. I'm sure people had to play lots to come up with the best times possible there. Playing a demo as much as you want is good as long as it is limited enough to not like giveaway the entire game experience.
  10. I probably won't go through it 15 times, however, when I play game demos, I just expect them to be unlimited in play if not limited in features. Never know when I might suddenly feel nostalgic and want to play it again. I probably spent more time in the Halo PC trial multiplayer than I did the actual purchased game.
  11. didn't know that..if that's true, that's another reason for me to be unhappy about the 30 uses rule...
  12. I was horrible at it, somehow I managed to finish without dying but it was close. I did get scared one time when two jumped down from above. I basically only played RE4 though (had some experience with 1 and 3), but I actually was weirded out when I entered another room with two zombies and ran back out and they didn't follow me. I actually kept doing that and one of them died somehow?
  13. yes, this one was around before SOPA supposedly, but the current state of this is unknown to me at this time. Honestly, I worry a bit more about ACTA right now as it was already signed here in America and is coming close to being signed in Europe. But since it is a trade agreement, according to a friend, it really doesn't matter if Europe signs or not, we're already in. There's multiple parts to ACTA but relevant to this, it seems to do something similar by forcing ISPs to monitor what we do otherwise they'll get sued.
  14. So this video was useless lol http://youtu.be/pCkI5I8vsBg I never watched it but still...music stars tried to promo the website recently. Lot of good it did.
  15. hey, TV reaches a lot of people even today, I imagine a lot of people hadn't heard of SOPA before yesterday and of those kind of people, some of them didn't go on the internet yesterday. So if they hear about it on TV first, they'd support it.
  16. yeah. It's sad but what can you do. Glad it's mostly not enforced, or at least doesn't appear to be. At least the public library system around here is great (free internet and whatnot). I think they're going to pass something sooner or later, it's just more about how much can we get them to take out of these bills to get them to tolerable. I don't have much of an opinion on piracy, I have my own personal limitations. In general, if it is obtainable here, I'll get it, or not get it. If it is something that is refused to be sold here for whatever reason or near impossible to get (like some anime for instance), then I might not pay as much attention to the rights of that company... though is youtube-ing something really piracy..perhaps but I'm not counting that myself.
  17. Tennessee says what's up? http://mashable.com/2011/06/10/tennessee-law-online-images/ I nearly forgot that existed. Oh and apparently we have a ban on sharing passwords as well. I know these were meant well just like SOPA/PIPA, etc. But those passed just fine. Way to represent the south in the digital age...
  18. yeah they have too much to lose, it would be a really nice sentiment though. Me and a few friends have small references to it, blacked out profile pictures/covers, another with a STOP SOPA sign, etc. But I've been talking about it prior to today in small parts, I think anyone passing by my profile already knows. Oh hmm I haven't tweeted anything though but I rarely use that..
  19. This so much. Though a similar story could be said for the 3d Sonics as well. Past Sonic Adventure 2, it is hard to find love as well (we got one mix from 06 but that's it). Still, gotta start somewhere, and this is an excellent start
  20. I remember this from WIP a long time ago it seems like...nice job finishing it
  21. Update today, slight monster nerfs everywhere
  22. You're trying to promote the game, not scare people off lol. I have yet to play it but I have grabbed it just in case. I'm slightly curious about the story...only slightly...
  23. Finally dropping in to check on the ones I missed, won't bother commenting on the different ones *sorry*, but looking forward to more whenever.
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