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  1. haha, the name may not have been intended to reflect the glitchy blip part, but it suits it perfectly. When the song kicked off at 0:40, I knew it was going to be good.
  2. I'm not familiar with the source but it sounds really good. 0:23-0:26 sounded a little harsh but other than that it was solid.
  3. 12/06 The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 'Bottled Choir' [more of a comment really but it is a start for me] Chrono Trigger 'Glenn' Sonic the Hedgehog 2 'Chemical Blip' Final Fantasy VII 'The Planet Is Dead' Minecraft 'Squishy's Theme' Machinarium 'Smashinarium' Pokémon Gold Version 'Precious Metals' Final Fantasy VII 'BadAzz' first review. I tried to not make it absolutely worthless.
  4. T_T such a tease, it seems to have potential. Thanks for sharing
  5. so I must play fair eh? well time to buy 3d Land instead just kidding..
  6. I liked Mario Kart DS, but I can't say I wasn't snaking a bit when I played that. That's not in this right?
  7. I heard this off of IGN or some similar page. Thought it was really great. I do think a lot of OCRemix vocals are good but I agree someone should recruit her if she's interested. Bonus points if this mix could get on the site too?
  8. yeah, there was a lot of great music there. I liked that one too. Spagonia was another good set for me, day and night. It was cool that Generations gave it some love too.
  9. I just kind of listen to whatever I want lol. I will admit that if a track is posted on the site that was already on the album, I won't download it and probably won't review, but that's because I already have it. But if I am interested in the song, I still check the download page just in case that song was different somehow or it wasn't a part of an album and it just looked like it was. And some stats are misleading anyway. I listen to a lot of previews on youtube. If I like it on youtube, it also gets autoposted to my facebook. But often at school, when I do that I often forget to download when I'm at home. And in general, I try not to leave a lot of reviews just because a lot of them would amount to "omg this song is cool!" If I help with December reviews month, I'll try to figure out ways to write that differently but I can never actually leave helpful reviews that say stuff like "the percussion was a little off at 1:24 and the choir was unrealistic".
  10. geez man hope you get better :/
  11. There's been a few but none I was super happy with (other than the first one). Still give em a look if you'd like. Most of them don't really have unique titles so I'll try to say a little something about each (unless it does have a title) Willrock started on this one but I believe it was unfinished. But it's awesome as it is. I just almost beg for more lol. [fanboy mode on] http://tindeck.com/listen/wryh [thread if you wanna necro it -->http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=33937] This one is...ok. Best one for me of the rest of the lot. Spinning Aquarium Park- kind of sounds crazy to me. I think it is still worth a listen though. ---Below here I don't really like but may be your style--- This one is kind of that retro style? 8bit or whatever. At least to me. I don't really like it though. Genesis style one: This one has a good trance beat style but I don't think they really changed the song much. I mean not in the way you'd expect from here: "Smooth Aquarium" - Some commenters noted it's kind of like Yoshi's island mixed with Aquarium Park, I sorta agree. At least it is pretty different though. There's more. But some were just combining the DS/Wii versions together, or sounded so much like the original I couldn't tell anything was done, or other things like that. Check related vids. Maybe I'll fire up my search again for Chun Nan as well.
  12. Still in, I got hit with school stuff and Oblivion [after some trouble]. I just hadn't seen any noteworthy patches to tell anyone about yet. Looking forward to anything they pull for Christmas. Now two of the items up for sale however, are time limited, I don't entirely agree with that choice even if they are cheaper, it's not by enough imo to justify the price[Love Puppy Costume helm and Trojan]. The arsenal update was useful, however be warned that this change doesn't happen in boss stratums past the first depth. I'm not sure about the upcoming enemies. They're saying they're a throwback to the old kind of retro monsters, which means they're predictable (as they said). So all the hardcore people are going to be like "zomg you gave us new monsters that are too easy Y OOO!" I'll be fine with it though. I'll probably still get hit by them hahaha.
  13. ALT+TAB improvements? That sounds good. It always acted funny for me whenever I tried to switch.
  14. I just started the challenge levels. I beat hardcore finally. The last two levels were mean, mostly at the end than anything else. I swear "Hardcore Black" was only completed by luck. Not me. Perhaps its a memory thing? The cities are huge. They look like its just decoration but if you go off the beaten path you really can get lost in them..
  15. lol well a letdown, seems I'm going to miss it. There's no question I have the money for it, just outside situations are preventing me from buying it now. Still, thanks for the suggestions anyway. I was going to get Oblivion eventually. And still am. I'll just get the normal $20 box later. Sorry for the derail back to pretty pictures of the majestic Skyrim!
  16. >.> I'm used to getting things late while I wait for the next thing. I got my PS2 when the PS3 came out. Not sure that I can get it today but just in case, suggested mods? I played Morrowind with mods, but I chose to not use any major game changing mods up to now. I just basically stuck to MCP bug fixes and texture updates.
  17. although this is about Skyrim. TESIV: Oblivion is on sale on Steam today for $5 (6-something for the DLC one). I'm not able to get Skyrim yet so I have to agree with a random poster about this: "Also known as "The Consolation Prize Sale for People Who Can't Afford Skyrim."" -Nathan Spain
  18. I think this remix is *puts on sunglasses* awwwwwwww...esome. On a less pun related note, I love this mix and the story behind it. Nice to see so much happiness being brought about by video game music
  19. I'm playing it slowly lol. But yeah, I tried out challenge mode this morning, and the first thing was like "wings disabled". I was like...frick. Took me more time than it should have to complete the hardcore tutorial one lol. That wall riding O.O...
  20. I just completed the story and haven't touched the rest of the content. But this game...is some of the most fun I've had from downloading a random racing game off of the internet...ok not the highest praise there could be, but I'll try to expand. The game does warn playing with a keyboard is not recommended, but that's all I have, the game is still playable with a keyboard, you've just gotta get used to not using accelerate when you wanna fly. Everything is pretty intuitive so long as you pass the tutorial, so there's no need for them to hold your hand through the game. Checkpoints are pretty well placed, it seems like there are a lot in the first level but that's just preparing you for the future. Every level brings new traps and tricks and from me personally, many "FUUUUUUU" movements. But it never felt like, I couldn't do it. I always felt like, ok, I've gotta get my timing down better. Even the ending credits level was amazing, there were little secrets here and there [i saw a crow/raven, a car, and a sheriff? somewhere up above] The music is pretty catchy too. Only minor things bothered me was that when you fall and land badly (ie on the roof of your car >.>) on a normal track, you don't explode and if you were doing a trick you'll still get points. Well as unskilled as I am, I actually like this, but considering the rest of the game, I sort of expected it to be unforgiving on such things. And the other thing is wings can possibly be abused, one part with the spike wheels, I just couldn't dodge well enough so I decided to take to the sky (a simple manual jump can be used to activate them). Now the wings are still well balanced as they overheat fairly fast so despite "cheating" this way, I still had to come down and face the tail end of that. But as it is, this game seems pretty great especially for an indie. They're onto something here, and I'm glad I got to sample this, because they might create more awesome projects in the future.
  21. Happy Birthday Vilecat, actually someone I've played with > Best wishes to the other folks as well.
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