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  1. Brandon does have a tiny point in that, using Wii U hardware or not, that was definately not actual "gameplay" footage per se. Then again, E3 is generally full of "not really gameplay footage" unfortunately. Publishers seem to like to pull the wool over our eyes anymore just to make things look pretty on stage while delivering a completely different product later. I'd like to see how the game actually plays with a real player behind the wheel. But, Nintendo hasn't been known to "bullshot" before when it comes to a real product (not tech demos). What they show is generally what we get, or better. We'll see! I would hate to think they've joined the ranks of all the other pubs in lying to the public about their games, so its safe to say the game will probably look very close to this Stuff at E3: Sept 2014: Hyrule Warriors: At first, i really didn't care about this game and thought it was going to be a complete waste of time. Its starting to grow on me now. Link, Zelda, Impa, and Midna so far are confirmed playable characters, and there is a 2 player co-op mode where one player uses the GamePad and the other one uses the TV so you both get your own unobstructed view instead of split screen. Pretty cool! October 2014: Bayonetta 2: Still looking great! And now it comes with Bayo 1 for those who missed out on it, making it a pretty good deal. Looks like they've added silly Nintendo theme'd costumes to it too. Q4 2014 Super Smash Bros for Wii U This looks like its turning out great, so far I don't think I've heard a large ammount of complaining about this verison of Smash. If the online play holds well, this will be amazing addition this year (along with MK8 being a smash hit). Can't wait! TBA 2014: Captain Toad Treasure Tracker: I wasn't a super big fan of these minigames in Super Mario 3D Land. I hope this is like, super cheap. Devil's Third: eh... ultraviolent game by some the guys who were behind DoA/Ninja Gaiden (including Itagaki himself). This honestly looks kinda lame, but we'll see. They've delivered great games before. Q1 2015 Yoshi's Wooly World: Looks adorable, I just hope it plays better than all the Yoshi games they've been releasing as of late. Mario Maker: I hope they expand on this, with something beyond extremely short SM1-ish levels. As is its okay I guess if you've never seen a Mario level editor before (Romhacks, Super Mario X, etc) but there are projects light years beyond this for making Mario levels. At least this is the first official one. Here's hoping this is super early and they'll add more. Splatoon: This was a pretty nice surprise! 4v4 Online 3rd person "Shooter" from Nintendo? Interesting! Love the concept of the squid girls being able to swim through their own paint, looks like there's all kinds of neat things to do in this one. Just hope they don't expect this to be a full $60 release, it'll go over a lot better as a cheaper title. TBA 2015: Mario Party 10 They are doing that annoying thing where they are all riding in a car together. Why? :/ XenoBlade Chronicles X Still looking REALLY good. This looks like a pretty major project Zelda: ULTRA HYPE! Hope they can really pull off the look of that game, make it open-world, and still be as polished as a usual Nintendo game. We'll see! Star Fox: Nothing but some super early prototype was available but hey, STAR FOX! Hopefully it'll be a good one, but I don't like how they are trying to get all experimental with it, yet again. We just want a regular Star Fox :/ Project: Giant Robot This honestly just looks dumb and almost unplayable. There was a couple of games on PS2 where you controlled a giant robot and controlled its arms and legs and its arms and legs and it worked a lot better than this. Project: Guard Kinda interesting... kinda not. I have a feeling this and giant robo are going to be packaged in a minigame collection (ugh), these can't just be stand alone projects, unless they are dirt cheap. So new brand new IPs, oldie but goodies, stuff thats been sittin in the closet. Overall I'd say Nintendo had a great show this year, and 2015 holds a lot of promise for Wii U. Lets hope they can keep up the pace and get these games crankin out.
  2. You can technically get MK64, SM64, and SBB on the Wii U too with VC in its Wii Mode. Just saying! Nintendo needs to release more games period, new IP, old IP, doens't matter. They have so many IPs that are mostly dormant or in need of a good new installment. I'm glad they took Pikmin out of the closet at least. Expecting something "fresh"/"interesting" is mostly off the table for most major developer/publishers. Just look at the other pub's next gen stuff already: prettier versions of last years/generations games. Bad/boring/disappointing new IPs that are mostly the same ideas/gameplay recycled and/or done poorly. If there was one company that does do "fresh"/"interesting" pretty regularly, though, its Nintendo. It isn't like they are spitting the same exact games out yearly like almost everybody else. Plus their focus on polish is pretty unique in itself. Besides, you can't honestly complain about amazing games like MK8, DK:TF, Pikmin 3, SM3DW, and hopefully SSB4 if this pattern of amazing keeps. Lets see what surprises they have in store for us at E3!
  3. Technically, Super Mario Kart = Super NES/FC, though you could say there are many "Super" that aren't SNES related, and "Super Mario" is its own kind of naming convention. But Mario Kart 64 = N64 obviously. MK:SC was actually called Mario Kart Advanced in Japan, so that was just a weird US name. MK:DD is technically the only unique one, then went back to console naming scheme, now they've gone to numbers. My guess is two things: 1) People were sick of having the console names stuck to the end of titles (*Insert Title Here* 64 was like every n64 game) so they tried something different, then stopped caring, now they've kinda just started numbering them. 2) GC didn't lend a neat title to add to games, like "64" "Advanced" "Wii" etc. Mario Kart GameCube sounds weird. Maybe the same reason why they went with numbers instead of Mario Kart 3DS and Mario Kart Wii U (add the whole "Whats a Wii U?" issue to that too), though there is another pattern of games coming out on the 3DS first and then later on the Wii U. (SM3DL->SM3DW, MK7->MK8 ) I'm sure the next one will probably be just MK9. Its its for their "combined next-gen" platform after this one, it will lead naturally
  4. The more they continue to show this, the more annoying/terrible it seems. (Sticks, oh god) I also love lines like "this is smart writing" and etc that they keep spewing, while saying some of the most stupid & cliched dialog :/ I'm only looking forward to seeing how bad this all turns. There is really no hope here. Instead of trying to make a good Sonic (which Sega has proven time and time again they are incapable of), they are now making a bad reboot of Sonic (which already didn't work for them with 06, if you call that a reboot) Also, trying to defend this by saying its for Kids... there is plenty of material aimed at kids that isn't terrible. Always has been, always will be. This isn't it. If it turns out good I'd be surprised, but at this rate, I can't see anything good to be had here
  5. Oh hey i forgot I made this thread back when this was announced. I picked it up yesterday, so far its been a real blast! The Grand Prix Mode is 4 player! Its usually limited to 2 player in most console games (MKWii for some reason it was only single player, which was a real bummer). You can also go online with 2 people (don't remember if this was an option on MKWii), so even local multiplayer can be extended online! My only complaint so far is Battle Mode is no longer using dedicated battle arenas, you just fight on normal tracks which... is less than ideal obviously. I hope we get some DLC Battle Mode tracks because this version's Battle Mode is really lame otherwise. I'd be happy if they just remade MK64's BM tracks. Music is great too, though I'm not super impressed with 8's version of the Rainbow Road theme. (64 and DD are still my fave version of that song)
  6. This is mostly for Smash, but its possible two things it could also be used for: BC (almost no possibility, as Nintendo has little financial gains from GC BC) or GameCube games on Virtual Console will support this as an option and/or more GC HD ports will support this as an option. For right now its just for Smash. Good enough! As a side note, I remember reading that on the Homebrew support in Wii U's regular Wii mode they had GC BC working just fine (using the Pro controllers and ISOs, not discs though I dont think), so I imagine that will support this in a future homebrew update if possible. Legal-ish if you know how to rip your own GC disks (might need a Wii)
  7. That was a first party tech demo for something they would of maybe used for a real Zelda game (but probably won't). I don't think they would need a good lighting engine for a Dynasty Warrior game honestly. Still don't know what to think of Hyrule Warriors. Most of me is wanting to pass on the entire thing because its Dynasty Warriors. But part of me has a weird curiosity to see how a DW/Zelda mashup could work Also Shira shows that Tecmo definitely has their hands in some of the character design Also, muliple playable characters (not abnormal for a DW game), with Impa confirmed:
  8. I would really like for the next HD release Nintendo does would be either Mario Kart DD: HD or F-Zero GX HD, and add some online stuff to them. Mario Kart DD supported 4 GCN LAN, so other than match making server resources it wouldn't be out of the question to add. Only problem is we probably wouldn't see MK:DD for a while since they are releasing MK8 here soon. Ah well. Still hyped for MK8! Yeah this is a GREAT deal for those who are getting MK8 (which should be everybody honestly): North America Gets One of These Games Free: Zelda Wind Waker HD Pikmin 3 NSMBU Wii Party U Europe Gets One of These Games Free: Zelda Wind Waker HD Pikmin 3 Wonderful 101 Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Nintendo Land NSMBU Sonic Lost World Mario & Sonic: Sochi 2014 Olympics Wii Party U Game & Wario Need to bargain shop more! Wii U: ZombiU: physical ~$12-15, eShop: $29 Wonderful 101: physical~$20, eShop $29 Right now 3D World, Pikmin, etc are on sale on Amazon for $47, eShop $59.99. <- BTW everybody, Amazon is having a pretty good sale on Wii U games. 3DS: Kirby: Tripple Deluxe: Multiple places were preordering physical: $29.99, eShop: $34.99 I got Fire Emblem on sale physical $30, its $39.99 on the eShop right now. On average, I'd say you can easily find physical copies of games for $5-10 cheaper than eShop, and even more when on a sale. eShop has sales some time, but they are pretty rare and rarely as good as what you can get a physical copy for. On top of that, I can just give the physical copy over to Gman or just bring the game to a friends, where as if I bought it digitally I'd have to lend/bring the entire 3DS/Wii U (and if anything happens to the 3DS/Wii U, good luck :/).
  9. Unfortunately I do not believe this to be the case :/ One of the reasons as much as I like my 3DS and Wii U I don't often buy digitally because my games/accounts are tied to the system. That and they are often priced higher on the eShop than what I can buy them for physically.
  10. I don't think anybody has said much of that in this entire thread, let alone any of the last posts (except for the sudden posts about it right now seemingly in response to nobody). Why is everybody bringing this up? Did I miss a doom and gloomer Nintendo is failing post somewhere?
  11. Oh man... yeah, between MN9 and this I can't wait to see what Keiji & Inte Creates can do. Happy Times!
  12. ***[Wii U on the cheap]*** Nintendo is selling refurb Wii U Deluxe 32GB models, with Nintendo Land, for only $200, and comes with a 1 year warranty. Pretty awesome deal if you were on the fence about the Wii U because of its price Not sure who you were referring to, but anybody doing that is a goofball. Nintendo will be fine even if the Wii U never recovers. They have their backstock of money from all their other successes (DS, Wii), and the #1 hardware platform right now (3DS) so they are far from trouble. The only people who continue to predict the "End of Nintendo" are fanboys usually wishing for their games to come to their console of choice. That aside, it doesn't change the current discussion that Wii U is a poor choice if your looking for 3rd party software right now, and probably wont ever be a place for it. Awesome choice for 1st party Nintendo stuff though Well... as soon as they release more games at least. I'm happy with what they've done so far Well, this is a Wii U thread not a Vita thread, not to mention they aren't the same category of device, so not sure why the conversation would go that route... but if you insist: Vita has a few problems, including some the Wii U shares (lack of 1st party games, weak 3rd party support) but.. it is currently outselling Wii U in weekly (and total) sales :/ Its "no games" situation is fixing itself faster than Wii U's as well and makes a good complimentary device to the PS4 (including duplicating one of Wii U GamePad's functionality, only doing it better, on top of being a convenient portable device). Vita has many pros too for the dev side: It has strong hardware that is easy to dev for. It also uses a hardware platform similar to many mobile devices on the market, and I'm sure Sony has a nice SDK for it. It currently has a lot higher chance of 3rd party support than Wii U right now. Its main problem is people just want to dump PS3 ports on it and call it a day and that makes it rather boring. It has some pretty interesting titles when people try though (Gravity Rush, Tearaway, Soul Sacrifice, etc)). Free games with PS+ is also awesome. It's major downfall was those required BS proprietary expensive memory cards, the system would of done a whole lot better if they stuck with Memory Stick, internal flash, and/or SD. At least the new models fixed that partially (1GB (i think?) internal isn't much, comes with a 8GB card in the new bundle at least). But they swapped out the OLED with an LCD, with the usual Sony "downgrade hardware to make up costs" style. But its not currently "cool" to hate on Sony right now so anything related will get a free pass unless you are some of those XBO fans. In the handheld arena though, 3DS is the clear winner by a landslide (this took a major price drop and Nintendo constantly pumping out software to turn around though.) The Vita is mostly now just a curiosity
  13. Its been known for a while the CPU is a weakpoint for the Wii U. It actually may not have had much dev support problem if the CPU was on par with the 360's. Its obviously easier to program than PS3's CPU, but doesn't have the power of the 360's CPU, so you have something thats kinda low end to middle road compared to PS3/360 (last generation), only nobody has made support tools for Wii U so it takes a whole new toolchain to support it... without sales of a large install base, publishers aren't going to bother. GPU wise though, Wii U has plenty of muscle compared to 360/PS3, but obviously falls short of XBO/PS4. All Nintendo had to do was make a machine that could run 360/PS3 level games/code without effort, and the Wii U falls short of that. So I'd have to say its mostly Nintendo's fault, for that, and a few other reasions: Apparently the SDK they provided was really bad, and had very sluggish compile times which made quickly testing things impossible. It doesn't seem like they even had an English support team for devs in need of help, most questions had to be sent in to the Japanese office, which were delayed by translation times, one dev said it could take a few weeks to get an answer back :/ All these practices are super archaic. Nintendo clearly had their head bloated thinking they would easily have another Wii on their hand. So yeah... if devs just sucked it up, dealt with all the bad hardware/software, and figured stuff out the best they could, they could of pulled out better stuff on the Wii U, after all, devs put up with the PS2 and the PS3, both terrible platforms to dev for... but when its sales are tanking due to, again, Nintendo failing to properly promote their console, and Nintendo themselves not even putting many titles on their own unit.. why bother? 1) Weak hardware 2) Bad SDK 3) Bad support 4) Bad promotion / sales 5) Weak 1st party support <- This one is slowly being fixed, but man its taking forever Everything unfortunately boils down to Nintendo's fault :/ Its not all doom and gloom, but 3rd parties are better off on the PS4/XBO where its almost effortless to make games, and the PS4 has already sold more than Wii U has in its year+ of being around (XBO is still trailing but its getting there pretty fast), or just sticking with the MASSIVE install bases of 360/PS3, using seasoned toolchains already available. The only one that can turn this around, as I've mentioned multiple times, is Nintendo. If there were heaps of Wii U's being sold, it would be worth it for 3rd parties to put the effort in. But the lack of even Nintendo title's on a Nintendo console has been so far its downfall... this year determines whether the console sinks or starts swimming with Mario Kart and Smash on its way. (I'm getting super hyped for Kart!) Also, while I absolutely love indie games, Indie games are usually not often as hardware demanding as AAA big budget games. Horsepower isn't important to them in the long run. Indies are also not generally profit driven like megacorps. They do stuff because they either just want to (Retro City Rampage on the WiiWare for example, VBlank made that version knowing it was a money sink, just for Nintendo fans), or they feel like it'll spread their game/name further. Indies and megacorp publishers are night and day. Its kinda the point
  14. Nintendo Direct stuff: - Still looking great, Feb 21st.April - GBA games added to VC, starting with: Metroid Fusion Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga SMBA3: Yoshi's Island (So I guess they aren't going to make the SNES Emu ever support SuperFX games so the GBA version is the best they could do? :/) NES Remix 2 - April 25th - Contains new NES game challenges from: Ice Hockey, Wario's Woods, Zelda 2, SMB2 (US) SMB2 (J), Super Mario Bros 2, Dr Mario, Kirby's Adventure, Kid Icarus, Punch Out, Metroid, NES Open Tournament Golf. This is pretty much amazing VS the lackluster selection of the first game. ON TOP OF THAT: Super Luigi Bros, play Super Mario Bros 1 in reverse with Luigi. - May 30th - Koopa Kids are now in Mario Kart! - TBA 2014 - New character, Little Mac from Punch Out!New awesome footage of: - TBA 2014 [Pub: Nintendo, Dev: Monolith] - TBA 2014 [Pub: Nintendo, Dev: Platinum] 3rd party: Child of Light - April 20th [Pub/Dev: Ubisoft]
  15. MUST GETS: Super Mario 3D World <- Best game on the platform, and right now probably the best game of the "Next" generation. Many people say best Mario in a while, but I think I like Galaxy 1 & 2 slightly more. REALLY close to being that good though! Doubles as a party game but actually better as a single player game. Pikmin 3 <- If you like strategy or want to try something different than the status quo, this game is great IMO Zelda: WW : HD <- you already have it Recomended: Monster Hunter 3 Ulimate <- Especially if you like MH. Even if you have the 3DS game you can transfer the save between the two versions play on the big screen or on the go! Also Online! or with 3DS users locally! Lego City Undercover <- Basically Lego GTA, pretty good ZombiU <- Pretty much everybody likes this one, it makes pretty good use of the Wii U GamePad Only you can find for cheap: Wonderful 101 <- This game IS cheap now (25$ on Amazon) Nintendo Land <- Kinda fun party game, but don't buy it at full price its a ripoff. Neat tech demo for the Wii U New Super Mario Bros U <- Its NSMB.. you either like that series or you don't. I found it rather enjoyable and I dont like the NSMB series. Coming Soon: DKC:TF will probably be good, can't recommend it until it releases
  16. Sony didn't sell PS2 for profit in hardware alone, but they made a mint that generation through licensing fees, accessories, 1st party games, and being the #1 selling console that generation (PS2 sold by a landslide over any other console that generation... heck well more than even 360 & PS3... heck not too short of both of them combined (PS2 = 120 Million units, 360+PS3 = 160 million units) They sold a lot more than "one or two games" for PS2 PS3 is where they struggled, while taking a HUGE loss on hardware in hopes of making it up through licensing... this only works if a LOT of people want the unit and the games, which didn't happen for a while (multiple factors). TOWARDS the end of this generation, they finally were making profit off and continue to make profit (maybe even off the hardware, the newest model PS3 looks like its made out of crappy/cheap components) The PS4 is a different story... Sony isn't making the same mistake as PS3, the PS4 is sold close to cost (parts are less than $400 to produce), they might not be making profit but they aren't losing anything either. And then you calculate in the licensing fees, accessories, 1st party games, PSN+ subscriptions, etc. They are off to a good start being the popular console this generation again too. As far as why people point out Nintendo's failures over any other company.. its "Cool" to hate Nintendo right now :/ Plus people seem to just have a fantasy of having their games on the console of their choice so they don't have to buy their hardware or use their online network... which are 2 valid weak points of Nintendo's last 2 consoles. But its just fanboy fantasy mostly. Nintendo is fine
  17. I don't like how this guy keeps getting credited as the composer for RE... he only did RE:Dir. Cut.:Dual Shock Ver, which has an awful, awful, terrible soundtrack compared to the original & original Dir Cut version. Not trying to be offensive, but if someone told me this guy was deaf I'd believe it. At the very least, they didn't know what they were doing: Original/Director's Cut: RE:DC: Dual Shock:
  18. Speaking of, I've heard the Bravely Default soundtrack is pretty kickin.. also, can't wait to see what happens with the FFT guy's (Yasumi Matsuno) Unsung Story if he successfully gets the FFT music guy (Hitoshi Sakimoto) involved. Actually, that song is pretty bad. It is completely depending on its retro sound fx to make itself interesting. The parts that break into an actual song are almost passable, but then it quickly goes "OH BOY NOSTALGIA". Not a good piece. More or less we are pretty much saying the same thing just at different angles. Kinda like a chicken and the egg type situation. There were quite a few posts on the "Pro modern music" side (not that there are really sides per se, new or old we all want good game music) that hinted as nostalgia as the primary source of why people liked older game music Nase: Yeah there is definitely more to game music than 8bit.. even the people throwing the whole "its nostalgia" thing seem to be focusing on 8bit limitations, like the only games/music they listened to WERE their nostalgic 8bit games :/ Game music has been a wonderful rainbow of styles and tastes. It still is really, you just can't look to mainstream stuff for everything (same as regular music, but we're not that bad yet). There is still amazing stuff coming out, it just feels that for the most part, due to sound design or whatever you want to argue a counter point, music is put to the side. That in essence is the root cause of the whole discussion.
  19. ;_; You guys make me sad. I'd also like to just drop this off here: http://bestnestracks.captaintortilla.com/results/index.php?back=115 This is just a small sampling of the best NES tracks... for those of you who seem to think there is only a handful of good NES tunes for some reason, and the "people remember it being good music because they are nostalgic for it" :/ it is kinda contradiction to say "Open up and look at all the amazing music thats created now" and then say in the same breath "There is a lot of garbage in the past. I don't even like listening to it" Just because there are people who are nostalgic and only played [insert favorite game here] and have never explored the rest of the library doesn't mean there weren't a lot of amazing OSTs on the NES... or any other console! As the same goes for SNES/Gen, PS1/N64/Sat, and again I'd even put the DC/PS2/GC/XB/Wii in there. Take the top 50 games from each of these consoles/eras and I'd guarantee you a great soundtrack for most, if not all of them. Heck, sometimes even terrible games had wonderful memorable soundtracks. But you take the top 50 of 360/PS3 games and you'd get a lot of ambient, "cinema style" stuff, or techno garbage, or licensed music, etc. Is that a bad thing? That is debatable I guess. It certainly isn't helpful if you like "catchy" memorable soundtracks. I can agree with this statement here. This is why the indie scene is so interesting because everything done on the AAA side of gaming is so "safe" and boring its like the same stuff over and over again (But that is another conversation...), and the music having the same style is probably whats putting us who are used to a LARGE variety of music styles (and yes, catchy) in the past a little off. Maybe it does have a little to do with nostalgia in that respect. But I don't think its fair to just say "Well, you're just nostalgic" and write us off, because it is a multi layered "problem" of sorts. But as long as there are a few companies out there still making great soundtracks, especially thanks to the Indie scene, that is all that is important Also thank goodness for the chiptune scene. Amazing stuff coming from those guys all the time.
  20. Just out of curiosity Hylian, did you switch to "Wii" mode to check for your stuff? Probably a little late but heres the step by step: http://www.nintendo.com/consumer/systems/wiiu/en_na/system_system_transfer.jsp?menu=how_to&submenu=wup-transfer-ht-content Maybe there was a misstep somewhere... unfortunately if nothing is on your Wii mode on your Wii U maybe too late to fix now :/
  21. Maybe this thread should be just "post great melodic OST/music from modern gaming" because I'm far more interested in being "wrong" and expanding my OST list than being "right" (and AAA music being "boring"/ambient)
  22. I see a bunch of discussion of opinions from all sides. I don't see anything "debunked" because its mostly opinion and how others feel about the situation. I'm not sure how I'd be trolling, unless you honestly think that every single game track is as "memorable and melodic" or even just plain well composed as they used to be, despite the fact that you yourself and many others in this thread has stated that game music has moved from being just melodic and more towards ambient/less focused/backseat. Some think that is a good thing, but obviously not everybody particularly likes that style, yet its becoming more dominant. But yeah, I guess I'm trolling. See the problem is, back then there weren't a lot of games with ambient soundtracks. You could pick any AAA game from the NES, SNES/Gen, N64/Sat/PS1 and have usually a great soundtrack. Still mostly true for DC/PS2/XBO/GC/Wii, but some soundtracks started to wane even during this era. But 360/PS3 more and more AAA games switched to ambient soundtracks or music became really low key/background stuff. It was really hit or miss, and got worse as time went on IMO. There are plenty of games with great soundtracks now, but as mentioned, they are shrinking due to music "not being as important" to games. At least in the AAA market. Indie market is thriving with awesome soundtracks
  23. Never said that actually, in fact, I've posted and acknowledged many here in this thread. I just said a lot of music in modern games (especially AAA) is becoming more and more generic / atmospheric. Heck, I wouldn't even call what you posted super melodic, but it had slightly more effort than a lot of games. Quantity over quality Just because people only remember a select few games doesn't mean there weren't a ton of great soundtracks back then. I've listened to a lot of music, mostly from games I've never played, through the years (every generation). Its the modern ones that become rather ho hum :/
  24. You do realize you posted a bunch of music from indie games (who make great music in games these days), and mostly from zircon who is great? This is mostly a discussion about AAA gaming (aka "the boring side of gaming" ) music. Also, I didn't say most people KNEW why they liked said music. Just that is what appeals to most/many/whathaveyou
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