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  1. Compared to... what? As long as its higher than what OUYA needs to sell to keep afloat what does it matter? Unless you know what OUYA's exact finances are I don't see what it matters. Higher numbers would obviously be preferable but do we even know how many units OUYA can even produce in the first place? As long as the number stays stable/goes up then there is not much of a problem. As long as install base increases is the important thing. zircon: I just watched that ad... wow. Yeah they need an ad exactly as you described. and... as far away as whatever the heck that was. The average COD player isn't going to give a flying flip about indie titles in the first place so yeah.. not sure who that commercial was aimed at really. Way too disturbing for a console that could easily be family oriented Its bad decicions like that the OUYA's team needs to fix. Mistakes for a start up are to be expected but if they don't start making things head in a right direction they will not recover... especially since the media, gamers, etc all seem so bent on it not succeeding (for whatever reason) anyways
  2. Anybody? Its primarily aimed at Indies, but anybody can dev on it should they want to. There is a pretty large amount of developers making games for Ouya at the moment, so I'm not sure if you wanted specific or if this is Rhetoric Anybody? Again, its target here is fans of indie gaming and/or people interested in a low budget console. Well, its out on store shelves I beleive, had a pretty famous kickstarter, and has been shown off in a lot of magazines. Its not mainstream per se, but thats kinda hard to do being new and all. As mentioned in a post here, they ARE selling. (4,000 units in August) As far as people making fun of it, the only thing I've figured is they feel somehow threatened by a tiny hobbyist box or hate anything that is different than what they are used to. It's weird. Then again, people always tend to hate anything that isn't their console of choice for some reason Well, obviously if they do not continue on an upward path they would run into financial issues. That is the same with any business big or small. But OUYA has far less financial risk than any big console manufacturer, they are dealing with much smaller numbers and costs. With only three months its kinda hard to tell where they will go from here. If sales stop, obviously that will be a problem.
  3. And/or they don't have the extreme amount of resources it took last gen, or even the lower amount for next gen. This is OUYA's biggest draw you overlook. Not everybody is made of money, nor does everybody require money to enjoy doing things. (Heck even if you have the resources, consoles were a pain last gen to deal with certification processes and providing new content for free was almost impossible for even a company as deep pocketed as Valve) OUYA can be a serious output for things or it can be a fun output things. Its both a legit dev platform and a hobbyist device. (See Android/iOS) Again, OUYA isn't supposed a corporate machine meant to attract other corporate entities to churn out mass profits by gouging customers like your standard console. Its an Indie console, for Inide devs, and for people who like Indie games (or low budget gaming in general) Kinda said all this during their kickstarter/presentations/etc if you didn't catch it If/when OUYA picks up steam and creates a larger install base, then it will become a profitable platform in general. But you'll have to give them more than 3 months for goodness sake.
  4. Er.. console-style games are kinda what the OUYA is supposed to be about. A dev could easily choose OUYA for a console-style game if: A) They don't have the resources to reach a console platform (A lot dont (especially last gen consoles), this is OUYA's main draw, the whole point.) Any audience is better than no audience. They want to support OUYA's cause specifically C) They don't care about reaching a larger audience D) For fun/hobby. (Not everybody makes games because they are money driven) E) Already making the game for Android and/or using cross platform tools (like Unity) where supporting OUYA is easy and just extra money (Also, while you can get controllers for Android/iOS, most people dont, and touch screen suck for console-style games, so OUYA is a neat match because its meant for controllers) Mix and match any of those. I think you miss a large point of OUYA in most of your negativity.
  5. No, the only big difference is AFTER your game is put on the store, if there is some content that is found that people report and Apple isn't comfortable with they might pull it. But putting it on the store is as easy as can be.
  6. Kinda confused about these statements. Console manufacturers do not keep bad games off their console/storefronts (and they definitely don't curate physical locations). As long as someone pays them licensing fees, they will give them a license. Sorting properly in a storefront is a completely different discussion over whether a game is put on a platform or not. As far as I am aware they are very similar to each other. A very small application process (they just make sure the program runs and doesn't explode your phone) and your app is published. I don't see how that is a barrier at all
  7. Those are issues all relating the finding good content in a storefront, and isn't any different than consoles. Just like a console, you may have to do research outside of the storefront to tell whats good or not. Even if you sort by ratings systems, its generally easier to go find reviews on the internet than trust finding good content using a search engine. Though since Ouya requires at minimum a free demo, at least you can try before you buy. Heck, if you just walk into a physical location to buy a game on a console there is literally no information to tell you what is good or not. You have to do research prior otherwise you could pick up complete garbage (for $60 mind you) and have no clue. BTW: There are several sorting options and "Top" options on the Google Play store, with plenty of good games listed. The problem simply with Android/iOS is since they are more suited for touch devices you get mostly casual games. Depending on your preference, that may be a good or bad thing, but its simply a preference choice. (I'm not a fan of casual games myself) Ouya is thankfully more suited for actual console style games. Still probably better to research first. Apple does not really have a barrier for entry. The process is very similar to Google Play with some minor differences. Both have a free SDK, both you pay a tiny fee that might as well be nothing ($99/year for AppStore, $25/forever for GooglePlay), both pass a tiny set of rules (which have nothing to do with quality gaming), and you are good.
  8. Well, I'll repeat, you can't stop people who make bad games. They will just continue to make bad games, period. Doesn't matter the budget, doesn't matter the platform. That topic has nothing to do with Ouya though, so I don't see the point you're trying to make. Again if you are trying to indicate that having a high barrier to entry somehow guarantees some level of quality that is dead wrong. (See every bad game on any console in all history) It just prevents a quality game from reaching the platform if the developer can't jump through all the hoops and/or afford it. There is no filter to keep "Bad Games" off any platform. ?
  9. Still think people are being far too negative for something that has only been out for 3 months. If they are in the same boat with low sales / no content in say a year or so, then maybe things might not look so good. :/
  10. Not entirely sure what this means? Referring to the idea of a low barrier to entry console for indies in general being a bad idea, per Derrit. Well, yes? That is what I meant? I didn't mean they would close up shop because they retired or something. I'll straw-man you! No idea what you're referring to. Yes lets not challenge the status quo. Keep in mind mainstream consoles need the high budget games to lure customers because they are $400+ and $60 per game. This console is $99, and games average less than $20 if even that. That is like nothing. They advertise a lot of free to play stuff to. So for those who want lots of indie games, but don't want to shell out $400+ for a new console or hook up a PC in the middle of their living room, the Ouya (or microconsoles in general) is an option. It just needs more quality Indie games, but games take time too. Overall it is just far too early to tell anything at this point. It has only been out for 3 months in retail.
  11. Install base doesn't happen over night, it takes time, especially for a smaller platform by a smaller company. You are thinking too much on short term. Nobody said it would be success over night. I think they are still doing well for themselves. And hopefully will continue doing well It gives indies who don't want the hassle / red tape / expense / publisher agreements (defeating the point of being indie) that are required to put games on a console platform. This is what the Ouya is about, remember? That is its main advantage. Keep in mind, this was in response to the terrible way MS was treating indies, and the insanely high barrier of last generation. This generation the big three have drastically changed their entire setups, and the barrier is now lowered and supposedly much more indie friendly. This is dangerous for Ouya, but great for Indies. Oh so in other words, bad games get made no matter what. Kinda like I said. I'm not sure what the point is to these statements because there still is no "Bad Game Filter" on any platform, period. A higher barrier to entry does not mean better products. Just means less little guys and more corporate same ol same ol. Who were you referring to then? Not really. Depending on how much profit margin there is in the hardware, Ouya could be making money on sales (Can't confirm this for sure). If they for some reason just break even (or worse), Ouya themselves make a percentage of every game sold (And people are buying Ouya games). Until there is a week where 0 units are sold, then units are selling all the time. Just because they don't satisfy whatever impossible figure for a start up numbers you have in your head doesn't mean nobody is buying it. Its a very slow crawl but it is still a platform people can make things on. Just because its not an instant success overnight doesn't mean its a failure. Especially if the people behind it want to stay in it for the long haul. It will only be a "failure" if the company behind it gives up and closes up shop. As long as the Indies continue to reach out on more platforms that's all that matters in the end. Whether its Ouya, VitaTV, something from Google/Apple, another microconsole, etc, this idea of a low barrier console will live on no matter what.
  12. wait, if there is no monetary gain for making bad games, then wouldn't that mean less bad games? Also, you're kinda insulting indies as a whole with the whole "crayon drawing from 5 year olds." And it wasn't a bad idea when Apple decided to open their phone to development. Wasn't a bad idea when Google did as well. And if its such a bad idea, why are all the big guys lowering the barrier a bit this generation? The only difference is this is a small company that needs to earn its place. They've come pretty darn far. They just need to make better decisions, this Free the Games thing isn't turning out well unfortunately. As mentioned, its still early, there is still a lot of games coming out with an Ouya version in tow. If people weren't so horribly happy to see them struggle they'd probably be in a better place. Never understood all the hate and negativity that this tiny box spawned and continuously gets. The only real danger to Ouya is if someone else does the same thing. Sony (VitaTV), Apple (make Apple TV a console too), Google (Make Google TV a console too), etc
  13. Well, again I have to state shovelware and bad games can be found on any platform. Every platform ever created has its fair share of garbage. There is no "filter for well designed games" as you mentioned. A low barrier (both for developer and consumer) console is still a nice idea. There is still a possibility Ouya can pick up some steam. They've amazingly gotten this far when a lot of people were convinced they were just a scam when they first announced it. They not only got the hardware design completed & manufactured, they even have them out in stores. They just need to start making some better decisions to pick up traction. Even if Ouya fails (too early to tell), the idea has at the very least started the "MicroConsole" "race", (again with even Sony possibly making an entry). And the next gen consoles have slightly lowered the barrier for entry to boot, so its a good time for indies no matter which platform your working on Still hoping for the tiny box that could to pull through though. Its far too early in the game to count them out.
  14. Well my point being that just because someone / studio can't afford a publisher agreement and millions of dollars doesn't mean they can't make a fantastic game. Vice versa, just because they can do all that, doesn't mean the games will be good. That isn't a "filter for well designed games" by any stretch of imagination. As long as you have the resources to get your game on a platform, it can be as bad as possible :/ Those shovelware games for Wii mentioned by Derrit... Perfect example actually, so no idea why he mentioned the Wii. Wii had the standard "You have to buy Devkit, you have to have publisher, you have to pay X tons of money" etc
  15. No console has had this "filter" except maybe the NES, and even with Nintendo's "filter", some pretty bad NES games got made regardless. Garbage comes out for every console, ever. I don't get where you think there is some magic filter that keeps out bad games. The only thing that keeps indies off consoles traditionally has been an extremely high barrier of entry. Those who have cash and/or publisher agreements can make all the trashy horrible games they want. Also iOS/Android/PC are "unfiltered" as the come, and while yes, not everything ever created is golden, great games are made on those platforms. All that aside, the real danger to Ouya right now is the barrier of entry to next gen platforms has been lowered quite a bit. You could even say possibly because of any perceived threat coming FROM the microconsole race (Ouya, GameStick, if Apple/Google decided to up their game, etc). Sony themselves could enter this tiny race with Vita TV if they release it worldwide (which they probably are)
  16. It is unfortunate the only people who have been able to actually enter / win the Free the Games thing are scam artists. This is why we can't have nice things :/ It does seem like this is a bad idea at this point and they should try another strategy. Now they've upset a few of the devs that wanted to make stuff on the Ouya and that really isn't any good. Also, the impending indie support of PS4, XBO, and the Vita TV could spell turmoil for the little box that could. I still have hope for Ouya. Still a great idea and a fun experiment. Its still early in the game, but they need to make positive moves, not more bad ones :/
  17. Going to move this conversation over to this thread instead: Kid Icarus: Uprising is pretty much a reboot. There wasn't much story in the original NES game anyways. FE, most of the stories are unrelated to each other (Some link, some dont) but I wouldn't worry about it. If you like strat rpgs, its an excellent game. Other Recommendations: Obligatory Mario/Nintendo Stuff: Super Mario 3D Land (Platformer) Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (Adventure) Mario Kart 7 (Kart) Star Fox 64 3D (Action) RPG Goodies: Mario & Luigi's Dream Team (RPG) Shin Megami Tensei IV (RPG) Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance (RPG) Tales of the Abyss (RPG) Etrian Odyssey IV (RPG) If Shantae Fan ((Platform/Metroidvania-ish series)) Shantae (VC (GBC)) Shantae: Risky's Revenge (DSiWare) Shantae and the Pirate's Curse (Coming soon to 3DS eShop) If Cave Story Fan: Cave Story (3D Enhanced) Cave Story 3D (Remake) eShop Goodies: Pushmo (Puzzle) Crashmo (Puzzle) SteamWorld Dig (MetroidVaniaish / Mining ) Future Recommendations: Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (ZELDA) Bravely Default: Flying Fairy (RPG) If PW Fan: Phoenix Wright 5 (Graphic Adventure / Visual Novel-ish) Phoenix Wright / Professor Layton Crossover (Graphic Adv/VN-ish / Puzzle ) And that's just the "top" stuff. As you can see, plenty of good stuff on the 3DS
  18. EDIT: I just moved this rambling over to the 3DS thread: http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=33117&page=178
  19. Pretty interesting idea the PS Vita TV, though I wish the new model they were releasing had a TV Out, at least there is SOMETHING you can put your games into to play on the TV now. Another entry into the emerging "Micro Console" ecosystem
  20. Just so people don't miss this pretty slick remix Cyril posted <- Original for referenceCan't wait until we get to see/hear more of Mighty Number 9! http://i.imgur.com/onWuztA.jpg Kickstarter is currently at $1.8M, getting closer to the $2.2M for 360/PS3/Wii U versions. I'll probably just get the Steam version, but more MN9 for everybody is always a good thing Goals Met: 8 Boss Stages (instead of 6) Mac/Linux New Game Plus & Turbo Modes Making of Documentary
  21. Thats the console bundle. The console bundle is still available This is what I was talking about: http://www.gamestop.com/wii-u/games/the-legend-of-zelda-the-wind-waker-hd-gamestop-exclusive-limited-edition/111455 The limited edition of the game that comes with Ganondorf statue Calpis: S&H & Tax aren't a part of the game's price. You pay that on top of the games price, whether you picked regular or LE. Also, I think Gamestop was preordering it for $59.99, but the actual price of the unit will be $54.99... unless they are just selling it higher than Nintendo's MSRP just because. I think you'll get $5 back when the game comes out, but even if you don't that's just $10 more for a cool Ganondorf statue... probably worth $20-50 by itself depending on its quality (looks pretty nifty). Even more to a collector if its limited edition :/
  22. No idea but apparently they didn't make many to be sold out only a few days later. Also $20 extra? As far as I know it was only $5 extra ($50 for Wind Waker HD, $55 for LE)
  23. uhhhhhhhhhh Maybe he is new to this whole Pokemon thing? Well just an FYI: other games on 3DS (non-pokemon) use touch screen... dpad.. L/R buttons.. but not sure if Pokemon X/Y will even have a controllable camera if it is a top down RPG like the rest of the series. Series has never needed one
  24. I don't know what your beef is with Inafune and why you keep trying to put Capcom into a positive light. Capcom is completely at fault for EVERYTHING. It was Capcom, not Inafune, who refused to greenlight MML3 for 10+ years, and would basically only let Inafune work on new MM games on a low budget (so he made handheld games and digital retro games). So yes, it is Capcom's fault. He left Capcom because they are a terrible company, just like every other major dev that made Capcom into a star many years back has now fled the company. Also, when he left he offered to finish MML3 under contract, a project he was trying to greenlight for years, and Capcom refused to work with him. The whole MML3 Project was still not even technically approved by Capcom (they would only approve it if lots of people BOUGHT the demo), which is why they were happy to shut it down once Inafune walked out the door. Capcom also could definately make games without Infune (and have multiple times through the years.. bad results aside). Hes just one man. If they got a proper talented producer and a dev team behind it, they could easily make even a good MM game, they are honestly not complicated affairs and pretty formulaic. Inti Creates could easily make some more if they hired them to do it. However, they instead put the least possible effort into the series. Just look at the "port" of MMX to iOS (looks like it was done by a kid with bad flash programming skills) and MMXOver. This is how much Capcom cares. Anywho, Inafune is now free of the stagnated husk of a company known as Capcom. He is getting to do exactly what he wants, and that is important. I wish him luck with his endeavors, and can't wait for Mighty Number 9!
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