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  1. Post: Replies: ;_; Your words hurt so much.. haha, probably should change some of your opening posts honestly at this point. The title, and first post seems to want this to be a chiptune suggestion thread, but it quickly changed into "things that just sound like Anamanaguchi" since you don't seem to really like chiptunes themselves per se :/
  2. The drop only looks huge because they had that huge upward spike from the unban of consoles in China I wouldn't worry about it. But people always have to find something to jump on that "Nintendo's going Sega" which will probably never happen.
  3. I believe it has been hinted that they are aiming for a middle ground, but since it hasn't been publicly made available to play yet, nobody can say for sure.
  4. Well, if you haven't already checked out all of Anamanaguchi's, Power Supply and the Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game OST are very good albums. If you are going for hybridish Chiptunes... I always like C-Jeff's Stuff. Around Past - C-Jeff <- A good example or Track 3 of Electric is a journey all in itself: Electric - Track 3 - C-Jeff Also since hes in this very thread, go listen to ProtoDome's Bluescreen (or Blueshift/Bluenoise too) if you haven't already. Good stuff EDIT: Test Subject 2 - Bit Rat <- Anamanaguchish Quite Operational - Monomer Tree of Knowledge - Yogurtbox (coda & surasshu) Just dropping these here, because I've listened to these so many times since they came out. I could post about Chiptunes for days (Its all I listen to outside of VGM OST/Remixes) but I'll stop here.
  5. Websites: Ubiktune.com 8bitPeoples.com iimusic.net (Pause Music) 9bitrecords (though seem to be down) Specific Artists: virt, coda, Alex Mauer, Animal Style, she, Bit Shifter, RushJet1, Anamanaguchi, Nullsleep, Disasterpeace, little-scale, Monomer, GeckoYamori/lazygecko, PROTODOME Just a few off the top of my head.
  6. Argitoth: Not to burst your bubble but doesn't look like there will be a big story mode like Brawl. KP9000: EA has pretty much written off the Wii U and Nintendo probably isn't too happy to put something form one of their games in after their withdrawal... so probably not happening. Plus the 3rd party characters they pick usually have some sort of history in gaming: Snake: A character since NES days (and Kojima & Shigeru are sorta friends) Sonic: An iconic character since Genesis days, Mascot of Sega, and Nintendo/Mario's biggest rival for a while. Megaman: An iconic character since NES days, mascot of Capcom
  7. I think Brush might be transposing his 3DS experience with Wii U. 3DS and Wii U are way different when it comes to patching. That is one thing Wii U does well. Though, I kinda wish it wouldn't notify me my downloads are finished every time I hit the Home button unless I launch the product that updated. But that is a minor nitpick uh.. I'm not sure why they'd be giving free copies of Wind Waker out automatically, that would be awful generous! They were referring to the new feature that automatically downloads demos/features to your Wii U.And if there were updates for Wind Waker, your Wii U would be downloading them automatically if you have it set to do so.
  8. They've made more profit than Sony's gaming division in the past, especially when PS3 was bleeding them dry in a debt spiral. I don't think its accurate to say Nintendo has had more money in terms of worth than all of Sony though How exactly does one up its technical stuff without releasing another console? :/ But yeah... Nintendo Network needs a lot of work. Better than the Wii but we're still talking baby steps and catch up to what 360 has.
  9. jnWake: Wouldn't make much sense, the only hardware they've ever dropped was the Virtual Boy, and that thing had a lot more problems than the Wii U. Wii U will probably have a shorter life cycle than the Wii for sure though, but Nintendo will stick it out until the end as always. Its too early to say how good or bad its doing right now anyways.
  10. It really boils down to one major fault: The GamePad. a) They advertised the GamePad over the console itself, confusing many people into thinking it was either another Wii accessory or maybe another Handheld. Naming the console Wii U didn't help either. The GamePad's price (screens are expensive) is what drove the price from a reasonable $250 to "not an impulse purchase" $350. Nintendo didn't want to cut a loss on hardware like their competitors so they marked up the price to compensate for the screen. One of the major reason's Wii took off is because it was a new simple idea, tied to an impulse price, and dramatically lower than its competitors. They didn't do any of this right. c) Very few games even really make good use of it. The ones that do can easily be done without it. Its neat, but not a "i'm going to buy a console this" d) Their competitors have duplicated its functionality already, not later like last gen. (PS4/Vita, and to a lesser extent, Smart Glass / XBO) And beyond the GamePad itself, the other largest mistake was using a CPU that really doesn't seem up to par with the 360. GPU wise, it seems the Wii U can handle anything 360/PS3 could do and then some, but CPU wise it shows that unless devs put time into optimization (hint: They wont) they can't slap the same code from PS3/360 and expect it to work as smooth. All the lazy 3rd party ports performed worse on the Wii U than last generations 360, and either on par, slightly better, or sometimes even worse than the PS3. Obviously, you don't get a Nintendo console for 3rd party games, but this leaves those that want a console that can at the very least play 3rd party games as well in the dust, meaning the only reason to get it was to play Nintendo games. Its still a VERY good reason to get it obviously, but $350 was too steep for most. $300 isn't much better. Another $50 drop and maybe people would warm up to it, but its a little late now. The big guns are out now and in a short time they are almost caught up to Wii U sales in a few months. That said... I'm more excited about games coming out on Wii U than anything coming out on other next gen platforms. If Nintendo can continue to deliver great 1st party content and exclusives on the Wii U, along with meeting a decent price point, they should be fine. They won't be winning this gen for sure, but people calling for their demise are exaggerating. If anything, the 3DS currently is the hottest selling platform right now, so they can glide/limp along with that in a worse case scenario. Now come on DKC:TF, Mario Kart 8, Smash U, next Zelda (NOT Hyrule Warriors), X, Bayo 2, SMT x Fire Emblem and anything else you have to throw at me Nintendo
  11. Well, games being rendered / played on a local machine online still have lag issues when the your internet isn't 100%, and sometimes even when it is and the server is having a problem. And that is with complex algorithms to hide lag. Heck, sometimes just a TV with the wrong settings or a wireless controller can make some input/display lag. This introduces a whole new layer of lag, from input lag, to video lag / quality degradation as you mention, to your own network lag, to server lag, etc. For every game, online or not. Even if every piece is working 100% I just can't see how there wouldn't be noticeable input lag, but I guess we'll see when the service enters Beta how usable it is. For things that don't require precise timing, like an RPG or something, its probably fine. But get to the scale of a like, a platformer, a twitch FPS, or a fighting game and I just don't see it working. I don't think they ever hinted that was going to be the case as far as "putting your game in and you can play it on this new service". I think that was mostly fans hoping for something that obviously wouldn't happen :/ But yeah, if you are paying a Netflix style sub then you get all the games either way. It would be nice if at least the Digital would transfer a license to this service, but here is hoping at least some of those Digital PSN games get ported over to PS4 eventually. There is no reason the PS1 games shouldn't eventually pop over to PS4 for example, those were all emulated so its only a matter or porting the emu to PS4 which should be trivial. Same for the PS2 PSN games actually, they just need to update the emulator. I just hope instead of simply porting the emu they already have over, they are going to use this crappy Gaikai stuff and call it a day, since we have to pay for it extra anyways :/ PS3 games will need to be fully ported over however so I don't expect many of those, but fl0w at least has. Its a start I guess? It is an option, its up to publisher/devs to take advantage of. But unless its something like an indie game, I think most pub/devs would rather charge for the new PS4 port than give it to you for free, so PlayStation Now is probably going to be the only option on a large scale for PS3 stuff But... if you keep your PS3 around, and have PS+, you are all set to go. Whenever PS5 rolls around, I imagine this is the last time we'll have to go through a weird transition or worry about BC. My prediction for PS5: Another x86 based machine, fully BC. Unless it has no BD. :/ or PlayStation Now is their "exit" strategy ..
  12. Probably should mention that DmC, BioShock Infinite, and Brothers are free on PS+ on PS3, not PS4 :/ Fantastic deal though if you don't already have these games and have a PS3. PS+ is pretty amazing Somewhat PS4/PS3 related: PlayStation Now was officially named/announced. This is the Gaikai based (think OnLive) PS1/2/3 streaming service that was mentioned previously in Sony conferences. This will be available on PS3/Vita/PS4/Bravia TVs, and Smartphones/Tablets. The Beta starts the end of this month, and I believe for PS4/PS3 first only. They have mentioned that games will be available for a rent model or a subscription model. No word on stand alone price or discounts if you have a PS+ membership. No word on what titles will be available, but they've shown it off at CES with Beyond Two Souls and The Last of Us and God of War: Ascension I still don't see how any of games are going to be very playable via streaming but I guess we'll see how this turns out.
  13. The Worlds after you beat the "regular" worlds are pretty rough. I have currently all the stamps, stars, and gold posts of everything except World Crown stuff. Died a ton on Level Crown-Crown and I haven't had a chance to retry in a while. I'm trying to do it with just Vanilla Mario too so :/ May have to break down and get a powerup or use another character Sitting at 4 shiny profile "Completion stars" right now... going to work on the 5th one eventually. Shiny profile stars are a lot easier to maintain in this game than SM3D Land. You just don't use the Invincible Tanooki. If someone messes up your Shiny status by beating a level wearing one, go back and play the level without it, it'll come back. (You can find it by looking at the level scores, levels beaten with Invincible Tanooki score 0) 3D Land you had to never die more than 5 times in any level and once you saved after dying the 5th time, they were gone for good. Rough! I got all 5 Profile Complete stars on 3D Land but I don't think I'll go back and do all of it over again to make them Shiny I'd say this game turned out a lot better than I anticipated, better than 3D Land for sure, and way better than NSMBU (though, I did like NSMBU's more structured map system/level themes.) Only complaint I could think of for 3D World is I don't understand why the levels were so randomly placed in when each world seemed to have a "Theme" (Grass, Water, Rock, Snow, etc)) but only the first level of a world ever followed the them. The next levels afterwards would be completely random themes. I did like the hybrid format of having a paths/freedom of being able to wander around, and all the little secrets they hid on the overworld maps. As a whole I don't feel it is quiet up there with Galaxy 1/2 but still an extremely good entry into the series and deserves to be played by everybody. I actually wound up playing mostly single player, and the game is very satisfying (maybe even better) as a single player experience. Its a blast in Multi though too. I'd HEAVILY recommend this, as this is definitely a "Must Have" on the Wii U. Amazing graphics, music (seriously, amazing music), gameplay, replay ability, multiplayer, fun Miiverse integration, some little neat uses of the GamePad, etc.
  14. StreetPass isn't even online I don't believe, its just the 3DS's communicating locally
  15. People who own a Wii? or Wii U, since every Wii U has a Wii "inside" of it (Wii mode). Lots of people own WiiWare games and VC games and/or might want to purchase something. I take it this is your first experience with Nintendo's services online? They have been notoriously behind the times. You don't get a Nintendo product for a great online experience unfortunately. They are improving as the years go, but don't expect things to work perfectly... ESPECIALLY near a holiday. ESPECIALLY near a Pokemon related online system being put in place lol Its been reported all over the internet that Nintendo has been having issues and has been more down for maintenance than up. Just wait until they get it back up and/or people stop hammering their servers for Pokemon Bank. http://www.nintendo.com/consumer/info/en_na/online-service-status.jsp Until this is all green, don't even bother :/ And not sure who told you Nintendo is bigger than Sony... Sony is an electronics mega corp. Nintendo basically JUST makes game related items these days. Nintendo's games division is generally more profitable than Sony's game division but doesn't make Nintendo larger than all of Sony. Like I mentioned earlier: Just go get a physical game until the servers come back up fully. Like with lyrics? WW original didn't have anything like that. Zelda so far doesn't usually do even voice acting so having a fully lyrical song is going to be a little stretch, especially from the older games. Music is still good regardless!
  16. http://www.nintendo.com/consumer/network/en_na/network_status.jsp Network Status still shows down :/ My suggestion? Buy Super Mario 3D World on a physical disc while you wait for eShop to come up. You can thank me later! At least its better than not being able to play PHYSICAL DISCS until you updated your Wii U online like last holiday, and waiting for a giant update on slow servers, that was terrible. As far as the digital rant and being able to pop your game in and play... really, last generation that died. Wii was the last one to have that kind of simplicity, and it was conversely extremely limited in functionality so :/ This generation will probably ween people off even physical discs, which at least we still have those for now.
  17. BLAST FROM THE PAST! It is that time of year again (though, looks like I forgot to do this last year!). I've updated the links to work correctly again. Anybody have anything else to pitch in let me know! I'll see what I can rustle up this year and go back and see if I found anything last year and just forgot to update
  18. I'm not sure how Skull Kid being in Smash (possibly as just a trophy, like like the tons of characters that were trophies in Brawl) is any sort of MM remake confirmation That is silly
  19. I also think they may not be "fake orchestra" but actually live recorded from a real one like Galaxy 2 / SM3DWorld. Nintendo is doing amazing music work lately. I could be wrong on this one but the quality is uncanny if its not. Some of these already mentioned but yeah: * Zelda: ALBW * Pokemon X/Y * Super Mario 3D Land * Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon * Fire Emblem * (Probably) Bravely Default * Phoenix Wright: Dual Destiny (PW5) * Mario Kart 7 * Mario & Luigi: Dream Team * Monster Hunter 3 * Any of the many Zelda's on 3DS (LA DX, OoT 3DS, OoS, OoA) * Cave Story (3DS, or original flavors) * Shantae (GBC VC), Shantae Risky's Revenge (DSi), Shantae and the Pirates Curse (upcoming 3DS) Theres like... a lot more but i'll limit it here, ha! 3DS is amazing
  20. If the screens are decent it shouldn't matter if its 3D. You need a good "2D" screen to have a good 3D one, 3D doesn't somehow subtract from the quality 3D is simply a mode it can switch to, but can be completely ignored.
  21. So I picked up Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. I can actually keep the 3D on without the game bogging down to 20fps! in fact, It looks amazingly like its still 60fps in 3D mode, or at least its running smooth enough I can't tell. I may keep the 3D turned on on this one. I didn't think I'd like this at first because the trailers don't really do it for me, but its quickly, quickly growing on me. Not sure if its the awesome nods to... every Zelda (especially LttP, which is my favorite) but it just feels good to play so far.
  22. I dunno if EVERY GameStop is doing this but i called my local one and they are releasing SM3DW tonight SO I KNOW WHAT IM DOING AT MIDNIGHT You guys might want to check with your GameStops in case you are interested.
  23. Chipamp is just a collection of a bunch of plugins in the first place. Right on the website it has an alternative of Audio Overload and i'm sure most of these plugins have alternate installs for like Foobar and other players. I'm very sad to see Winamp go. It has always been my favorite music player. The amount of plugins you can get to play retro music is amazing. But, if you've already got a copy of Winamp installed, it isn't like it will stop functioning. And being the internet at all, the download will be found somewhere. I know I'm going to keep rocking it for all my music needs, for all time Here is hoping they will do the right thing and open source it / release the source. If not, I'm sure all the plugin devs will move elsewhere.
  24. Its a shame that most places are going to have a midnight release for games like COD or GTA or even the new XBO (which also comes out on the 22nd), but I don't think anything special is going to be done for SM3DW :/ Ah well I also don't know why Nintendo is spoiling their own games before release. Whats the point of that? Both SM3DW and Z:ALBW have spoilers in their trailers and Nintendo directs. Kinda frustrating
  25. Yeah, many people are buying Xbox based on brand alone. That and their friends are also buying Xbox's and they like the services offered by XBL. What will help Sony pull ahead in this race is if they can offer the same quality that XBL had. They were pretty close to getting it with PS3/PSN last gen, but they were doing it completely free and the PS3 hardware was lacking. Now they are charging (which in theory should help), and the PS4 is actually superior to the XBO in terms of hardware performance. As you mentioned, they are also cheaper for initial hardware So it really comes down to: Can Sony continuously offer a better service? That will the the key. The PS4 doesn't have hardware performance issues like the PS3, now they just need to continuously offer amazing stuff for their services. The discounts and features you get with PS+ are pretty amazing, so if they can offer solid multiplayer on top of that Sony definitely has a good chance of winning people over to their side (if they haven't already) It'll be very interesting to see how these two consoles duke it out next year.
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