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  1. So not being able to play the game as intended due to broken things is not game breaking? Really, I dont know what to say here. I dont know how people can go "oh well these features completely dont work but thats fine if you can avoid them" No, its broken and a known issue, known issues again should be taken care of before deciding the game is good enough to move on to next phase. Just because its avoidable, or you can turn it off, or you can just not use the feature doesn't make it okay and works. Especially features on by default and what the game is intended to be. And saying that things will change just because its in Beta, is really just silly. Its still Notch. Things will be the same as always Any votes for AeroZ or MikeInc?
  2. How is dying constantly because of issues with mobs not game breaking? By your own description, of a player not being able to advance/play (because said invisible monsters killed them) they would be. Up until this very last update, boats were LITTERALLY gamebreaking, as they caused you to have to litteraly log out of the game once they glitched out. Boats seem to work okay now, though they still create copies of your entity if you disconnect the server. Minecarts still do not function correctly. This is game breaking if you plan on duplicating anything you can do in SSP with carts in multiplayer because it simply will not work. Admin options and mod support are helping the game become popular, regardless if you consider them important. Many people would not be playing the game without them. We wouldn't have our said whitelist without them. Heck, it would be really hard to even have places like Multiplay (the current OCR MC host) to host a playable game without the 3rd party admin options/mods. You may find it acceptable that these features are still missing in Beta, but its kind of ridiculous Creative Mode: Still completely absent, and we're moving into Beta. Also, serverside inventory is not done yet, and I can only imagine what wonderful game breaking additions it will bring RIGHT before Beta hits. As a reminder: Theres no special treat for the game going in Beta. It will still be the same broken game that will probably get even more broken as updates come out as it was last update. Theres no reason for everybody to be excited and want the game to be called Beta. We dont get a prize. Who votes for the OK of MattInc?
  3. Wow. Have you even played the game? I'm starting to wonder. I've stated multiple times the game breaking glitches with the mobs (invisible mobs attacking you, unable to actually attack said mobs because of insano range/lag issues, etc), and the unusable carts (a minecraft staple in SSP), complete lack of administration options for server admins, and no mod support. What is fallacious about what I have said? I guess you are just going to continue to play your magic version of minecraft where there are only small bugs to find in your glorious new Beta. So far the only thing you've proven is that your standards of whats acceptable level of functionality are clearly lower then what some of us would like. Thats fine, I guess? If you can't act civil over a simple conversation of a game, I'd hate to see what you react like to important things. Also, I dont know if you realised you quoted, bug Gman hasn't posted much on this thread, but uh MAYBE WE'RE ALL OUT TO GET YOU. DONT LOOK BEHIND YOUR REFRIDGERATOR! YARRR!!! And I also mentioned there are reasons clearly other then "its ready!" of why its moving into Beta, but oh look, now your saying the same thing. But YOU are right and I am wrong, because I am an idiot cry baby who was orphaned in a bonfire
  4. The only one flaming is The Author really. Apparently to him anybody who thinks the game needs more time in alpha is an idiotic moron cry baby who should die. Never played WoW, will never play WoW.
  5. Yeah its not like theres some benefit to US for going to Beta. Games not going to magically be fixed and working great. Its going to be the same broken crap every update as its always been. Only now it doesn't have the excuse "Well its only in Alpha" it'll just be "Well its still in Beta" As I mentioned before its a way to charge newcomers more money, and probably some advised his fancy new lawyers/advisors/whatever gave him Also for those suggesting Creative... is there even a Creative option for the server software anymore? I didn't see anything like that in the configs. Unless I'm missing something, thats still a missing feature as far as I know. Its only in Classic. Its supposed to be added sometime in Alpha, but here we are entering Beta and its still not here
  6. There's a big difference between bugs and things being flat out broken. Bugs are small minor things that may break gameplay, but dont happen often. They are hard to find, and thats what a Beta is for. Broken means it just doesn't work, and trying to do anything with them causes horrible side effects. Minecraft doesn't have tiny bugs that need to be ironed out it has game breaking flaws that make the game unplayble. And as I stated unofficial hacks to ADD mod support, and basic server needs. There is no mod support and who knows when there will be and if it will be good as the current hacks. Theres barely any server options period in vanilla. Your Mario comparison is odd because its a single player platformer and didn't have uzis to begin with. However a modable version were you could would be better, no? Not sure what your point is. Actually, my opinion is that minecraft is very broken, and lacks commonly found server features But even if it was "has bugs and incomplete features", if that makes me an idiot for saying, yet thats how the game is sold... doesn't that mean being correct means you're an idiot? Or am I missing something?
  7. Mobs are broken mine carts still don't work right and regardless if you think /home belongs or not it should be an option for those who want it. It was removed to hide a server/client issues with teleporting and mobs im sure, you can dress it up however you want. Who in their right mind would call someone an idiot for wanting more options for their servers? Again with the server hacks you can customise the game to your liking it doesn't have to be one way or the other. It can be whatever you the host wants. Unless you hav e personal investment in the company im not sure why you would blindly attack others with different opinion. Its a broken game it needs more time in alpha. If you think this is acceptable public beta material you must play a lot of broken games. I've played plenty of open and closed betas and none were this bad
  8. You may, but many do not. I think you are missing the point, this isn't by design (in fact, removing /home i think is his idea of a bugfix), its just unfinished/broken. Features are planned, they just aren't there. If you want to force the game to be simpler, you have a CHOICE with server mods (you can disable any command you dont like). You want to have ANY real options for your server, you have to use a 3rd party hack. And this product is entering Beta.
  9. vanilla actually just lost /home (and /spawn?), so unless you're an admin, all you have for commands are: /me, /tell, and /kill (yourself) Not even a playerlist, so you have no idea whos online and theres player and op. No groups with different priveledges, no whitelists. You can ban people but thats it And currently, unless he magically makes a fully functioning API in a few weeks before Beta (lol), theres no way to officially mod vanilla. Not exactly a rich feature set, but whatever floats your boat. Doesn't sound that great to me, especially on a product thats entering Beta phase
  10. You play on lots of vanilla servers? Most servers are running Hey0 or SimpleServer, etc.
  11. Neither RE4 nor Prime are rail shooters, nor were they originally light gun games. He said the Wii mote/Move/Kinect (lol) aren't good replacements for light guns! I'd have to agree there, playing games like HOTD2 are passable with a Wiimote but dont at all capture the feel of using a real light gun. A step up above the regular controller (for those games) though, for sure Edit: Nintendo themselves seem to traditionally make weird items and then give up support on them very quickly. Its disappointing because sometimes they have large potential. I have no hopes for the vitality sensor, it seems like a horribly dumb idea to begin with to be honest
  12. I do agree that SSP is playable and probably ready for Beta status, but theres a huge fanbase for SMP which is definately not. IMO, both parts should be playable with complete feature sets before calling it "Beta" but I guess Notch doesn't feel the same. Probably just because he wants to raise the price for newcomers =P
  13. Er, did you read my post, including what you quoted? We are NOT to the point of "polish and get the little bugs out" by a long shot, in SMP at least. We are "game is near unplayable if you turn mobs on, and still missing most features". Minecarts, a staple of the game, still dont even work right last we tested them. A game you can KINDA play hardly equates moving off Alpha status, most Beta's are almost completed products these days Also, you've never played a game where an Alpha was in a playable state? Odd, at some point the Alpha would have to be playable at some point to become Beta
  14. game still has some basic elements that dont work and we're moving off alpha? Funny. Oh well, the last few updates things have moved forward instead of backwards, so heres hoping they'll continue Edit: New map btw, Abadoss made it look retarded though. also added you Sag Ee Mana
  15. Multiplay is going to have some emergency server maintenence tomorrow morning, for all their servers. So if you guys have trouble around 3am EST thats why
  16. Aba and anybody else who pilfers the Community Chests: I beleive the idea of Community Chests are for beginers who would like to take SOME items to start off, its not for one person to take everything out of the chest like they own the place lol Thanks for at least giving it back Ori: Lesson learned: Dont put things in the community chest unless you aren't very attatched. Some people have lack of self control Ferret: we'll see if anybody else approves in this thread (so far not likely )
  17. Whoever it was better return it before I figure it out even if it was in a community chest there's no reason to take it all
  18. Title is a bit misleading, as this isn't a remix at all. Its actually pointing out that Back to the Future's Power of Love is hidden in the horrible NES's sound track. <- OriginalThis is a pretty awesome find though, as Overflow stated I wonder what James (AVGN) would think of this
  19. You mean from the accidental downing this week? Well, it looks like DOD is already back up actually Well since thats Virt's dog (Nugget), its probably Virt.
  20. Not sure if this is the lag update (thought it was supposed to be released mon?) but multiplay has upgraded my server to 0.2.6 / hmod 131 going to do a backup and restart, server down for a few mins Edit: Back up! Edit2: Rode a boat for a very long distance, never disappeared. FINALLY! This is not the lag patch unfortunately as theres still lag everywhere :/
  21. Blue magic: you could always sethome so you can just teleport there Proph: I obvioulsy didn't do that weeks and weeks ago
  22. Primary issue seems to be the server not telling the client theres monsters unless they have spawned on your own client, so if you warp over to someone, INVISIBLE ZOMBIE GOASTS. It might be a hey0 issue, though, im sure if you just walked over to someone too it would cause the same, havn't tested it. either way, mobs going off again until thats fixed, if ever. Keeping damage off too of course Me or Gman will have to be on to set up the warp, the warp also saves the direction your looking at, but i can see if we can find your castle Edit: New rendering uploaded
  23. Testing mobs, damage on, mobs on, pvp off
  24. hmm let me see if theres a mod that gives user specified warps, right now the only controls are for admins making/removing warps to a single list, so the problem with that is anybody could delete the others warps
  25. Server is up, im going to leave damage and mobs off until I can test them tonight. Lets see what other things are broken first lol
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