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  1. Sony never obides by any sort of rules. They ignored immersion's patents too and lost. They only like the legal system as a weapon of fear, they don't actually respect it only abuse it
  2. Those are warps, you don't have one, because nobody likes you. And you're banned
  3. hMod 1.3 is on our server now howerver not many plugins released so far, no IRC bot as of yet (GREAT sadness ) I am going to convert/trim the map, until then temp world, have fun
  4. If by "not bad" you mean "terrible", sure.
  5. Demanding much? No offense, but not happening for a bit. Since its just beds and half steps, going to wait for hmod 1.3. Most of the people who play it religiously have kept the 1.2 client, and if you need help downgrading I have the materials. (Come to IRC) the fan hMod 1.3 shouldn't be too much longer, it was supposed to be out today but i dont think its going to make it MPUK has also started beta testing Bukkit on their london servers so hopefully we will get Bukkit in the near future Vanilla is too terribly broken and lifeless to use even if I have the option now
  6. Correction: "can happen" is misleading. You can NOT use GeoHotz modifications to pirate out of the box. He specifically designed it so it will be useless to piracy. Pirates have used combinations of new hacks and/or modifying his base code to enable piracy. in fact, the console was pirated, as stated before, by a COMMERCIAL product called PSJailbreak, before fail0verflow or GeoHotz came into the picture. So blaming Geo for ANY sort of piracy is misleading, since all current methods of running games are based on PSJailbreak's software and its open source kin, being heavily modified to work with GeoHotz CFW, or by heavily modifying GeoHotz CFW (which are then, not his CFW). None of your analogies fit. Just because you didn't use OtherOS doesn't mean nobody else did. Besides, once they come take away something you personally used, then what? "Oh i guess I should of stood up for consumer rights while i had the chance"? Also may i remind you, graf the one raided by German police at Sony's request and being sued for 750K euros, just put OtherOS back on and made it run better, nothing to do with piracy or even enabling homebrew really. Like Geo has said, Sony has really messed up though. If they had just quietly fought this with updates/new firmware requirements like most companies do to slow down piracy/hackers, most people would have no idea whats going on right now Thanks to their annoucements to everybody they've been hacked, and lawsuit thats getting national attention and TV spots, traffic to hacking sites have trippled, PSJailbreak clones are sold out everywhere (why i dont know, guess not everybody understands these arent needed anymore), and now your every day joe knows you can "get free PS3 games". Because Sony is advertising thats what it does, when it doesn't.
  7. Well, these guys have nothing to DO with piracy, but Serial Keys dont work for preventing piracy (See PC Market). nothing does. If anything, Sony would be more interested in using that to get rid of the used game market, which is something all console manufacturers and publishers want to do away with, and blame it on "piracy". The used game market probably does FAR worse financial damage to them than piracy, as these are people who HAVE money, and DEFINITELY want to spend it, and they dont get any of it. All about companies taking away rights. You should be mad at them, not people sticking up for rights
  8. The main reason why it took so long is because there wasn't any need, OtherOS allowed linux on the console and a route for people to play with the device. Hackers have constantly pointed out over the years the PS3 has been left untouched because of OtherOS. And what did Sony do? Remove OtherOS. It was an invite to hack, and hack they did. If you watched the fail0verflow breakdown of the security, its terrible. They put a lot of stuff in there, but did NOT know how to use it. Everything is just broken and/or useless from a security stand point They also completely failed a math equation for the highest level security, thats how they figured out the keys. They used math to solve the keys because Sony forgot to make the most important part: make the random divider random. they used the same number each time for their "random number". No super cluster of super computers working for hundreds of years: once they found the issue, they found the keys with math. They dont have hardly any security on their network. Both them and developers relied solely on the fact you "couldn't" hack it. Too bad they aren't as smart as they think they are. In comparison to the 360, which has yet to be cracked for the last 2 years (even then, jtag hack is a very complicated hack requiring soldering, and the keys have never been discovered as far as I know), and has had security on their network from day 1. Sony / Nintendo had some terrible security on their console / network. But at least Wii's worked by design, and was cheap to implement. Who knows how much Sony spent on their security measures, but couldn't figure out how to use them properly Microsoft just has an issue security on their 360's DVD drive, they've made the drive harder to hack over the years though. That can only be used for piracy and nothing else, their console itself completely locked down past JTAG hack 2 years ago. I'm guessing future generations of consoles will use MS's example: eFuses (which the PS3/Wii lack) combined with a REALLY tight security system really kills hacking efforts :/
  9. One would hope that Hotz would win, as his side is the side of consumer rights. If Sony wins, it basically means corporations can do whatever they want, even manipulate the courts far worse than usual. (lying in court dockets, forcing someone who doesn't even live in CA to come up with the expenses to travel there to go to court when they could of sued him in his home state, try to manipulate the courts into giving them information they dont need, TRYING TO ERASE INFORMATION FROM THE INTERNET, using this as an excuse to spy on people, etc) I personally think Hotz is a show off who could of easily handled things better, but Sony's reactions are far worse than his actions. Nothing he was doing should be considered an "illegal activity" anyways. This wont have any effect outside the US, but i hope graf_chokolo wins his case in Europe against SCEE too. Europe needs consumer rights too! Hacking linux into a console should NOT lead to a police raid.
  10. I got an RROD'd off of eBay once, I managed to fix it. That was back when they were more expensive, not sure if its worth all that effort to fix one now. Its possible for sure, but there are a lot of 'failed' RROD fix, and sometimes the fix has to be redone Also, you might want to check your error code to see if its a fixable RROD issue as there are more than just one. There are a few sites hosting "RROD Error codes", Xbox Scene is one of them but not sure if i can link it
  11. Wouldn't hold your breath for a purely 2D Mario, they haven't made one in over a decade (Unless you count those Mario Vs DK games or Yoshi Island DS). Best we will get is a 2.5D NSMB style game. Would love to see a new one though, but preferably on a console though. I'm not a fan on the NSMB crap style. Games are OK. Its probably way cheaper to make a NSMB or Paper Mario style game than a real 2D game though And I would say before the announcment of the NGP that the 3DS would probably be scarce, but I think the NGP is going to take some wind out of the sails. BUT maybe not, the hipster trendy people will still flock to it because "oooh 3D!11"
  12. Well, he could just ask for more donations if they try again! I don't think the legal system is going to like a corporation badgering a civilian if they've been proven in court innocent once though. We'll see I guess. I dont even know why its gone THIS far actually, Sony is putting lies into their dockets which have been proven false. Why are they allowed to lie to make a case against someone? Besides, I'm sure we're about due for more DCMA exceptions being added into law, and the EFF is behind GeoHotz and all the other jailbreaking/hacking teams... I wouldn't be suprised if gaming consoles get added because of this
  13. Brushfire never has any idea what hes talking about! Whats new? =P Actually, Sony isn't bothering to go after the people doing any pirating stuff as far as I know, maybe because most dont live in countries that they can do anything about? Or they are just more anonymous? GeoHotz and graf_chokolo specifically are just cracking the system open, Geo specifically coded his stuff to be useless to pirates (though they figured out ways around it as usual) and graf was making a better Linux/OtherOS with full Cell access and graphics acceleration. BUT he had released some decryption tools (for getting it working) and thats probably what Sony is huffing and puffing about. Neither one of these fine gentlemen have anything to do with piracy, yet they are being heavily attacked by Sony If Sony had not decided to continuously remove features from the PS3, especially OtherOS, or gave OtherOS full access instead of the terrible limitations provided, none of this would of ever of happened. The worst thing they would of had to of dealt with is the PSJailbreak (a commercial product mostly aimed for "backups" that is unrelated to the Linux hackers) and its Open Source kin (PSGroove, etc), which are still around actually
  14. Apparently graf had a safe online storage for all his work even stuff he hadn't announced yet and when police showed up he gave the data to everybody he trusted and told them to spread it everywhere. Now its on just about every homebrew or hacking site and torrents everywhere. They took his computer and he doesn't have a stable internet to use but he is still woking on it! Released some new info even. Says he loves linux so much sony would have to kill him for him to stop! They are trying to sue him for a million euro and he says it doesn't matter to him they could double it and he would not stop. Wow heh And yeah psp has a lot more problems than homebrew or piracy. Both are done on ds and it was still very successful. Besides piracy was enabled via psjailbreak well before fail0verflow or geo or graf released anything. Sony is doing this to set an example. I think one has been set but maybe not one Sony wanted
  15. The new laucnher now prevents updates, helpful to keep on 1.2 for those who dont feel like downloading/messing with the bin folder and only play on our server http://www.minecraft.net/download.jsp The new launcher is prettier anyways so i suggest downloading it either way. Not 100% sure if we'll go to 1.3 when it comes out or stick with our hmod goodness. We shall see
  16. If he is talking about some audiophile issue and not something obviously WRONG with the mp3s a layman would pick up, I'm not sure how that would get better with the PS3 version unless there really is a mastering issue with the mp3 version over the FLAC/originals. So kinda confused here now heh
  17. I hope its more so like a real zombie/survival game and NOT L4D "ZOMG fast zombies kill fest" style like a lot of games are lately. The team behind the CG are very passionate about making that trailer, top notch work... doesn't mean it will make a good game at all though considering its just CG. Those screenshots also look a little too clean to be completely legit (Bullshots maybe) We shall see.
  18. Out of curiosity, have you tried to play the mp3s on your PS3/TV? or if you already listened to them there, another source besides the possibly offending equipment? Also theres a FLAC available if the mp3s are somehow too compressed for you. I'm not hearing anything wrong with the menu title either, its a loud song (by design I'm sure) sure but I can hear everything clearly. Theres no audible issues and doesn't sound compressed. Not seeing a problem honestly but maybe this is some hyper audiophile type thing I'm missing (Which why aren't you listening to the FLAC if thats the case =P)
  19. From the OCR link right? Or is there some other Capcom site you're not listing? I listened to said MP3 from the OCR link. You either have insanely good ears hearing some normally inaudible issue or theres something wrong with your sound equipment, because sounds crystal clear to me. its a nice VBR mp3 too so I cant really detect ANY compression artifacts
  20. keep in mind, /home and /sethome do not exsist in Vanilla.
  21. Ashane is mostly a DoD (and maybe vgmix?) contributor, not sure why the thread starter didn't check DoD or at least The Shiz. Why start a thread on OCR? Makes little sense. Oh well, you got your answer! and yes, as stated before, searching for Ashane on DoD brings up every song you are looking for http://www.dwellingofduels.net/searchresult.php?search=ashane If anybody else is interested in their work, there you go.
  22. I believe the game got delayed I don't think that is gamestops fault Edit looks like people beat me
  23. Yeah, because PS3 is the PINNACLE of graphics, its much better for FPS, and theres NO piracy there at all. [/sarcasm]
  24. Probably should of edited that part of the quote out then.
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