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  1. Happy Birthday, Coop! Always enjoy your sigs!

  2. Fact: your "dance party" sig is from the only Doctor Who episode I've ever watched. I know, it's bad...

  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. "Occupation: Graduate Student (Chemistry)".*Looks at Signature* I see what you did there! I love your songs BTW.

  5. Your OCAD sig is outdated. Just an FYI!

  6. Whoops. I'll change both images so that they're smaller. Let me know if the end result still doesn't work.

  7. Thanks for the birthday wish, man! I'm listening to Ep. 51 right now. I'm also a big fan of your music on the Missingno Tracks.

  8. Dear WillRock,

    Your songs have invaded my iTunes, and have taken up a large proportion of my storage space. Please stop making great remixes for my hard drive's sake.



  9. Just so you know, your Zero remix (for X, X2, and X3) is one of my all time favorite remixes coming from OCR. I wish that more people would remix those themes.

  10. The animator for Extra credits is on OCR? AND he's an active member? You, sir, automatically earn 1,000,000 internet points.

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