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  1. I'm like 30 minutes from there! I might even staff this year!
  2. I'm in! Also, FYI I live down the street from the shuttle to the Hilton (it runs about every 30 minutes). Once we have an official thread I'll offer to host people at my apartment in Arlington.
  3. Cool remix! Also you could totally incorporate Aquatic Ambiance and it would fit so well
  4. Ooooh this is pretty sweet! **ReMix Submission tips** You may want to try and vary the percussion a little bit. For most of the song it's the standard boom tish in the background. You don't have to go crazy with it, but I'd say maybe every 4 or 8 measures you add something a little more free form. It also kind of ends rather awkwardly. Maybe give it the standard rock ending just so it doesn't leave the listener hanging. **** Great work. Keep it up!
  5. Man that fight against FireMan.EXE was pitiful! On a serious note this metal mix is pretty sweet. I love the harmony you used along with the main melody. It's a relatively conservative mix, save for the part in the middle, but it's varied enough to be its own track. More BN <3 please!
  6. It might be a good idea to write your username on the MAGFest badge. I might also get some of those stickers seen at networking events, just for the heck of it (Office Depot is just right around the corner).
  7. It certainly is a conservative remake, but I like that you kept the original ambiance of the source. For me, the added instruments come too late. I start off listening and think "Oh this guy just remade Dire Dire Docks," but it wasn't until a full minute into the song that I realize that this is a more substantial remix. I'd maybe cut or shorten the first loop of the source to bring the other instruments in sooner. The comments are spot on in the link with regards to the the cymbals. Tone them down just a bit. Nice song, bro (or sis)!
  8. I didn't post my New Years Resolutions last year, but here they were (and how I did): -Finish that book. Done! -Graduate without any unforeseen problems. That also was a success. -Get a REAL job. It took 3 months of grueling job searching, unemployment and a low-paying (great) internship, but I got one! -Reach below 180 pounds. This did get accomplished, but has since climbed back up, though now its going back down again. Stability helps. -Compose at least one full piece. This I failed at, but I wasn't really able to given the things I was doing. Here's the resolutions for 2015. -Compose a choral piece for the WMGSO. -Improve physical wellness and stamina (no more target weight bullshit). -Keep working on the Sonic 25th Anniversary album. -Post more on OCRemix and hang with more cool people. -Get a raise (maybe!) -Keep studying Japanese and take/apply for the N5 JLPT. -Save enough money to buy something for myself. -Watch some good anime (or at least get a Crunchyroll account!)
  9. I can now definitely confirm I'm going to MAGFest! I just got my ticket. Also, is anyone able to room up with me? If I can't share a room at the Gaylord (which is sold out), I'm going to grab a hotel room at the Hampton Inn next door. Deadline is Thanksgiving Day! Once again, I offer free housing (and only $10 for overnight parking) for anyone wishing to stay in the DC area before or after MAGFest (Thursday night and Tuesday night onwards). Q-pa and Bahamut can confirm my hospitality.
  10. Now that I have A JOB, I can take part in this! Sign me up!!!
  11. You know this already, but I'm at 20008, Washington DC!
  12. I am making reservations tomorrow for a one-bedroom (with kitty) unless there are others who want to join up. LAST CALL!!!
  13. Barring any circumstances, I should be going... And if anyone needs somewhere to stay in the DC area BEFORE or AFTER MAGFest, my apartment is open for no more than 3 people.
  14. For those looking to participate in the album, here's a list of main series games (ie not handheld or spin-offs) that have yet to be claimed: (technically they're two games on OCR) (CAN YOU FEEL THE SUNSHINE!?!?!?!) *shudders* (crap game, great music) ($5 to whoever does any track BUT "Seven Rings in Hand") Sonic and the Black Knight (no "u" in colors cause 'merica)Sonic Gener...oh wait! Nevermind. (note: this project will not accept the Zelda or Yoshi songs)
  15. Ticket purchased! I'm willing to host anyone BEFORE and AFTER MAGFest here in DC, but you'll need to find your own room during MAGFest proper. That being said, who's interested in getting a room? EDIT: Also, are we able to get a block of rooms again?
  16. Just a friendly reminder that we are accepting artwork and other forms of support for this album. If you're interested, PM me or Black_Doom and we'll help you in any way we can! Also, any Sonic Colors love out there?
  17. Nope. Can't do it. The combination of a hectic schedule with the lack of foresight to actually test my music-making software has left me cut and dry. I have very little to show, so I'll have to drop out. Congrats to DJG! Kick the competition to the curb!
  18. So apparently my new computer does NOT have Logic installed, and I have to rely upon my laptop to create my track. Not only that, but the piano settings were reset, so I have no idea how to connect my MIDI keyboard. Piano arrange it is.
  19. Such a rule would practically eliminate the first 3 games (S3 and K are 1 game in my book), which are almost critical to an album such as this. Instead, we'll do what we can to have remixers choose from other sonic games in the catalogue. I'll also reach out to those who expressed interest by suggesting themes from under-remixed games. Such nudging may yield positive results.
  20. When do you SLEEP?!?!? I'm proud to say that the new place I moved into has a gym downstairs. I go at least once a week, and they have weights, cardio, and some basic equipment. I'm going to try and build some upper-body muscles. Any recommended exercises?
  21. You know, I can potentially make something out of this. *Sees opponent's profile* Well at least I know that I can lose with style! I **may** try to notate "tone of the town" for you, HoboKa. But first I need to work on my song.
  22. E3 is the top industry event, as is GDC. However, I would suggest looking at local industry gatherings in your area. The major conferences can be pretty pricy, and without a profile or base you'll be another ant in the colony. Every metropolitan area has at least some gaming/nerd conventions, and if you're lucky there may be a few indie devs showing off their prototypes (MAGFest has a few of them I know). If not, look up local game devs and ask if they have a monthly/weekly meeting.
  23. Thanks for showing interest! I'll get in contact with you (and others) by next week.
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