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  1. I have an OCRemix shirt that has finally worn out and died on me. Looking to replace it and it looks like the store is out of stock for most stuff. Anyone know how often it is restocked or if there is a plan to even restock it?
  2. Just yesterday I was going through some older djpretzel mixes and saying "Man it has been a while since he put out another mix. I hope we get one soon." Looks like my wish came true! Before reading the mix info I was listening and immediately thought of The Doors. It is sounds exactly like if The Doors would have done a version of it, so you hit your target dead on. I really love the atmosphere of this mix and style of this mix and it fits the source perfectly. Definitely downloading this one.
  3. This is incredible! The source is such a good track too, it makes a perfect club remix. Halloween party music!!
  4. This was one of the first mixes that I heard that got me into this site. The guitar is so awesome! The only thing bad is that it is way too short. Also, isn't this a remix of Cosmo Canyon? I was trying to find this song and looking in the Cosmo Canyon remixes but for some reason this one is under a song called Valley of the Fallen Star which isn't in the game.
  5. Wow I love this! It is easily my favorite Castlevania mix. I think it is the variety of instruments used and the rockish sound that really intrigues me. I especially love the guitar and piano together at 0:38 and 1:27. As other have said, the sampling could be better (though they aren't "bad") but the song is so good that it honestly doesn't make me like it any less.
  6. This is one of my favorite, if not my favorite, Chrono Trigger remix. I love it so much I could listen to it on repeat all day! The beginning reminds me of something from Disney World. The attention to detail and quality is incredible, it is like it is performed live. The mixture of instruments is also perfect in my opinion. It is crazy to think this is back from 2004 considering how high quality it is compared to some others from around then. Jared where are you?! This can't be your final remix!!!!
  7. Holy hell! This is ridiculously awesome. I loved Ninja Gaiden as a kid and the music is really catchy. I have been working through different games on the site and had kind of low expectations of the game getting remix attention, and what they would be like. But this is seriously as good as it gets right here. With the amazing violin throughout keeping the original melody going. Then transitions into guitar. It sounds like it would be on a Ninja Gaiden movie soundtrack.
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