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  1. My god, djp = DJ Prophet? Preach on from the past, brother!
  2. After hearing "Spatter The Dew" I had an idea about making a video game remix in a similar style, and now you've done it for me. Great job, Makke.
  3. I agree about the drums, they're a bit on the weak side. Still a pretty damn good mix.
  4. So this is finally on here, eh? I've had it for a long time, as with Select Start's other mixes. They're very good in my opinion, and this is a great piece. Well, since it's performed with live instruments, I think they used what they had.
  5. Nope. I had that same problem, and I was a little nervous myself, but it all got sorted out in the end. I was actually REALLY nervous, considering it was doing that to some files that I had archived on my hard drive... But just have faith. They all work great now. Better than ever. Good, then I can sleep tonight. ...Wait, I just woke up.
  6. AAAAAAAAAAAAH! The songs are all messed up, they end to early and what's missing on one song is in the beginning of the next! Is this just for me? Is this only while downloading? Is this the end of the world? HELP!
  7. Great mix, my only complaint is that Ryan8Bit already made an equally awesome version of the same track.
  8. I just downloaded this song again after reformatting my hard drive and i gotta say: it's still as sweet. Waiting for Ryans next (master)piece.
  9. Great song man, you ARE evil On a sidenote: are you working on something, Ryan?
  10. This reminds me of the Little Big Adventure music. Not my style, but good stuff
  11. Sweet remix, really warmed me here in (now-a-years) cold sweden. GJ JAXX!
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