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  1. Heya! Yeah, I love baroque pieces, especially with the harpsichord Cheers for the notes, I think you are very right - a trill right before the end would work perfectly. I need to listen to more flute pieces :-/ Currently writing another sonata with the proper form, but just can't find a place to put triplets in :-/ Thanks!
  2. I'm... not exactly a remixer or vgm composer. Yet. I think along the way figuring out remixes I got sidetracked into the baroque side of things but I will be back! I definitely start with Finale before bringing the midi into Logic. It will take far longer to figure out counterpoint in Logic etc as Finale provides a better environment to label chords and write notes, for example.
  3. For me it's definitely simply putting in time and effort to write music. In addition, it helps greatly that I have a very experienced mentor to look at my work and point out what I could have done better, and if what I did was good.
  4. A short baroque piece :3 https://soundcloud.com/gallenw/sonata-for-harpsichord-and
  5. I think this would sound great with a proper quartet.
  6. I do have garritan world instruments, sadly some of the patches have a fair bit of noise in them. On the whole I found them quite lifeless, but this is comparing against libraries several times more in cost running in kontakt, engine etc. I also have some of Eduardo's libraries (epic world, forest kingdom and others) and that's a good place to put money down for world instruments IMHO, among others. If you go over to vi-control.net, sometimes there are ppl selling these libs used. Play works fine for me, but I don't use it as EWQLSO is not a good match for what I write atm.
  7. Other alternatives for mixing is to look at include Ardour, as well as the Harrison Mixbus. I have also tried renoise on linux. It's a tracker, but I never got far enough to do a mix on it. I never got on with FL, and whilst lmms works on my box, I just can't figure it out. Personally, I've given up on music on linux - apart from kdenlive for vids and audacity - with no native samplers e.g. kontakt or vsl (dare i mention play lol), and once you figure in dongles..... very limiting as I want to do orchestral stuff down the road. I also forgot, no daw on the level of cubase/logic/dp/your favourite daw - makes doing midi mockups quite a challenge.
  8. I don't have logic open now - but IIRC you should be able to select midi region in logic, then under the file menu there should be a "export selection as midi" option.
  9. Gah, I can't even load up the site >.>
  10. Dude, this library sounds awesome! Could you give an indication how long the introductory offer will run? Also, thanks for the cinematic drums freebie, that's a sweet piece of kit too!
  11. Sorry, I have no idea why I kept thinking it was "vs". Even right now Can't wait for it, omg 8 bit goodness crossed over two of my childhood games.
  12. http://www.destructoid.com/street-fighter-x-mega-man-fan-game-gets-backed-by-capcom-240151.phtml
  13. Thanks dannthr! Looks like another good one to read over xmas break
  14. I was just introduced to this guide, and thought it would help others keen in music theory. http://www.scribd.com/doc/5220863/Ravenspiral-Guide-to-Music-Theory (PDF available from the kvr link) GW
  15. Thanks Dissidia! I reflected on your words and I realized I wrote this with no care of the instrument's ranges - I'm using the lower section of the soprano, I will see if pitching it up an octave helps. Soprano recorders get a bit piercing up the range though Cheers!
  16. http://soundcloud.com/gallenw/distant-shoresUsing the new VSL Recorders
  17. If you are just starting out, why not just use what you have? If not, for headphones the AKG240 MKII seems like a popular suggestion. And welcome to ocremix
  18. Do you know how to form the basic triads? Back when I started I only knew how to form major/minor triads (you should have seen ppl's faces when I asked what's the diff between a C7 and CMaj 7 lol), and picked chords that contained notes of my melody in it, and just gave it a test to see how it sounded. E.g. if I had a phrase C, E, C, E..... C and E could be used in the C triad (CEG) or A minor (Am) triad (ACE) - I then experiment with either of these chords on my keyboard and see which sounds better in relation to other chords around. If you'd be interested to pass me a section of your melody, I'd love to see if I can harmonize it. Been practising on inventions lately, not touched harmony in awhile. Also, I'd suggest this book if you want something to work on for basic harmony.
  19. http://www.vi-control.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=28520 The truth by a sample library developer.
  20. Kontakt on its own has been on sale, bought mine when that happened. In retrospect, I should have got Komplete as I do enjoy the new york, vienna and berlin concert grands. The rest of the stuff, not so much.
  21. Yup I was there Good fun, though sadly this year they didn't do Dancing Mad.
  22. Check out Melodic Dubstep? Miracle by Blackmill is my first stop.
  23. Looking for an arpeggiator? Check out Kirnu. Price: Donation ware.
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