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  1. 5-08 Banana Revolution [Flexstyle's Slam-the-Breaks Edit] (Cranky's Showdown) - Flexstyle vs. Jason Covenant, AkumajoBelmont FLEXSTYLE! VS! JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJASON COVENANT! 'Chekan Winter' from Kong in Concert was one of my favorites of that album, so it is always nice to see Jason Covenant / Prophecy. Anyways, this track...I like the energy and the effects on the vocals, something about them just makes smile. 5-09 Cranky's Christmas Mojo (Cranky's Dojo) - Peach This song...I like it, but something that utterly baffles me is that it appeared on 2 separate An OverClocked Christmas albums. Like...huh? But in any case, I can just lay back and bop my head to the bells as the rest of the song comforts me. 5-10 Can't Boss Us Around [Original Mix] (Boss Boogie SNES) - HoboKa Listening to this version...I can see that having Flexstyle step in for the main album version made it special, but this is a fine song on its own, so I can tell that HoboKa's got talent of his own. 5-11 FrosTronix [Original Mix] (Frosty Frolics SNES) - Draconiator This may sound offensive, so if it does then my apologies, but this version unlike the above sounds like an almost completely different beast to the main album version...and yet, this one too is pretty nice on its own. A little more traditional, but like with Rocket Rave, that isn't a bad thing. 5-12 Dive (Water World SNES) - Theophany feat. JJT, prophetik, some1namedjeff, zykO JJT! His work on Kong in Concert, 'West Coast DK Island', was also one of my favorites, so I'm glad to see him back, in a collaboration no less. But this song...I'm torn on it. It is a nice piece, but it is a little hard to follow at times, as the instruments seem to be working against each other in the beginning. Perhaps that was the intent, so if it was, success, but it is what it is. 5-13 The Crystal Key Is Broken (Mama Bird) - Theophany This track, compared to the main album version, sounds a lot different, and while I do prefer the main album version to this one, this one does have its own merits. Upon listening to it, I can actually consider it a precursor to some of his individual albums and some of his OCR album contributions, so Theophany only grew over time. 5-14 Footloose Falls (Cascade Capers SNES / GBA) - Emunator And with the last track on the bonus disc, I can say that combining the two songs together really led to something special. It's really good music to just close your eyes and jam to. Favorites of this disc: Rocket Rave, Footloose Falls --- So...I'm super duper sorry about putting this off so long . I think I just lost interest or gave up because I thought I was no good at reviewing things. I've wanted to review other things, but this was always nagging in the back of my mind, so I had to finish this once and for all.
  2. Said Bored_Man, almost 3 years ago. Sigh...I've got no excuse. DISC 5 - BONUS TIME! 5-01 Take the World Back (Northern Kremisphere SNES) - Acolyte I like the slow buildup, especially when the percussion comes in. Other than that...I find it actually hard to put into words what I like about this track, but I do like it. 5-02 Jitterbug System (Jungle Jitter SNES) - Flexstyle Oh dear, my foot's already tapping. I can't not imagine a dance going on when I hear this track, and head bopping is also hard to resist. 5-03 Rocket Rave (Rocket Run) - Draconiator This mix is somehow more energetic and laidback than Afterburn at the same time. Like, it seems like a faster tempo, but the instrumentation is a tad less in-your-face, if that makes sense. A bit repetitive, but that isn't always a bad thing, and the vocal countdown is nice. 5-04 Treetop Intense (Treetop Tumble SNES) - Danton F. The wind in the beginning makes me think of the original track, and the mood of this song actually is close to the original as well, a mix of pumping and paranoid. You rock, but something doesn't quite feel right, so you gotta keep moving. Guitar is NICE, though. 5-05 Joyful Jungle Jig (Jungle Jitter SNES) - Chernabogue Anyone else feel like slinking around in the dark like a cartoon character to this? No? I'm weird, but I likes the song. 5-06 Heart of Darkness (Cavern Caprice GBA) - CC Ricers Feels a lot darker than Heart of the Cave, but in a good way. Again, an urge to dance and/or headbop is strong in me in this one. 5-07 Canopy Crawl (Jungle Jitter GBA) - Evory feat. Gintokipianist Piano pieces are a nice treat in albums, whether they're slow and deliberate like Wrinkly's Nightcap or more driving like this one. Then again, my mom's a piano teacher, so I'm biased. (Continued in next post)
  3. Aw, darn, I won't be able to be a part of the listening party . Least I can grab the album before I head off to work, so that is something.
  4. If this does release on Halloween, that's gonna be a work night for me, so I can spend the night getting spooked by listening to it.
  5. Finally finished listening to the whole album. As long as the wait was, I think it was worth it. I will have to listen to this a few more times to really find favorites, but it is something I am wholeheartedly willing to do.
  6. What can I say except 'Yes'? Final Fantasy IX is my favorite of the series, and I love its music. Really stoked to start listening to this.
  7. 4 days away now. It's so close, I can almost taste it...
  8. I wonder if I can get away with listening to all of the albums before this one before it releases, so I know just how far OCR has come. I've been trying.
  9. When the eventual trailer is made, a reference to the text on the box art wouldn't go amiss. "Doom is at hand for the Belmont legacy as you enter the most chilling chapter of the most fiendish horror story ever told. Just be sure to tell your next of kin before you begin!"
  10. Here we go again Let me show you how it's done Kuja is a man
  11. Is there going to be a listening party for this? I missed Rebellion's, and that made me sad, so I am not making the same mistake twice.
  12. I don't want to be a bother, but is the track list on the first post up to date? Every time I have checked, I see that one track still red; given who's arranging it, it's no suprise it might take a while given his other duties, but I am curious at this point.
  13. I've gotten around to trying to identify the source tracks used for the songs in the album, and I have all of them...except one. I cannot for the life of me figure out what song Breaking Point, from the F-Zero portion, is supposed to be an arrangement of .
  14. Perhaps something handy would be for someone to make a list of the songs that are part of albums, so any potential downloaders will be aware of them? When I downloaded the torrents the other day to make sure I had everything, I had to go in and delete the mixposts that were part of albums, since I already had the albums and didn't want redundancies.
  15. This may have been answered previously, but I have noticed an oddity with this album. In my media player on the computer, all the acts are separated as they should be, but when I actually put them on my mp3 player, I only get two albums; all the acts fused together, and then the bonus tracks. Is this intentional, or is there a way I can fix it?
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