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  1. Ha ha ha! Well ya know, I guess the reason I picked Magnetman only doing something as lame as destroying all the pornography (ya I know, its a frightening thought, but not world-threatening), is because looking at the magnet of the aforementioned which is perched on his forehead, it doesn't look..... powerful enough to do anything significant. Honestly, it looks like the best it can do is push Megaman about three inches backwards. But, if we were to look at relative intelligence of the master robots, I think I know
  2. First post, hi y'all - I reckon that Astro Man could really wreck the infrastructure up in some major cities, somethin' nasty. Also, I think that Magnet Man could mess up some computers, and the whole world would be out of pornography. It would be mass panic. And cathode ray TV's wouldn't stand a chance!