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  1. Wow. Sony really blew my pants off. It's nice, because I always had hope that console gaming wasn't dead, and I feel justified in believing that now! I'm so glad that this first day was so great. I'm totally sick of hating on stuff, so this was a much needed breath of fresh air! Good job Sony. I knew I held out as a fanboy for some reason!
  2. MotherF***ing Animal Crossing day is finally upon us. Ship, my addictive friend. Ship, and let me play you.
  3. I agree. I actually really like the darkness of the plot. It feels very genuine as far as despair goes, and it makes me feel the paralyzing fear too. And as you say above, it's totally warranted and doesn't feel forced at all, but rather an inevitable reaction. Did I mention I think the music for the anime is fantastic? No? I think it's fantastic.
  4. Noted. I am more of an anime person myself, but I might give the manga a whirl. But what do you mean it can destroy you?
  5. Yeah, I really have to look into Berserk actually, I've never even heard anything negative about it. However, I really felt that AOT was just cool as hell. I can see what you mean about the sort of flat character design. I don't think that they're horrible or anything, and I guess I was waiting for more development since I've only been watching the anime, but I felt like everything else in the show made up for that and more.
  6. I've been watching Attack on Titan because of all the praise it's been getting on Kotaku, and I've gotta say I feel like it's totally founded. Very exciting, very action-y, and very well drawn. I love what I've seen so far.
  7. Charlemagne, I swear I've never even HEARD of a single anime that you have brought up in these forums. Where the hell do you dig this stuff up?
  8. Of the 15 pages of comments I just read, I thought this was the most noteworthy - Touche sir. I was in tears. As far as the consoles go, all I will say is that I'm not very keen on the idea of the 24 hour check-in requirement, but eh... It's going to be the games that gets mah hormones flowin, so we'll see what happens, but that image of all the publishers that PS3 had signed for projects was looking mighty appetizing to me. Until E3 though, I just don't really have an opinion yet.
  9. Ha I actually really liked that though. Also, Trigun is one of those anime that really make me think that there is nothing like a good ol' retro anime. Stick with it, it's just great.
  10. Blazblue Anime coming out Fall 2013 = me being really excited
  11. So, Shinsekai Yori (From the New World) is probably my new favorite anime. I was completely unfamiliar with the novel or the manga going into this, so maybe those might have been better, but I loved this show going into it completely blind. I thought it was very well animated,the world that is imagined is really cool, and the plot was very well paced imo. I thought two aspects stood out above the rest though. The first one was the music. It was absolutely fantastic and conveyed the feelings in a stellar fashion. The other thing that was absolutely phenomenal was the pull of the mystery in this show. From the very beginning all the way until the end, there is always at least one very compelling mystery going on, and it always left me dying to watch the rest. The show definitely has some flaws - The most prevalent that stands out in my head is how confusing the beginning of the show is. For the first few episodes, it's difficult to understand just what is happening, and the show has a tendency to just carry on and sort of leave you in the dust. Luckily, you do sort of catch up with understanding everything. While it only took me one episode to get absolutely hooked, some people might need to get up to about 6 or 7 before they really start getting into it. You should really consider watching this one through. As I said before, it's right up there with my other favorite anime (though I'm relatively inexperienced in anime as a whole with like 20 or so series under my belt), and I think it's a great proof that newer anime isn't bad either. I really don't want to get into the plot for anyone who hasn't started watching it, because even explaining a little seems like something that would spoil a few things, so I apologize for that. But please, do yourself a favor and check this one out!
  12. Ya know, I'm actually pretty conflicted about this. I would really love a physical copy of the game. Having purchase every Phoenix Wright game to come to the shores, it's gonna feel a little weird not being able to have a physical copy of this next one. I'm also a little worried that we're seeing less and less of the Ace games. I'm a diehard Phoenix Wright fan, and seeing decisions that Capcom makes like this has me a little worried about the future of the game. RIP Megaman... On the other hand, I'm incredibly grateful that we are getting this one at all. Maybe this could show to Capcom that they can localize games for a little less and get their moneys worth, and we can see other Capcom games localized (Phoenix Wright vs. Layton and Ace Investigations 2 plz). Hopefully this all works out for the better Also, anyone who is on the border of FE: Awakening should definitely get it right now. You now have no excuse not to own this game!
  13. Totally finished beating Fire Emblem: Heroes of Light and Shadow about an hour ago, and I hit the last level realizing, "Damn, didn't use any of my stat-ups and have a million legendary items that I haven't even used yet." At that point I would have distributed them, but I was too lazy and just finished the game without. I'm guilty of this one in the first degree.
  14. I pretty much prefer the sub in 99.9% of situations, because it feels forced a lot of the time with the English voice acting. It absolutely isn't their fault though, it's just that the discrepancies of English and Japanese don't allow them to make it sound a little bit smoother. That said, I don't necessarily think that this is always the case. There have been many English dubs that I think are extremely well done. I can't think of them right this second, but one that does come straight to mind is Cowboy Bebop - I thought that was a great dubbing job.
  15. Maybe I'm crazy, but I just got major flashbacks to Ms. Pac-man for the N64. That game was awesome. Anyway, I think this looks very cool. Good job! (To your sister)
  16. I do this all the time, even when I have school in the morning. However, instead of a donut, I prefer a bag of victory salt & vinegar chips. Also, my favorite game systems are handhelds. I spend the most time playing on those, I think. However, I only play them in one place - My bed...
  17. Hooray for Nintendo! It would appear that they are intent on insuring that I will have no money for the next couple of years because of the 3DS. I submit Nintendo.
  18. That's good news! I was curious however how this game plays. I have only ever seen Persona 4 gameplay, and I thought it was great. Is the Shin Megami Tensei series similar? Worth my time?
  19. Very nice! I occasionally find myself doing this Hubba stuff, and after about 5 minutes I have to pause and ask myself, "What the hell am I doing in here?" Can't say I've seen the "Lost in pheremones" comment though. Classy. What a game. Plus, Lyndis is one of my favorite characters of all everdom. Well, I am ready to officially declare that Fire Emblem is my favorite franchise from Nintendo. I have always spent a ridiculous amount of time playing through Fire Emblems previous, but after this most recent one, it easily became my favorite. I have played through all the localized Fire Emblems at least twice before, some of them even more, and this includes several hours just wasting my life away in the arena and even resetting sometimes to get better level-ups. Awakening is my favorite game on the 3ds thus far (despite my love affair with Virtue's Last Reward). There were just so many stellar things about this game, and I absolutely love the effort they put into all the different possibilities for support conversations, and little nuances such as that. Not to mention (as has been said before) the absolutely stellar soundtrack that I cannot stop listening to. Too good. This game is easily worth the price of a 3ds. I am just sad now, because I feel like I'm too late to discuss the game, as everybody has already moved on T_T Oh well, here's my opinion for what it's worth.
  20. It's been much too long! I feel it comin' on! I feel it in my bones! Seriously though... FINALLY!!!! Tron just didn't do it for me! And Discovery is by FAR my favorite album! WHEEE!!
  21. Aw come on, don't get my hopes up like that! It will be all the more tragic if nothing happens...
  22. Awesome, thank you! I am already loving this game. I watched to opening cinematic and thought, "this is going to be a really killer game!"
  23. Alright everybody, I finally got my preordered copy yesterday, FINALLY, and I actually had a question about the support conversations - Is there a maximum limit to how many support convo's you can have? I have played previous fire emblems where that was the case, so I am trying to hold back until I get a wider span of characters (only on chapter 5). Do I have to worry about that? I figure that you can only S rank with one person, but is there a limit to how many other supports you can have with various other characters excepting the S rank?
  24. I am suffering while waiting for my copy right now. I preordered from Newegg, and I checked after it was released since I didn't get a confirmation e-mail, and the pushed the release date back to the 8th (today). So when I saw I didn't have a confirmation email again, I checked again, and now it's been moved back to the 12th! I want to play this game really really badly right now!
  25. Ya know, I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels like the first one is better. I'm not sure that I could totally put my finger on it either, but I feel like the second one is too... Mainstream? I don't mean that in a hipster sort of way, but everything seemed to have been made a bit too much like every other game I ever played, like Assassins Creed or Mass Effect or something, whereas it felt a little more unique in the first Witcher. That, and they abandoned that amazing crabwalk stance thing he had in the first one....