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  1. Wow, didn't even think of that. okay I didn't mean that end bit (though i don't think shedding a tear at finding someone like that in the middle of the desert is too abnormal...) What I meant to say though was the final puzzle in the true ending, but upon further consideration, I would also say that the ending you need to get before you can get the true ending concerning the safe was also super sad (It's hard to say what i mean without spoilers). And yes, the bench. And that freaking song. Shit, that was my favorite part in the game with my favorite character! I guess I like getting choked up.
  2. Okay, I've been trying to avoid this thread because I don't want to burden you all with a 3 page list. I haven't necessarily cried, but I get that major choked-up thing going on. I will only list a few big ones for me though, because everyone else has already put down a ton that dehydrated me. 999: 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors - the very end bit. Virtue's Last Reward - the endings of about 3 of the characters totally killed me Radiant Historia - there were a lot of sad ones happening throughout this game, particularly if you don't unlock several of the endings (which I didn't on my first playthrough) Pretty much every Final Fantasy I have played has got me to be really sad at at least one point in the game (particularly Aeris in 7 and Tidus is 10, and maybe I'm touched in the head but Brahne in 9). Someone already mentioned this one but it was really sad to me - Every time a character joins you in Valkyrie Profile. Damn, every time it pushed me that much closer to clinical depression. When I was little I was cut up when Zero died in MMX5. This was before I realized that he dies and returns every other game. When Carl finds out about his dad's puppet in Blazblue Continuum Shift and when Lambda 11 dies in the end (she was my favorite character too!) I probably got choked up a few times over the duration of the Phoenix Wright series (I know, I'm pathetic) but in the very end of Trials and Tribulations with everyone's favorite coffee drinking prosecutor.... I know, I'm a bitch. Thing is I don't even think I've scratched the surface. At least I can say though that I save all my tears for the games I play, because nothing else gets to me nearly as much as games do.... That's something, right?
  3. Okay, so I know this thread is sorta old, but I just needed to make one complaint about this (incredible) album. Two days ago, I picked the song Terrible Fate on my Ipod to play. My Ipod then froze and died. Why would you actually have a terrible fate included in your song!? Why?! But on a serious note, impressive stuff, I love it. Thanks for this. Makes me hope like none else for a MM remake for 3ds.
  4. I couldn't agree more. Sorely disappointed at the decision to not localize that. And I swear if we do not get some Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney I.... I'll be sad. I know Capcom isn't in control of that, but while we're talking about it.... Took the survey. Hope Capcom cares!
  5. I must confess.... I am a stinky butt...
  6. Okay y'all, if you're up to the challenge, get a perfect on 4 of the bosses and then beat the game Secret's will ensue. You gotta make sure it's the primary 8 bosses as well, not the boss rush at the end. You get a perfect by killing them and having full health at the end.
  7. Wha-wha-WHAT?! Akuma theme!? YES!!!
  8. Those were really neat man, thanks for posting that! I just beat the whole game again with that song playing the whole time! It doesn't stop for the whole game! I'm going to attribute being able to beat the whole thing in about 40 minutes this time to the song though! Also, I thought the keyboard worked pretty well. I had to get used to it over playing like a single stage, but since it's so simple, I didn't think that it was too bad. And I would totally drop like 50 bucks for a kickstarter or something for a 16-bit MMX9!
  9. Well, just beat the game. It's pretty great. I feel like there was a tiny bit of an imbalance. I thought the levels were pretty easy, and that most of the boss fights were pretty darn amazing. I wish the game as a whole was a bit more difficult. Any of you who have played through Megaman 9 and 10 know what I mean. This doesn't include re-fighting the 8 bosses at the end. Doing that with no health between each boss was kinda total bullsh*t. But a very strong showing for a fan made game! I particularly liked Uriens stage and Boss battle, and Vega's stage and Boss battle. Speaking of, if you wanna dodge the wall drop from Vega, as he climbs, try to dash to the other side as quick as you so can he can't change trajectory halfway down, and then dash away from him right before he lands at the bottom. I can't dodge him every time, but it's pretty darn consistent. I liked the dorky little fighting game consistencies too, like invulnerability for tatsu's (though it oughta be shoryu), the occasional cross up of ryu or dhalsim's projectiles, and other stuff I can't think of right now. Anyway, it's bitchin. Get it.
  10. While I was of the opinion that Capcom was pretty much done with Megaman, seeing them officially distribute it gives me hope that they are willing to look back and see what earned them such a diehard fanbase in the first place. Capcom used to be my absolute favorite publisher and back in them good ol' days it seemed like they couldn't go wrong with their choices. Lately, it has seemed like the opposite, but I think this is a step in the right direction and I think we should do our best to show that we wanna see that Capcom again. As far as Darkstalkers go, Vampire Savior: Resurrection Bundle is coming out pretty soon, and that is apparently the stepping stone to making a Darkstalkers 4! Like I said, hopefully Capcom will realize that we all love what they used to be and start to hearken back to those days. As far as Resident Evil.... No comment
  11. haha u skrub, u jus gotta wakeup shoryu. Ha, I jest! I'm not a stream monster!.... Anyway, I'm super excited for this. I love the old Megaman games, and Street Fighter is amazing as well. Hurrah fan games! I really hope Capcom will see they still have a Megaman fanbase from this.
  12. Watched the first episode of Girls und Panzer and.... I can't deal with the characters. It doesn't seem too interesting beyond the gimmick of girls driving tanks. Of course, this is my judgement based on only one episode, but..... it just doesn't look too promising to me. On the other hand, I have been watching Psycho Pass, and I'm quite excited for this one. It's Minority Report the anime. I like shows with philisophical questions like this. It looks good to me.
  13. Has anyone else been keeping up with the new remake of Hunter x Hunter? I think that one is pretty killer myself. It cliffhangs me... to death... all the time.
  14. F#CK!!!! Arrow, if only you could have mentioned this earlier! I just got my save data corrupted by saving in the infirmary! I had 10 hours logged into it! What a depressing thing. Luckily by skipping dialogue and knowing the puzzles i had done already, I got back to the same place i was at in about 4 hours, but still.... ouch.... no more saving in puzzle rooms for me! Thanks for the heads up though, glad to know exactly where I should be looking out.
  15. Obviously I don't know what goes on in the studio, but I was just sort of under the impression that those were already in the pipe. You're probably right though, I have just always been a little biased towards Disney since on their main channel they made the switch from what I felt was more quality cartoon programming to these (seemingly endless) live-action programs e.g. Hannah Montana, High School Musical, blah blah blah. I suppose it was a convenient explanation really for, what seems to me, to be a sag in quality from Pixar. But I just felt like something weird was going on when Pixar went from completely original titles like the ones you mentioned, to all of these sequels and remakes, and a tale of a scottish lass when one of a scottish lad just came out prior (talking about How to Train your Dragon). It just seemed like the newer ones were closer to Disney's 3D animated films like Chicken Little and such which I thought were significantly lower in quality than Pixar's releases. I will say though, I thought Tangled was really good. As far as Tron: Legacy goes, I honestly didn't enjoy it though it's obvious I'm in the minority there, and I'm really not that hyped for Wreck-It Ralph. I guess I just absorbed too much mob mentality. My bad But, Star Wars could end up being a good thing, so I'll just keep a button on my lip until things transpire.
  16. Really? I guess I can't speak for Marvel since I don't follow too closely, but I feel like Disney has sort of ruined Pixar. Once Disney acquired Pixar Studios, it seems like all of these mediocre 2's are coming out (Cars, Mosters Inc.) and 3D rereleases (Finding Nemo), and that their originals are lacking the Pixar magic that I had come to expect (Brave). I mean, looking at that, I can't say that I feel like this is a good thing. But I guess I'll have to wait and see...
  17. To my understanding, it is actually a pretty good game, in comparison to namco x capcom (which I heard was mediocre). I have always thought that the crossover game type looked fun, but in all honesty, I don't have much hope for them localizing it.
  18. Holy..... Shit..... You are a freaking hero dude. That is one of the coolest things I have ever heard. Like ever. Thanks for being a friggen awesome person. People who do this kind of stuff are the best. I know you didn't want anyone singing your praises but... I don't care.
  19. Holy sh!t. Well, here is my gush post. I am really excited for Zero Escape. I've been looking forward to this ever since its announcement. 999 was one of my favourite games on the DS, and I've played quite a few DS games. Luckily it's been getting a lot of love from Kotaku lately, but seriously that game was great. I am all the more hype that Hamster managed to find the preorder watches, because I preordered this awhile ago for 3ds and was pretty bummed that it wasn't going to include the preorder watch with it, but (and I'm sorry for anyone who got screwed by this) but I was really happy for the preorder mess up with amazon so that I could manage to get one. Anyway, as far as 999 goes for anyone who hasn't played it, it's pretty much a graphic novel with point and click gameplay a la Phoenix Wright and Hotel Dusk. It's definitely heavy on the novel side, but sunnovabitch, it has some really good writing. To me, the game was like a more intense version of a book. I guess my imagination can be limited Anyway, I would recommend this game to absolutely anybody who is curious about it with a couple of exceptions - 1 - I must admit that it really isn't gameplay heavy. If you're looking for a whole lot of gameplay and don't care about the story, scratch 999 off your list. 2 - If you are one of those people who get really pissed at the games that require you to play through more than once (despite being able to skip through scenes you've played through before and having new content each playthrough) to unlock the full story, then forget about it. You are required to play through the game at least twice to unlock the true ending. I played through it four times before I finally got the ending (which i was perfectly content doing). Again, there are different puzzles and paths you can take on each playthrough, but you will retread old ground. If that still vexes you though, I probably would steer clear. However, if you love a good story, please get 999. It is the bees knees. Because of how good the first game is, I am absolutely losing control of my bowels as it's shipping today, particularly cos I've got that sweet watch too! I'll write something when I get done with Zero Escape. p.s. I've added a bunch of youse folks. Add me if you feel so inclined!
  20. I actually really enjoy the Blazblue OST's myself as well, but I dunno if it is really diverse enough to list as a great recent soundtrack. Completely up my alley, but it's all pretty much the same. That being said, isn't Tagers theme sick?! Haha! I am super psyched for Chrono Phantasm as well! Oh, wait uhhh.. OST's... I actually found the Witcher 2 soundtrack to be quite cool as well. I think I also have to back the Bastion and Jamestown bandwagons. And Scott Pilgrim. And does the Hotel Dusk OST still count as recent? I LOVE that one. Ohhhh, and also The World Ends With You. And.... okay I'll shut up now.
  21. Did someone say Shinji Hosoe?! Maybe it was just a combination with the gameplay, but I thought that the music he composed for 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors was pretty damn gripping myself, particularly for a DS game. It's like it took the feelings you were supposed to be having and amplified them tenfold. Memorable enough that I still listen to it at least weekly.
  22. Well, I guess this is the deciding factor for NHK. I wasn't really thinking that I was gonna watch it after seeing the first episode and sorta thinking, "WTF?" I thought it was pretty funny, but I didn't know if I could stick with it, but I have only heard very good things about it. Guess I'll have to carry on. Thanks Halcyon.
  23. Whoo! Finally got my copy of Code of Princess! I love Atlus!