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  1. F#ck. I could gush for a good half hour about how sick I thought that anime was. I was one of them magical girl haters, then Madoka Magica showed me that I could just go f#ck myself. I have some serious love for how cool that show was!
  2. Pretty sick game I think. I like Ms. Fortune, and it does look like Cerebellum is going to be pretty sick. Also, Peacock is very frustrating! As said excellent artwork and soundtrack, feels great and if you're a fighting game fan it's a must. I love it!
  3. Wow, thanks for bringing this thread back. I haven't heard of this guy and I'm so glad I clicked on this. That's some pretty great music, guess I'll have to scrap together some dough.
  4. Aw, I was hoping for some cheesy-ass rock music Really though, I think this stuff is pretty good. I'm getting more and more hype for this game!
  5. Hahaha!!!! I actually lol'd when I read this. I love Dynasty/Samurai Warriors, and I did actually play all the way through Pokemon Pearl. I think this game is gonna be badass. I think that they need to localize more games like this. I still cry at night sometimes when I think of the loss of Namco x Capcom.... I do....
  6. Oh man, that is a blast from the past - Ronin Warriors. I couldn't even remember what that thing was called! But I do remember that night time thing was called the Midnight Run. I remember thinking I was pretty hard core being able to stay up long enough to watch that. Ha. Good stuff man. If Toonami comes back on though, would it be ass? I mean, I never saw it through to the end, but all of these old school resurrections that are going on like Thundercats and Voltron are pretty much bollucks. Maybe they'll put Moltar back on!
  7. Unfortunately I missed it too. I used to come home from school way back in the day and run into my parents bedroom to watch it. I watched it all the way back in the day when it showed Robotech (please tell me that happened. I mention it to friends all the time but they don't ever remember it being on so I question my sanity). It even made me want to be a jet fighter pilot when I grow up (abandoned that plan for pharmacy though). Toonami was a seriously cool block or programs. I might just have to get a twitter account so I can show my support
  8. I always wanted to play Days since I thought that Organization XIII was a cool bunch of villains (Marluxia ftw, because of the scythe. yes, I am that shallow. Plus he has got an awesome color of hair), but my roomie who played it (Unstable Hamster) says that he thought it was pretty monotonous. So is it actually worth a runthrough in your opinion?
  9. Really? What's wrong with Redline? Aside from not enough drugs of course... I thought it looked pretty damn incredible myself.
  10. Hell, I love some mech shows, including the likes of Tengan Toppa Gurren Laggan, which is pretty far from the norm of mecha, so I'll give'em a whirl. Thanks for the recommends.
  11. I'm looking for some good more recent animes. I know Mirrai Nikki is pretty good, but are these other ones worth watching, or are you strictly talking about the OP's? Also, which anime is that KOKIA song you posted from? Pretty epic song.
  12. Okay, I have started to get the KH urge that I haven't felt in a long time. I think I'm gonna pick the series up again. I have only played through KH1, Chain of Memories, and KH2. Um... which games will I need to play to actually get with the story? Do I need to play all of em? Or are there any I can skip?
  13. Okay, these are a few of the reasons I adore this game. First, I guess that the story didn't strike a chord with you, but I remember it being pretty epic for me. Given, I was quite young on my first playthrough so that might account for why I really liked it. I thought it was paced fairly well myself, and perhaps it's my nostalgia kicking in for all my more recent plays, but I still like it Next, I don't think they jerk you around so much with the choice system that western rpg's like to flaunt nowadays. You could choose to kill some shmoe to make your quest easier, and the worst you would have is a couple reputation points drop which is easily rectified by a few gold pieces. Then after that choice you are done - you don't have to maintain a certain type of choice constantly for certain bonuses. You can just make single choices and be done with it. That, I dig. Next, as previously mentioned, that world is friggin huge. There are so many things to do. Though I have played through it ton's there are still minor quests that I still discover each time through. There is so much to do and I love that. Also, one of my favourite things about the game is the humour that it maintains. Though the game I think is very serious when it wants to be, it has made me literally laugh out loud on several occasions. And after saying that I thought it was humerous, I will also say that I thought it could be sorta dark at times. I remember (in Baldurs Gate I) one random-ass quest where I simply went to the bottom of a waterfall to see if a girls cat was alive. It wasn't. You bring the corpse back up and give it to her, and she will give you a pitiable amount, and if you have a high enough charisma, a scroll as she walks away with her cat corpse. I remember thinking that that was pretty dark, and there are a lot of examples like that. I sort of appreciated that, especially now when there are games like Dragon Age that are advertised as "dark" rpgs, and really aren't. I LOVE the infinity engine. Plenty of characters, classes, and dual classes, etc. Lot's of different ways to go through, all of them viable in their own way (except f#cking wild mage). I think all these things are done especially well in Baldur's Gate, and that is why it still remains my favourite western rpg to this day (even after playing Skyrim).
  14. Haha, I was dying for this thread to start. I reckon I'm one of the biggest Baldur's Gate fan in existence. I just beat it again, chalking me up to about 6 times. Definitely buying this on day 1. I even beat this game as a damned Wild Mage (worst decision ever). This is truly like my favourite rpg ever. What a fantastic game.
  15. Okay, I gotta get a 3DS for realz now. Is it weird that I want that pink one? I had a pink DS lite as well. That pink just looks so... delicious.
  16. Yowza, that's pretty steep stuff. Even then though where do you get that stuff? Maybe I will stop spending my money on soda and save up enough to buy me some retro music
  17. Hell yes. Hey, I'm finding a ton of fantastic music from this thread too - Does anyone know how to get this music, y'know, legally? What's the best way to go about this? I've bought what I can like Bastion and the stuff that goes on sale but, this retro stuff? Anyway yeah, help would be appreciated.
  18. I'm just going to post this here since it's GDC, but is anyone else kind of annoyed with Phil Fish? I mean, I think Fez looks pretty sweet, but this guy seems to be running his mouth a lot. I think he is being way too abrasive and while I wasn't annoyed at first, now I'm not so sure I want to support his game...
  19. Wow, I had now idea that Yoko Shimomura did Mario RPG! That shatters my entire universe! Yoko Kanno was the first one that came to mind for me for composers even though, yeah, she is more anime than games. But that Darker Than Black OST is GODLIKE! Also, I might be crazy, or I just might have never actually known what was going on, but didn't pixietricks do some stuff on here?
  20. Honestly I think that all music by Capcom is fantastic - Any Megaman, Megaman X, Phoenix Wright, Street Fighter etc. Castlevania is a must have for me as well. I really love a lot of Final Fantasy stuff that isn't J-pop, rather very peaceful type arrangements (try Sight of Spira, FF10 disc 1). Also, I really appreciate metal music, and I think that Daisuke Ishiwatari does some really cool music if you can get your hands on his stuff. He does the Guilty Gear/BlazBlue/Hardcorps type stuff. It's anime style gaming with a couple of poppy songs, but a lot is just hard rock. I could go on, but that will be my 2 cents for now.
  21. So I recently learned that Zero Escape:Virtue's Last Reward is getting an American release. I am SO excited! I have been holding off on a 3DS for as long as I can, but this and the announcement of Ace Attourney 5 makes it so that I can no longer put it off! Did anyone else play through 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors? It was a killer game!
  22. Hey all - Glad to actually start posting here. I have actually been reading the forums of OCremix since way back in the day with my friend and roomie Unstable Hamster (childhood friends and all), so i have technically been around for quite awhile, but I wanna step into the forum now. I absolutely adore video game music (listen to it most of the time with only some occasional metal), and I think the work all of the remix artists here is absolutely incredible and artistic. I get inspired by these songs so keep up the great work! I play a small bit of guitar (can't find too much time for it now unfortunately), so i hope to be able to some arrangement at some point, but until then I'll just keep rocking to your tunes! Thanks again!
  23. I almost pooped myself when I saw this on the trailer. Pretty excited to sink 80+ hours doing nothing into this game.