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  1. Wow, that looks really cool. Could Capcom... dare I say... REDEEM ITSELF!?!?! Still waiting for my Code of Princess preorder, because apparently Amazon thinks that I preordered it too quickly, so I don't get same day shipping!
  2. PC or console? I've got a relatively low character, like 14. I'll play if ya want, though I'm pretty damn busy the next 2 weeks. But I can always fit in some Borderlands time!
  3. Played BL1 on PS3 and BL2 on PC - I honestly like keyboard and mouse way more, but I have always preferred keyboard and mouse when in comes to shooters. I also can't imagine any precise aiming with the controllers.
  4. Hot damn, I just get really excited about playing Animal Crossing on handhelds. I haven't bought a console version since the gamecube one, but I played the hell out of Wild World. I think this is primarily because when I force myself awake at 9:55 on Sunday morning, I need to just be able to reach across my night stand and grab my DS so that I can see what price the turnips are in time....
  5. I agree that playing through BL1 is gonna make a lot of aspects of 2 a lot cooler. I would do it personally, but it is a lot of gaming time, and as has been said, BL2 is pretty much better in every way.
  6. Good sirs, if you are taking the time to eat 3 meals a day, then you are, in my personal opinion, playing far too little Borderlands.
  7. Just finished my first playthrough as Zero at level 32. Should have been sooner, but all that homework and lack of study caught up to me. Regardless, I've started the game again with a new character (Maya) and I am surprised how I am still willing to go through it again and it still seems fresh. Used to snipe as an assassin, now I mess people up with shotguns as a siren. Great game, great replay value. Liked the story too. Fun times.
  8. Is anybody else having some major lag and/or loading problems arbitrarily? Sometimes the game seems to want to run really well, and sometimes it lags like a mofo. Another guy who I know who bought the game can't even load it. It seems a bit buggy, I guess.
  9. Okay, I finally traded my old textbooks for a 3ds! Friend Code is 5112-4787-2260 I only have Kid Icarus right now, but I'll update as that list expands!
  10. Yeah, I have been playing (PC) for a couple of hours now, and yeah, it's more of the same. However, I am strangely okay with that. I absolutely adored the first one. I agree, it seems like Zero is pretty overpowered right now. I have been dealing a shit-ton of damage, and looking at some of his abilities later on, it doesn't seem like that will be changing anytime.... ever. I'm going to have to agree that the inventory system is crap as well. It is really difficult to compare your weapons. I agree that it just needs to pop up the item you have equipped. Oh well. I'll be logging in 100+ hours in this game for sure. Oh one other thing. Claptrap has stopped being a Gir (Invader Zim) ripoff, and is actually legitimately humorous. I like him now. Good job Borderlands.
  11. alright fair enough man. Well, I will probably take a couple of days then. Gotta move to school and everything anyway. Ha...

  12. Okay, well we can just do paypal. Can we do anything like an 70 percent now, 30 when I get it? I mean, I don't really wanna get screwed over either. Not that you would do that, but just it's a bit scary to pay everything before it's shipped for me.

  13. Well, it looks pretty decent to me. Any wear and tear or damage? how would you want to do the transaction?

  14. Looks good. Any damage or wear or anything? Where is it shipping from?

  15. Okay, well I'm pretty serious about it. I think it looks like a pretty good deal myself. Do you have any pics uploaded you may be able to send me?

  16. Hey, so about that monitor... sold yet?

  17. I knew there was a reason I waited - The one color that can beat the intensity of my old pink DS Lite (which I still think was the most badass color)
  18. Ya know, I actually appreciated his rant about all of the arbitrary Nintendo hate going on. I don't understand where it comes from. I have had to listen to tons of people slam Nintendo and accuse them of ruining modern games, and I guess I can't seem to make that connection. I don't think Nintendo's actions as of late warrants any hate, especially as I consistently like the games they publish.
  19. Trigun will be worth your time unless you don't like anime classics like Cowboy Bebop. And if you don't like Cowboy Bebop, I am morally obliged to not trust you as a person. I have actually started watching the Hunter x Hunter remake, and so far I absolutely love it. I'm not familiar with the series at all, manga or original anime, but it is really a shounen I think that I can get into. It is fast paced and keeps things interesting in the same sort of way that the Soul Society arc of Bleach kept me interested, but that completely crapped out later to make room for stereotypical and boring shounen unfortunately.
  20. Yeah, I suppose that she is pretty damn versatile for being a "grappler". She even has that fullscreen dive attack to get in there, and also works as a fantastic assist. Maybe they will balance the game out? Or maybe they will go all Capcom on us and say "We don't care that Cerebella (Wesker) is overpowered, we like her(him) that way. In fact, let's buff her(him) because of all your bitching!
  21. I'm sold. I love this kinda stuff.
  22. So are you saying that you think Cerebella is OP? I mean, I guess it seems that way now, but the thing I love about fighting games is who knows the tech that will surface down the road a little ways? I have seen a ton of Parasoul players, and I definitely liked the way she felt..... HAHA! Also, don't judge me. I'm just into religious girls!
  23. Is it weird that I think that Double is the hottest?
  24. Ya know, grimdark and deconstruction aside, I honestly really loved the show myself quite simply for the visuals. I thought they were really interesting, and I had never seen anything like it - I'm sure there are others out there that do it and may even do better, but that novelty really pulled me in. Grimdark doesn't necessarily bother me. I understand what you are saying, and I can see why it bothers you, but it just isn't something that gets under my skin. I'm far more tired of Western television cliche like drama and soaps like Eastenders and whatnot for it to bug me, so at this point, I can live with it.