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  1. Hey folks - wanted to share an arrangement of a great tune from Secret of Mana. There are three tracks of accordion and one track of beatboxing, and each has individual EQing, reverb, and in some cases compression. I probably won't revisit this specific tune again, but any feedback folks may have on the recording, mixing or arrangement would be welcome - I'm planning on doing a few more of these overdubbed covers soon... Video Here: https://youtu.be/_mAae4-O5pw Hi-Q Audio here: https://anhistoricmusic.bandcamp.com/track/a-bell-is-tolling-from-secret-of-mana
  2. I for one am not hearing any dissonance except with the pitch bending, which I figure is on purpose. This is cool though - the Super Mario Land OST has some real gems on it and it's nice to see it get some recognition.
  3. I like the overall remix - IMO the drums and the low sawtooth-y synth are a little high in the mix, kind of overpower the melody synth in the first section. But I think this would be awesome with one or two level adjustments.
  4. Nice - the tunes complement each other nicely and the transition is virtually seamless.
  5. This is nice - it offers kind of a different perspective on the rhythmic interplay in the original just based a bit on on the accents. It's a neat choice, and indicates some of the depth of the original too.
  6. this is great! Ditto others' comments about the bass and mix compression - to my ear, the bass doesn't sound present enough in the mix, but maybe making it louder would make you want to tweak the bass part sound just a bit. But it's a really solid adaptation, nice flow. Is there organ around the 1:45 mark and building, or is it just the piano resonance? There's a prominent sustained sound that seems to build until about 2:40~ and it's cool, but gives the impression there's another instrument buried in the mix, which I don't hear elsewhere...
  7. This is quite nice - I like that it doesn't stay heavily in time - it has the kind of rubato push/pull of a good romantic sounding piano work, but also some more contemporary comping/mixed meter stuff when there is a set tempo. Maybe now that you've sketched it out, you can sort of lay a map out for yourself with some hints of what your approach (dynamics, attack, etc.) would be to help guide a future recording? I don't think the playing is necessarily sloppy in a lot of places, it just sounds a little tentative.
  8. I mentioned this in the other thread. All sounds created by piano accordion (7 overdubs on this track). Definitely going to return to this mix soon. https://soundcloud.com/doctorcaterwauls/an-historic-battle-chrono
  9. Been a long time since i posted something, but I put this together today and would appreciate some feedback on it. I'm listing it as a cover because despite all the sounds being produced by accordion (6 overdubs total) the arrangement is based pretty closely off of the OST version. An Historic is the alias I use for my songwriting efforts, which are usually based around accordion. I recorded the Battle theme as well today (will be on a separate thread) and hope to do more from the Chrono soundtracks at some point. Mix is rough and will probably be revisited at a later date. https://soundcloud.com/doctorcaterwauls/an-historic-guardia-castle
  10. Hey all, I wanted to share the first track of my latest release, called "A Good Idea At The Time" Piano and vocals overdubbed with some minor production. http://gzarapanecko.bandcamp.com/track/a-good-idea-at-the-time this is the latest release of my songwriting project "An Historic. It is a split release called "Cutoff" with Canadian artist Cud Eastbound, and each of us contributed 5 tracks. This is more conventional stuff than the G. Zarapanecko project I have shared on this same forum, but I think it is the best sounding recording of this project I have produced so far. All songs are about various scenarios in which the end of the world occurs. usually this project is based around accordion which is my main instrument, but these tracks ended up being mostly written on the piano with some other harmonies and layers filled out by voice and accordion. stream or download (name your price) the whole thing here: http://gzarapanecko.bandcamp.com/album/cutoff-split cheers!
  11. just a bump. If still no interest I'll just get to work on my own.
  12. I was looking through the site and saw only a few Silent Hill-based remixes - so I posted this to sort of feel out the interest for such a project - I have one or two ideas up my sleeve but neither that I have begun work on yet. The vague idea I have for a theme is some kind of jazzy set of reinterpretations, using jazz in the very loosest sense of the word (including free jazz, electronic-jazz and dark-jazz as well as more traditional styles) to allow for a maximum combination of atmosphere/ambiance/spookiness and the slow but propulsive movement of Yamaoka's melodic writing. (Anybody else see some similarities between the Twin Peaks soundtrack and some of the Silent Hill soundtracks?) Forgive me if I'm posting this at the wrong forum but since I'm not announcing my intention to start a project (yet!) I figured this was the place to post this. If other people have interest maybe I will consider trying to make a proper project.
  13. I'm not sure if I have the patience to work on this one again for a bit (also have several other things on my plate at the moment composition-wise that are taking up more of my attention). But I will definitely take the mix suggestion into advisement when I do. Still learning a bit about mixing and any such suggestions are helpful especially since I use a practice amp as a monitor at current. Did want to mention, too, that for better or for worse, that is a live clarinet and bass clarinet in the background. Ended up swamping them in filters after all was said and done but underneath all that is some actual reed playing.
  14. http://soundcloud.com/gzarapanecko/gzarasotf This mix is called the "18" mix in reference to Steve Reich's "Music for 18 Musicians," and its relatively consistent clarinet and bass clarinet pulsed harmonies in amongst an evolving backdrop of percussive harmonies(piano, marimba, xylophone) Some of the best cues from this game are the simplest, and working on the A and B section was a lot of fun. And returning to the A section at the end was a fun chance to try some gamelan-like poly-rhythmic improvisation utilizing treated harpsichord and celeste sounds. The second-to-last bit, trying to do some woodwind quintet stuff, despite all my best efforts, seems like a problem with the orchestral samples in Logic Studio, which do not respond well to minute velocity edits. Not sure if anything really can be done about this at this point, short of purchasing a new sample library which wouldn't be really feasible. I was committed to having a syncopated woodwind sound there and couldn't figure out anything with enough of the same character to replace it with that might tighten up that sound. So for now, I've called it done/quits.
  15. I would definitely be interested in revisiting some of the Chrono cross music. I spent a long time dissecting that music (having purchased the soundtrack at a local anime shop when I was growing up) and it certainly had an influence as well - not as much certainly as Chrono Trigger but I spent a LONG time on that game and the music really did sink in. If it were to be Chrono Cross focused, the project could go in many, many directions. That would be up to the project creator, for sure. If it were to include Chrono Trigger music or Radical Dreamers music I think it would have to have a specific focus, either by musical genre or by some connecting thread in the plots in order to justify getting people who have doing remixes for awhile to come back to these really obvious choices.
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