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  1. I would say that LoS is a prequel to the series and the origin of Dracula, I am more interested in how they are going to tie in the belmont clan and the vampire killer
  2. I think your getting OCAD confused with Cyril's Silly Show .I tune into both (when I can) and I am starting to feel the dark grip of the ponies on my soul.. Thanks Brushfire and Cyril
  3. Ok, that makes sense thanks anyways
  4. Its going to take me 4 hours because there is nobody seeding apparently :S
  5. Greetings all, I have a question for any iPhone users in the community. Has anyone come across a good forum browsIng App, I have checked out a few from the app store but I'm not able to browse OCR. Does anyone have any suggestions
  6. yeah that's great, someone is sacking spawn town and surrounding area again too
  7. When would this wondrous event occur? cause I am in
  8. iTunes is a few weeks behind I guess, I just downloaded them off the site :-\
  9. I wouldn't be suprised, I've been spending alot of time on the server lately and have only seen em a couple times, he logged on I said hi and he logged off. Then later that day I logged back on and my house was raided and I had a massive pillar of lava right behind my spawning point :-\
  10. I was breathless until 1:50 then my nipples went rigid and chills went up and down my spine, you sir, are amazing!
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