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  1. I'm very excited for Heavensward - I'm a career dragoon, so the machinist looks pretty good but it won't be too high on my radar. Far as my zodiac is concerned, just need to get 29 more Alexandrite before I get to the light farming part. Personally I am really not looking forward to the daily prayers to RNJesus to get the dungeon drops.
  2. I have my passport and it looks like the funds will line up, so I am tentatively planning on being there in all my Canadian glory!
  3. At the time of my pinning myself, there were no other pins anywhere in Canada.
  4. First Canadian pinned! aww yeah!
  5. My only problem thus far is that as a Canadian, I am unable to purchase them off Itunes and I really don't want to spend 18$ on one album when I can get both of them for around that price. Any idea on when it is going to be available for canadians to purchase off Itunes?
  6. Yeah, it also gets Robot Unicorn Attack 2 on my brain for some reason
  7. assuming everything works out for me, I'll be there, passport application is off and my request for the time off has been filed. I would really like to meet some of the people who make the music that fills my hard-drive lol
  8. Are you still doing commissions Cyril? or do you have somewhere I can just throw my Canadian dollars at?
  9. I think it is about time this got posted, I've been listening to this one for awhile
  10. So, does this mean I call you Auntie Steve now? Would your wife be Uncle Valerie? Finally where does this leave brushfire? I'm confused lol (Congrats and all the best!!!)
  11. I am officially excited, I will throw some moneys your way when it is released!
  12. I'll be home from work in approx. an hour if your available
  13. I would like to get a claim set up sometime soon, for the time being, I just got a little shack set up just outside spawntown. Is there anytime within the next couple days when I could talk to Abbados or Itch to get a claim set up?
  14. Stevo, you can take my name off the possibly going list, as I don't have the free time off work or the passport (which is in the works as we speak) to be able to go this year , I am REALLY hoping to be able to come down with my friends next year.
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