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  1. Hello! This is my first post here in the Workshop, and this is the first remix I've gotten to the point that I'm confident to show it for public feedback. The song I'm remixing is , from Touhou 2: Story of Eastern Wonderland. It's a techno-ish song, that is probably pretty vanilla, but I'm enjoying making it, and I hope you enjoy listening to it!The Remix: Edit: The mixing sucks because there isn't any. I work in a tracker and I have no idea how to mix well anyways <_> sorry.
  2. Draconiator, just start it on a mid week or something. If someone wants to join, you shouldn't wait this long to make it just cause you are worried about prc or somesuch thing
  3. See previous message, if you still.are interested

  4. Hey, you still interested in doing a track for the fear album?

  5. I would like to become KentaKurodani, if possible. Thanks
  6. Sorry about the wait, but we now have a tracklist. You can remix any track from Metroid, Metroid 2, Super Metroid, or Metroid Prime. I'll make a more definite list when we start to see what tracks people may sign up for, and I'll post taken tracks in the OP.
  7. This all looks great! can't wait to hear it. I would help, but as of yet, I have no useful a skills to offer.
  8. I guarantee I'll get this at some point, just maybe not immediately. Still, awesome job.
  9. QUITE A GOOD SHOW, MENTLEGEN. I can only aspire to reach such heights someday with the Fear Album. Lacrodactis was unexpected, and BADASS.
  10. SMB won't be the only game remixed, I can at least vouch for my mix when I say that.
  11. Yeah, I'm planning to do a remix of fusion in the future, most likely sector 1, or the theme that plays in the main deco on the way to Arachnus.
  12. Because I am a moron and forgot to mention, I am acquainted with Famitracker, and am planning to learn Reaper soon.
  13. Are you still interested in doing a track for the Fear Album? I'm trying to see how many people I have onboard.

  14. Well, I have a small amount of experience, I guess I can give it a shot. Novice, here's my tracks(they suck).
  15. I wish I could enter, but I don't have 2 tracks that are really in any state to be shown off
  16. Hey, what was the genre you wanted to do the SM theme in?

  17. I have removed the references to original tracks, as Darkesword mentioned we would not be able to be a site-posted album with them.
  18. With advice from a few, I have shifted the project away from being a heavily ambiant soundtrack to a more general album. Most genres would be allowed.
  19. If, and only if, I have time, I want to remix the sector 5 theme from Fusion. Fits winter very well.
  20. I would be interested in hearing your work, HoboKa. Also, for anyone who announces they would like to do a track, I ask that you register at my forums site, and I will give you access to a section dedicated to the album that only you can see. The forums are here:
  21. Alright, cool. Can I ask what track you wanna do? Pretty much any 2-d metroid track is fair game, I'm focusing less on ambiant now.
  22. While OCR-quality would be pretty sweet, I'm not gonna ask you guys to do any more than you want to. Unless a track SUCKS and is agreed to suck by most onboard, a mid-to-high quality remix should be fine EDIT: I can safely tell you now that remixes of Red Brinstar, Maridia 2/Rocky Maridia, and Upper Norfair are all fair game, as they fit the ambiant creepyness, for lack of a better term, that we would be looking for.
  23. While we DO know how to put custom music inside of the game itself, and there WILL be custom music, what can be made within the SNES is still not comparable to what can be made with DAW's, trackers, and other music creation software. This is not an apology to the gamers playing it, it is an additional bonus to show how deep our love for this project is. I myself am planning to have one or two tracks on this. Mirbs was kind enough to point out in IRC, this is a companion soundtrack, and I will rename the topic as such.
  24. You are indeed misunderstanding. The soundtrack will be included with the game, it just cannot be IN the game. And who said anything about it being of lesser quality? The renowned Super Metroid hacker Digital Mantra did the same thing with his re-release of the SM hack Eris, and people loved the soundtrack. This will count as the games soundtrack, and we can specify in the track info where and when the music is meant to be played. The only reason this music would not be within the game itself is because the only way to make custom music within Super Metroid would require a person interested to learn complex ASM code, so instead it would be given alongside the game to be heard. EDIT: In reply to you, G-Mixer, the point is that this is how the game is meant to be heard, but cannot be, because of the way the music of Super Metroid was coded. So to give people full enjoyment of the game, a soundtrack would be provided alongside it.
  25. Essentially, this is what should be listened to ingame for the correct feel that we are going for, but it cannot be played ingame because of the SNES's sound limitations.