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  1. I'll tell you what. Ryan is my favorite remixer here and I'll listen to anything he does with a guitar. I only wish there was more of it.
  2. well, if anyone out there wants to become legitimately gay, i'm pretty sure if you loop this song and listen to it for about 2 or 3 hours you'll be good to go.... <shiver>
  3. This song is genius. I only wish there were many more like it here. I think that this genre is so underrepresented on the board for the quality of some of the mixes such as this. We need more Wiley Metals, Ironsword Foundry, and Time Punks!!!
  4. i forgot about the black rabite. I'm not 100% sure, but i think i beat him. I definitely fought him, but I don't know if i won or not...
  5. Whereas I'd say it's one of the best remixes on OCR. This definitely takes a back seat to Gux's Wily Metal, but I think it's a great remix. I'm sick of techno and dance.
  6. Granted it isn't the most well played remix, but I much prefer this over even the best techno/trance/house/dance etc remix.
  7. I'm always glad when a remix of this song comes out because it too is my favorite megaman song. Great song and highly recommended.
  8. I thought i was watching a bombing scene from Dr Strangelove at first but then it broke into Frog's theme and it was god. Johnny would be very proud of this.
  9. This is probably my single favorite remix. I'm a huge fan of the minibosses, but this remix is so perfect I'm not sure they have a better one. I'm especially fond of metal remixes and this one rocked my life to pieces.
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