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  1. LOVE it. it has that rock with some electronica in it which is just what the doctor ordered
  2. OMg this is THE best rockface rumble mix ive ever heard. its sooo catchy and the beats are so clean and it a fresh electronic take on the mix. i love it and im gonna listen to it forever. YOU sir have done the greatest justice to this song ever!
  3. OMg this is such a good tune though music could be a slight bit louder bit thats really only complaint but otherwise its rocking and cool take on the song!
  4. Wow this sound is just ear candy in a good way. its catchy, and playful at the same time and i love it. consider this forever downloaded for such a GOOD song!
  5. Just sayin but in this one you cut the song off alittle too short by like 5-6 seconds entirely but other then that its a VERY solid song kinda techy at parts which i love maybe instead of just cutting out you could have just slowly lowered it in volume till the ending of the song like a fade out sort.
  6. LOVE this mix right here man. you have done some VERY good things with this one. But i feel the chimes are maybe a tad loud over the main music not that its bad and you also maybe end the song alittle too quickly with a few seconds of quiet at the end as well.. Its ALL good definately faved for life
  7. Hey people i dont know if you know this already but...harmonyofheroes.net has FINALLY released their album for super smash bros so GO GET IT!
  8. Rock the plank...MORE LIKE rock the ears. this song is so bone chillin awesome i LOVE this theme from the game and its tempo is just killin.
  9. Now im not sure if im allowed to post this here but i found a sweet bubble bobble song that just melts the heart and a video to go with it! enjoy!
  10. Too me the beginning of this song feels kinda children like honestly and it should have been taken out and replaced with what the rest of the song is.
  11. I dont know if anyone notices but we need some remixes from this fun like heck game called snowboard kid and i would love to hear a remix from my favorite track called big snowman mountain.
  12. I'd like someone to do a remix of donkey kong country returns Music Madness stage! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzF79H23By8
  13. Hey would anyone be willing to work on some advanced wars music cause i sorely miss that game!
  14. Hey is anyone willing to do some remixes with the world ends with you espically the one called someday. heres the song would greatly apperciate some other soundtrack remixes from this game too
  15. Love this mix it sounds straight out of something the magical quest staring mickey mouse or whatever its call and its soooo addicting keep up the good work i've listened to it 100 times already!
  16. Ok now here's something we all can agree is there anyone willing to make remixes from the soundtracks of the superscope games like the lazerblazer and blastris i dunno if mole patrol would be any good. And maybe battleclash soundtrack too?
  17. This is actually a good waltz remix heck if i ever get married i will use it as my wedding dance
  18. Is there anyone out there willing enough to do stage one of darius twin and maybe a few others as well.
  19. This is a great remix honestly nad i say keep goin with it! i'd download it and tell all my friends bout it!.
  20. I dunno bout this remix....i kinda find alittle too....kiddyish i would have maybe perfered something thats true to the wild arms nature like it actually maybe being more westerned themed.
  21. Ok just a note i LOVE the soundtracks but noticed a few tracks in the bonus time! disc have their sound qaulity abit lower then the rest of the tracks even with my current music player at max volume they still sound rather low.
  22. This is a BEAUTIFUL remix of a metroid song i deeply deeply love.
  23. is there someone willing to do metroid fusion sector 4 just been listening to it constantly lately.
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