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  1. DAMN was the beginning of the game slow as all hell, but thankfully learning everything as I went through levels was easy and fun, and the main quest story lines are pretty decent as well. One thing I HATE about FFXIV at the moment is the dungeons and the requirement to complete them to progress through the story. If you're familiar with dungeons, you need a tank, a healer, and 2 DPS classes to enter a dungeon (either by duty finder or self-made party). Unless you're a healer/tank, it's going to take a long time to find a party through duty finder depending on time of day. I've waited in queue for over half an hour as a lancer and I still haven't been able to progress through my story because of it. Other than that, game is fun.
  2. If it's comparable to a Radeon HD 7850 (retail $160-$180) than now I'm starting to wonder how they'll manage to pull a profit from the consoles.
  3. Oh lord dat PNG The hardware on the PS4 looks solid, although I'm really scratching my head on the GPU being used. Not too excited about the launch day line-up of games though.
  4. IGN: MuredMoogle If you wanna practice a certain lane or screw around in ARAM, 5's or Dominion I'd be more than happy to join in. I play a mean fiddle(sticks).
  5. muredmoogle

    Diablo III

    I really should get back into D3 to see how they've addressed the stupidly huge discrepancy between Act 1 and Act 2 of Inferno Mode. I've spent many hours chain-farming Act 1 in hopes I would get actually decent gear but no matter what upgrades I got, I would always get decimated by the Act 2 mobs Although, this was roughly a year ago so I have faith the devs have done something about that small issue.
  6. Dangit Larry, my wallet got lighter. Best of luck with the project!
  7. Sounds like every other beat-em-up kinda game I've played. As long as the bosses are hard and I have something to do for a good 20 hours I'm sold.
  8. It's fun going to a Gamestop. Usually nice employees who are comfortable to speak with, knowledgeable with their jobs and always handles things in a professional tone and manner. Can't stand the shit-head customers Gamestop seems to attract though.
  9. You tease In all seriousness, this year is going to get bombarded with albums at this rate. Can't wait
  10. Fiora's kit is designed for her to explode into a puddle of mud as soon as she comes into contact with CC. Unless you can either mitigate incoming CC and damage(or dodge whatever flies at you) you're about as useless as a minion, especially given that Fiora has no CC skills to begin with. At the least if you are to play the bruiser role you'd be able to last long enough to focus an important target down if you can time your Burst of Speed CD and Blade Waltz correctly until you finally go down. Having pure damage items and playing the role of AD melee carry means that as soon as you go in, you're on your own because she has no means to escape (see Talon and his silence/slow/ultimate). If you get caught, you will explode unless you can outrun or flash out of the way. Just like any of the other champs, Fiora can be anything you feel like playing. Throwing any champ into any category is pointless.
  11. I usually build her Attack Speed/Tank Please dont hurt me
  12. Brb, going to kick my own ass for hesitating on contributing to the kickstarter
  13. Awwwwwwww sheeeeeeeit one smack down after the other against the Xbone.
  14. soo...was Assassins Creed bugging out or was it just my stream? O_o
  15. I believe so far... - You buy game, download it to your XBOX HDD and register it to your XBOX live account. - Friend borrows CD, has to pay full price (according to sources by Blue Magic in earlier posts) and than has to register through XBOX live and download to own HDD. So both you and your friend have a registered game under your accounts downloaded to your individual HDD's and that should be it. The CD is useless unless someone else also wants the full game to buy. According to Angry Joe's rant, you don't have to keep an internet connection onto your XBOX BUT they do have to keep check with the internet at least once every 24 hours to make sure the registered user is on their own account. Anybody correct me if I'm wrong, which i'm sure I am
  16. Metal collab with Brandon with them haiku's? yes? On topic: I never realized how much work goes into an OCremix album. Thank you Zirc and pals for your hard work
  17. By retail, you mean a physical copy out of a Gamestop? You still have to go through Steam to activate it?
  18. As expected, full price. Maybe if the price shaved a few dollars it may help sell quite a few copy's to make up for a reduced mark-up. Would buying an XBOXUNO be worth it if one physical disk from a friend could be used as a cheaper way to get games? Maybe, but with a limited lineup of games set for the the console (for now), well that's up to you to decide. As a PC-chump I can't ever see myself buying an XBOXOne given the circumstances. EDIT: Make more music. Please?
  19. You mean this guy? I believe he's part of the friendly monsters side-quest.
  20. Always been a fan of Snappleman and norg's collabs, and seeing them add a 40 minute song on an already exciting up-coming album? I cant wait at all for the album to come out
  21. Imagine seeing this little guy for the first time. Now imagine this cute little angry-faced sheep thing summon comets, spew viruses, and kick out party members from the battle. So adorably terrifying, I guarantee you'll be laughing your head off from your party getting devastated from a Yan. Than there's this guy. EDIT: Any idea how to make pictures smaller? these guys are HUGE!
  22. It's either Blasto for the PS1 or E.T 2600 for the...well...Atari 2600.
  23. There's something about collecting cards in video games that keeps me awake at night With that being said, I still can't wrap my head around how Tetra works.
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