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  1. You are merely taking minimalism to a whole new level. Deep, man.
  2. He could always rename it to Shnabubula Presents Zone of the Enders Game. Anyway great music, very nice.
  3. This takes me to a place that I do not wish to leave. Well done.
  4. This remix certainly does justice to what has always been one of my favorite MegaMan themes. The musicianship and production are absolutely splendid. The content of the lyrics is irrevelant to me, as this is a video game remix. I felt the usage of the vocals was very well-conceived, as the alterations in tempo worked quite well, and they faded in and out at just the right times (specifically near the end of the song). I consider this to be a very fine mix. I must say I'm amused at anyone who said they couldn't find the original theme within the remix, as they must have somehow skipped past the nearly 2-minute instrumental that is almost an exact recreation of the original theme.
  5. There are great number of quality mixes on OCR, but few of them earn the distinction of being classified as beautiful. This is one of those mixes.
  6. This mix is very tight and fast-paced, much like other things from Gecko that I thorougly enjoyed, such as his recent Sonic CD mix. The only real "problem" with it is that this track has been remixed so many times that it is impossible to listen to without comparing the differences between this and other remixes of this track -- most notably DiscoDan's.
  7. The future is determined, but the past is forever shifting.
  8. History can be conquered as easily as any land.
  9. Further proof that a mix can break the 5-minute plateau and still be too short -- because I didn't want this to ever end. Absolutely gorgeous.
  10. Normally I dislike anything that even slightly resembles trance music, though this mix is certainly an exception. The arrangement in this piece is fantastic, and the repetition is more than acceptable because there's so many minute alterations in the background, many of which only become noticeable during repeated listens. At about 2:58, it becomes quite apparent that this is the work of DiscoDan, as he uses an effect very similar to the one used throughout his SnakeManGetDown mix. This is indeed a mix of great quality.
  11. This remix wasn't everything I had hoped for, which is a pity, as Contra remixes are sadly few and far between. It wasn't the repetition itself that bothered me, but the fact that the mix is a short one makes the repetition all the more glaring. There doesn't seem to be any real notable part of the mix that makes it especially worthy of listening to again. Also, as a side note: This isn't Contra's boss music, but rather the music to the 3-D stages, Levels 2 and 4.
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