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  1. Here's my pick: 1. Rudy Roughknight (Wild ARMs) 2. Max (Dark Cloud 2) 3. Professor Layton
  2. So, I've finally decided to go ahead and register on the site after years of merely downloading and enjoying what OCR had to offer. I've been a fan of the site since '02, during OCR's previous version, when a friend of mine showed me McVaffe's "Cammy's London Drizzle" and CotMM's "Magus (Decay of Hope)". After that, I found this place, liked what I found, and have been downloading since. I had some ideas for possible ReMixes of my own to submit, but work, and doubt in my own ability, kept me from really doing anything about it, or even bothering to make an account here. Fast-forward over a decade: I'm currently working on a BS in Computer Science, but I'm planning on changing schools and switching to a double major in Computer Science (Programming) and Music (Composition) in the near-future. I'm a complete remixing n00b, but I have written some original stuff using Sibelius. I play trumpet mainly, and a little piano, but I've been out of practice for quite a while and I'm working on getting my old skills back. I hope to be able to submit something here in the near future. Anyway, I'm happy to finally join the community. I look forward to learning a lot from those who have ReMixed before me. -Jei