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  1. Dude, your new Undertale EP is amazing! *0* "Master of Dummies" really caught me off guard - such brass, much funky <3 As soon as I get some money, I'll certainly buy the EP on Google Play :)

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    2. Black_Doom


      Sadly, Spotify isn't available in Russia :( That sucks, meh.

    3. WillRock


      Google Play? Try any streaming service. It should be on most of them.

    4. Black_Doom


      Well, I've already listened to it via Bandcamp a few times, but, as I mentioned earlier, I'm gonna buy it ASAP ;)

  2. С днём рождения!

  3. Nice track on the Sound of the Sonic Stadium '15! :)

  4. Hey, happy B-day!

  5. Добрый вечер, Михаил ;) Ещё раз спасибо за предоставление возможности поучаствовать в жизни группы :)

  6. Hey, Doug, the dealine is today! Hope you have a WIP :)

  7. Damn, dude, I've gotta say that your new version of PROWD is so freakin' awesome. It's already my favotite track from SZRC'14 and the remastered version from "Spindash" album is even more incredible! Keep it up, man! :nicework:

  8. Yo, Jordan! The first dealine is today. Hope you'll appear here today. I also hope you have a WiP for me. Cheers~

  9. Don't even try to disappear! The first deadline is approaching, :)

  10. Your PM box is full. Just sayin'

  11. Forgive that stupid guy, please D:

  12. Happy Birthay, Callum!

  13. С днём рождения :)

  14. Hey, what's happened to that G-Mixer guy? :o

  15. Anyway, I had lovely time there. I haven't seen my friends since I scalded my leg, so I was glad to meet them. And, sure, there are a lot of other compos to take part in :)

  16. Duh... My team took 4th place on that compo :( Like your track almost passed judges panel, my team almost passed the lowest border of solved problems, that are enough to take at least 3rd place :D

  17. Progus Bunansa is awesome :) But I'm not just enjoying it. It also gave name for my team on programming compo. Lol. I hope this is ok :P

  18. Hello! Just wanna warn that I've set the deadlines for my project. Also, Today's the last day of the first claiming period. Wanna claim something?

  19. Hi! Did you get my PM?

  20. Oh, sorry, I wanted to post this in another guy's profile :)

  21. Just a question: how can I name you in the project? Probably wOrm?

  22. Hi! Did you get my PM?

  23. Metropolis is your. :)