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  1. he's not a random guy, he's the guy that puts these shows together and so far he's done a pretty great job.
  2. OSV reports that the decision not to record the performance was the decision of Thomas Boecker, producer of the Spielmusikkonzerte series. He says he wants to focus on the live concert aspect of the production—whatever the hell that means.
  3. This concert is 100% newly scored material and covers tracks from the games that have never orchestrated before. This is not one of those completely redundant pieces of crap where they play one winged angel for the millionth time. The many albums you mention can't be compared to this concert which seeks to deviate from their monotony. I am not specifically complaining about the lack of free livestreaming or whatever. My concern is that the majority of people who want to hear this work it will never get to experience it in any form. I am loath to this sort of online back and forth but if an ongoing discussion brings this issue to the attention of a few more people then it's worth it.
  4. Look I didn't exactly choose my words carefully but so what, it's an emotional response and we all know the circumstances that elicited it. I'm not saying FF music should be public domain I'm saying if there's beautiful music and people want to purchase an album of it... jesus christ, why are we even talking about this FINAL FATNASY MUSIC FANS HAVE BEEN KICKED IN THE BALLS
  5. The general apathy towards this event astounds me. With the hoards of FF fans going to see Distant Worlds to hear the same arrangements over and over again, you'd think some of them would care about the fact that they're missing out on brand new orchestral renditions of tracks like Shadow's theme, The Coin Song, Cyan's Theme, Mako Reactor, Cid's theme, Cosmo Canyon, People of the North Pole, Battle with Seymour... I could go on.
  6. It seems like if the fans kick and scream about this, someone will do something. Unfortunately, precious few know about this concert, and even less of those people understand the issues of its availability. I am so pissed I could punch the moon. THE PUBLIC SHOULD HAVE RIGHTS TO THE MATERIALS OF ITS OWN CULTURE
  7. You mean they weren't licensed by Square Enix when they did Fantasies and Odysseys? If this is because of SE, I am never buying another one of their products again (okay, so I already don't buy their games, but it's the thought that counts).
  8. Spielmusikkonzerte released a statement today that there will be no livestream of Final Symphony. There won't even be so much as a recording of the event for possible future release. Given the precedent set by Symphonic Fantasies and Symphonic Odysseys, this is an outrage to fans.
  9. Out of morbid curiosity, I looked to see if there were any traces of my ill-conceived ff7 musical project still on the internet. To my surprise, I found this thread (, among *other* things.

    I have long since deleted the mp3s from my hard drive out of embarrassment, but it's been so long now that I wish to hear the tracks again for the sake of humoring old memories and being able laugh at myself.

    In short: do you still have the mp3s I made?

    <3 frollo

  10. I deleted the files from my computer a long time ago, so we'll just have to hope that one of my adoring fans still has them
  11. My musical is so amazing that they featured it on the 4/16/08 installment of GFW radio. "In the hands of the wrong person, this [... ]could be used as a compelling argument for eugenics." -- user comment "This...can't be real right? No one can actually think this sounds good, right? This is sub-drunken Journey Karaoke singing. I can't turn away." -- another user comment
  12. the links are dead. I demand you reupload the files so the world can hear the staggering genius of my musical.
  13. This is pretty nice. though can you beleive that we sit through the same loop for over a minute! The opening had me half expecting the tune "popcorn" to come in! Hmmm...that would be an interesting amalgam: Flash man and popcorn...
  14. Sil: Mahler and Goldsmith? Can't wait to hear the future arrangements! Nice to see more vgm fans are orchestrally seasoned beyond John Williams. Dracofire: The Car horns! beautiful interpretation. I thought it was the proverbial "Cry of the planet." See, now that's narration!!! Looks like this piece is getting better with age, as more people offer their interpretations.
  15. I am going to have to step in and say a few things. I don't consider this to be as good as the Reunion arrangements like some are saying (What, are you out of your mind?) nor am I going to harp on it for being "chaotic" and such. I am really curious how many of these there will be. Given the scope of this thing (this suite only includes only the material of the 1st track on the ost) I'd say that there wouold at least have to be a dozen before the game is fully represented. That said... This is one remix that takes all the conventions of videogame musi and throws them out the windows. The lack of reiteratrion (vgm is composed so that it loops, while "real" music is not) and the surprising inclusion of non-thematic, stylistically coherent original material amidst undeveloped inklings of NU's themes (Remember, in a video game, every track is practically it's own theme, while a film score will only have a few themes scattered about in barious forms). The result is that this is without a doubt the most successful remix in acheiving it's own narration. Other remixes try to link images or story to the music but only this remix knows how to do that. Even most VGM orchestral albums don't do this (not that it's a bad thing) with the exception of FF6 grand finale (although the orchestrated version of Aeris' theme managed to be narrative, despite a complete lack of the aforementioned "original" melody that frees a piece of music out of it's videogame asthetics) The end of Robon's piece, at least to me, clearly narrates the meeting of Coud and Aeris after the bombing mission (or at least the aftermath among the rubble prior to their meeting) in which the lifestream theme (heard among the opening ambience that is associated with Aeris' face) is hinted at in a subtle minor-key reprise beneath a shroud of mesmerizing original composition, which blends seamlessly with the source material. I have meditated on such a style of ff7 remix but hadn't the talent to pull it off. Russell says that the music after 4:15 seems to die, but I think that it is the music after 4:15 that makes the piece such a revolutionary remix. I hope that it continues in this direction, and as a narrative remix, continues through the various themes at this pace, telling a significant chunk of ff7's story (Which like I said before, would need at least a dozen parts) not like this will happen, but I can dream.
  16. This is one of my favorite OC remixes ever (my other favs include "Terra in black", Prozax's Rainbow Road, and "Funky pills") I can't believe that there aren't more people adoring it. It's original. it's creative, it's respectful, it's not electronic, it's clean, it's smooth, it's rich, it's laid back, it's gentle, it expands upon the original... I could go on and on. I love Klutz's work, and I hope he does more songs that I know (like this one). And the chords are creative. People bitch about the so called "wrong chord" in the beginning, but I think it's jazzy and adds character.
  17. "Was It green? Oh! It was so green! Wait! What kind of green? Oh! a christmas green..." --There are three levels of meaning to this little riddle. Most people will probably only uncover two at the most.