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frollo's FF7: The Musical

Hey all.

I was talking to zircon awhile back about his Final Fantasy 7 ReMix project, and mentioned that back in 2003 a forum member by the name of frollo attempted to create "FF7: The Musical." Zircon said he didn't know about it, and I imagine a lot of you weren't around to hear this great body of work either, so here's the story:

He had created a series of "demos" of basically him signing original lyrics over several OST songs in the guises of the game's characters. His plan was to then hold auditions for the various characters and do a proper recording and, I guess, ultimately release it.
However, when he created the thread about it and recorded and released his first demo,
"Ode to Green (Main Theme)"
He was ridiculed. A lot. (Once you hear it, you'll hear why ;) .)

But still he insisted it was a demo, and not to judge the quality but the content (which I was one of the only who did). He soon releasing more songs, albeit no longer imitating the characters:
"Cosmo Canyon"
"It Must Be Love (Interrupted by Fireworks)"
"Role Playing Games (Cait Sith's Theme)"
"Anxious Heart"

These too were ridiculed in their own ways. He got a lot of shit for that blast of mic feedback in "Anxious Heart" and that ending of "Cosmo Canyon." He said he would be doing the voice for Cait Sith himself, and I guess that there really wasn't half bad.

Not too long after this came the blowing-off-steam joke track: "Jenova Rap". And the last 2 tracks he posted before dissapearing were:
"The Story of Sepiroth (part 1)"
"Die Judicii (Judgement Day)"

These are some of the weakest tracks in the project, imo. Really don't know what to say about them...

I don't know where frollo is now; his lasts posts ( are from the end of 2003. I think he had a good thing going thematically with this project--not the greatest thing ever, but interesting nonetheless--but could never get it off the ground. Ah well, enjoy these MP3s either again or for the first time.

PS. Each of his song postings were accompanied by lyrics in the thread, which I transposed first into the song comment fields, then the iTunes "lyrics" information tab once they came out with that. Let me know if there are any problems, K?

Edit: The links above are dead, but all the files are now contained in a zip:


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...did I stumble into OLR?
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Yeah, I definitely remember that - I was saddened greatly when I heard the results. Note that he talked about his ideas as ideas long before he'd shown any results, and I thought the idea of writing a musicalization of an OST, especially such a classic one as FF7, sounded pretty brilliant. I'm all about weird genre-bending of precisely that sort - but only if the results are good. Suffice it to say, his lyrics weren't that great, and his mockups were unlistenable.

I'm still sad, though - it would have been fun, had it been masterminded by someone with some talent. And I still haven't used my recording equipment for anything exciting (not that I had any of that at the time; at the time, I would have been recording on a 5$ piece of crap).
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I highly enjoyed, especially It Must Be Love. There's probably nothing in the world that could have woke me up this abruptly so early in the morning aside from maybe a kick to the genitals, but I prefer this kicking to my mind's genitals anyways.
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I was a friend of his back when he was doing that project.

he wanted me to do something for it.

We were buddies on an off right up until he died.
(actually I have no evidence supporting him having died, he just disappeared from the face of the planet. Tired of ridicule, and discovering something dreadful about his health he sank into depression and left the internet.)

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I just listened to the first this some kind of joke?
No Sig.
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I can't believe I just listened to all these. It's like watching some spectacular car accident - you just can't look away.
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oh God I remember when he had auditions posted on some voice acting site i used to go to; i sent in a sample too because i totally thought this project would be wicked bitchin.

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Old 08-31-2010, 06:07 AM
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the links are dead. I demand you reupload the files so the world can hear the staggering genius of my musical.
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