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  1. One thing in Unseal I noticed is that it's very very close to what's played in the game but it uses rock band instruments and incorporates a style closer to rock e.g. The arpeggios in "credits" at the beginning of Lttp are 1st, 5th, then a 3rd+5th an octave higher [which is actually the same in "Dearly beloved"] for the first chord [C]. But in "unseal" it sounds a lot like it's just strummed on a guitar as a 1st and 5th repetitively, as many rock bands tend to do.

    the sound quality and mixing are pretty insane. But really all I meant by something like "unseal" but piano was to just do all the songs in order.

    I'm actually no longer a student. But I can always go back to school and check that out. What's TCG? Also thanks for the feedback

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