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  1. The last sequences of Indigo Prophecy were really anticlimactic. Maybe I played it wrong, but no last boss should be exactly like the challenges the player has faced already.
  2. I always log in as the admin. This time was no different. I don't know if that's pertinent. Your plan sounds like it could work. I'll check it out and get back to you.
  3. For reference, I'm using my stepdad's computer to type this. His computer is connected directly to the Internet. Mine has a wireless connection. A few days ago, I cold-booted my computer to get rid of a game of Uplink. I wouldn't have done this had Uplink disappeared from the screen, but every time I tried to quit the game, the screen would freeze. I had done this a few times before, so I figured that nothing would happen. I was wrong. This time, I rebooted my computer to find that all of the documents and files in My Documents and My Pictures had disappeared, that Steam, Uplink, and several programs had disappeared, and that my Internet connection no longer worked properly. I use the D-Link AirPlus Configuration Utility, and no matter which settings I tried, I would not be able to connect. On the one time that I was able to connect, none of my Internet browsers worked. They refused to get me online. Even though the configuration utility is from D-Link, my current wireless router is a 2.4 GHz Linksys Wireless G. At the moment, my connection configuration (which does not work) has open authorization, and WEP encryption with a 128-bit key. I have tried to be as thorough as possible to lay bare the errors I have made. If anyone can help me out here, that would be great. If I have missed anything, please ask me and I'll get the information for you.
  4. I could have better phrased what I said. First off, I agree with you. I listen to a lot more rock and jazz than classical music. I'm trying to get into some Shostakovitch at the moment, but that's really it. However, I think that saying that art is totally subjective depreciates the effort and intelligence it takes to write a good piece of classical music as opposed the effort and intelligence it takes to write a good three-chord Ramones song. Of course, lots of luck has to be thrown into the equation as well. And effort varies...Mozart could dust off sonatas in a day or so, while some rock writers aren't very prolific at all. Sorry for waffling.
  5. Are we judging pop music's quality just on our own enjoyment of it, or on some perceived "objective" standard? Because if it's the latter, western classical music wins. It's far more complex and well thought out than most other forms of music--if there's a music more complex, tell me about it. I'd love to hear it. However, that's not how I judge it. I'd rather listen to a good song than worry about what genre it's in. Pop music, like all music, has its good examples and its many bad examples.
  6. I see your Stormtrooper Law and raise you the Evil Overlord list: http://www.eviloverlord.com/lists/overlord.html
  7. Still doesn't beat making your own music.
  8. Punks and hippies get closer and closer together with every passing year. I wonder why. All kidding aside, I agree with the sentiment.
  9. Just in case I get to Chicago some day, is Rolling Stone related to the magazine at all?
  10. I'd like to join the OCA. Ruler name: Domukaz Country name: Generica Location: Virginia Team color: Orange Currently trading cattle and marble. I don't know enough about the game to ask for anything in particular.
  11. Very good. It's catchy and it suits the Chrono series (though I've never heard anything from Radical Dreamers), and that makes it an excellent rock instrumental.
  12. I was listening to the Stone Roses, and I gotta say the intro to "Made of Stone" sounds a lot like this one arpeggio from this remix. Though they're completely different tracks, of course.
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