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  1. Earthworm Jim 2 'Wormaphobic Disorder' I can't think of a simgle Protricity song I haven't liked. This definitely continues the trend. There's so much attention to detail here that it's simply amazing. BTW, sorry djpretzel, but I couldn't see how that breakdown sounded at all like R2... maybe a little, but not enough to really draw the comparison. It *was* cool though
  2. Perfect Dark 'Deploy' Well, djpretzel summed up my own thoughts on this pretty well. it's cool, but the guitar sample and the robotic voice drug it down a bit. Still, It's worth a listen.
  3. Bomberman II 'Bomberfuzz' While I didn't like it as much as djpretzel obviously did, I still really enjoyed this. I personally thought a few of the voice samples got old, though for the most part they were used more tastefully than voice samples usually are! Props to Fuzz for that alone. As djpretzel said in his write-up, highly recommended.
  4. Man... this starts out with so much potential, but it never really goes anywhere with it. If I were doing this, I would keep the first time around exactly how it is, with the piano doing its thing and some softer instruments soing stuff over it. The second time around, though, I'd have those other instruments become louder and take center stage, then bring the piano to the foreground for the end. That's just me, though. Oh, and I think this song could relly benefit from some well-placed bass. Not some thumping, overpowering synthy thing, but just something to flesh out the sonic spectrum. It sounds OK right now, but this is one of those instances where I think it could really easily improve. So no for now, but I'd encourage the artist to revisit the song and re-submmit since this has a lot of potential.
  5. This is one of those songs where I know Pretzel had his reasons for putting it here, but I really gotta wonder why it's in the judging panel. I also have to wonder why it's just now finding it's way to Overclocked, seeing as how I got it on RPGamer about a year ago... But whatever. As you can probably tell, I love this mix. In fact, it's probably my favorite rendition of the Chocobo theme that I've heard. I can't bring myself to pick it apart and criticize it, so all I can do at this point is say hell yes!
  6. Thanks pretzel. This is kinda cool! I'm liking those sound effects - they add a lot to the song, though I can't put my finger on what. For my money I would have liked something a little longer, a little more dynamic, and a little more drum heavy (I kept expecting the drums to break out, but I guess that wasn't the point of the mix). The overall effect is good, though. Yes
  7. Well, this remix brings up one of my biggest pet peeves: reixes that are structured like OST songs. They may not be exactly like the OST version, but they loop twice then fade out just like they were on the OST. Granted, this has a real ending, but the loop still really bugs me. Add some variation, people! But that brought up the question: how different is this from the OST? The answer is: it's exactly the same, only better samples and some drums. It enhances the song, yes, but does something like that really belong on the site? I'm tempted to say no, but I want to think about it some and see what the other judges say. This is one remix that I'm really not sure about.
  8. I can't download it, the window closes as soon as I hit the "save" button... How odd...
  9. Listening... The intro is too long, especially since I'm not too keen on that sample. Still listening... Ok, this is another one of those mixes where what's going on with the drums and bass really fights with the leads and the backup. The constant distorted bass really drowns out the other softer instruments. I'm not sure it's even playing the right notes! And the whole thing just sounds too empty. No
  10. About early July i submitted a Star Fox remix (In A Dark Room With A Thousand Metal Polygons), and it doesn't appear on the "Currently in the judging process" list posted in the judging forum at OC. I was wondering if it was rejected without my knowledge, or just didn't make the list through oversight. Any reply would be satisfactory! There was a little bit of a problem when i submitted it, as the ever-strong server that i put the file up on went down immediately after i posted the file. I re-submitted it, and even got a new canned reply mail (the same i got the first time) If it got messed up somehow, or the second mail trashed and the file thought to be a goner, said file should still be where i left it so you may download it here. When downloaded, just rename and chop off the ".foralli" extension. It's simply to fool the server into not displaying a "download this file" page. (If i wanted to download the file from a page, i'd have built a download page myself, sheesh!) Thanks, and i look forward to a reply either way! -Mike Ps: it was submitted under the name "Wolf" as a remixer id, even though i go by "TimberWolf" on the message board. Either is fine, "Wolf" was just already registered on the board. Edit - The title of this remix is actually "In a dark room with a thousand metal polygons", and the artist has informed me that he doesn't want it abbreviated. The topic will remain the same since saying "a thousand" doesn't fit. =/
  11. Well, the samples aren't that great, but what makes them worse is that a lot of them seem to be panned hard right or hard left. Though some attempt is made to balance it it's still kind annoying to listen to. Messy section around :53. I think the strings are hitting some bad notes. Plucked strings around 1:34 do some ugly stuff that I'm not really liking. The ending, though adequate, could use some more thought. And the whole thing could use some post-processing - reverb, EQ, that sort of stuff. All in all, I think this remix has great potential, and I would love to see it re-submitted with a little more work put into it. But for now, there's just too many "woulds coulda shoulda's" for me to post it. No
  12. Hi orkybash, I've submitted 3 remixes to overclocked, the first of which happened early in july..I believe they were originally submitted via this email account or ...I first submitted via email and have since then put them on a web page. My login name is goat and the 3 submissions are at The link called Ninja Gaiden Sad is for the song called "Sudden Loss." This is the one I'd like to have reviewed first. Game - Ninja Gaiden Title - Sudden Loss Credit to "goat" (my OC Remix user name) if you decide it's worthy. Another one that got emailed to me because it's been months since they submitted them
  13. Well, to me the arrangement seemed a tad simplistec, but near the end it get very expressive and I enjoyed it muchly.
  14. Yeah, I don't see why this got sent to the judges. But, who am I to question what DJ Pretzel decides to send us? Anyway, it's a great piano tune, and it's by a great remixer. The only problem is... IT'S FF6!!!!!1 WE HAVE TOO MANY FF6 REMIXIES ALREADY!!!!!!!11 Hell yes
  15. Well, I really would have liked to hear something... more here. All this has in it are drums, the lead, and some bass sound I can barely hear. On the plus side, the drums are pretty interesting, but I just don't think there's enough here to warrent posting. Maybe if it were extended, the bass made louder, a few instruments added, and some aspects periodically changed up, I'd vote yes. but for now, No
  16. here is a link to my yahoo group. i dont know if your familiar with groups in yahoo, but everyone seems to have problems with yahoo groups, but i think it is because they join the over populated ones that spam you to hell. I have not yet shown anybody this group, unless they searched yahoo and actually join but i think its empty so you wont have to worry about your email filling up, or any problems people worry about with joining something. Yes you heard right, join. You dont pay or anything like that, you just click a couple links and you are a member, then you can download the mix i tell you i want judged, and then if you dont feel like being a member anymore you click a couple more links and your not a member anymore. its so easy but some people here jumped down my throat thinking they were joining a webring, or a site, or something spamming or costing. its really a walk in the park, no problems. Also i was planning on having a sort of alter ego here, and this is kind of my more breakbeaty, random, and experimental side. I want the remix credited to "the unkown breakbeater" thats the link. go to the top right somewhere and it says join group, you go to the bottom of the next page and it says complete membership or join or something like that. then after you've joined the links on the left side should become available. Click the one that says files and i suggest the first two you listen to are the mario hiphop and the ninja gaiden super extendo one. Those two are what I consider the best there speaking in a more properly well done mix way. But you dont have many astyanax remixes here, so i also suggest both of them. And the mario crazy breakbeat, which i am sure will not be accepted, but if it does it will take the place as most breakbeating, most crazy song here. Its just that crazy. But you can just listen to whatever ones you like. ONE LAST THING, to get my music, right click and save as. If you just regular click and use explorer or netscape or windows to stream it, it for some reason reduces the sound quality measurably, it alters the tempo a slight bit randomly, and it usually doesnt allow for the whole song. Anything you can do for me i greatly appreciate. I will maybe if one of these is accepted into judging, after a week or two submit with my usual dj andrew lee name. But i will wait and see how things go. I PMed him and told him to chosoe one, and he said Mario Hiphop. And btw, I notified him that he won't be able to use two names like he was planning to.
  17. Ohh, it's industiral! No... it's orchestral with bad distortion! No... I gess it's industrial after all. Wait, no... This mix wanders through several different ideas without really figuring out what it wants to be. The distorted drums don't work underneath mellow instruments like that. Later on, a mellower beat comes in, but it's too late in the song for the new drum beat to do anything - I really wanted to hear it take off. But instead the song abruptly ends. It's OK, I suppose, but left me feeling "WTF is this?" I'm really torn on this one, but overall I think I have to say no.
  18. crap... hmm. ok i submitted chrono cross mix a while back (got e-mail confirmation on august 13). you know what the deal is on it? i am thinking it might be lost in the flow somewhere, especially since it was on vgmix meaning the filename and ID3 tags would have to be changed. if for some reason this is a problem, i could try and submit it to cotmm through the chatroom (ala DCC... that is if he's got it working yet) or we could work something else out. just... don't want it to get lost again :/ that should work. I'll vote later, once I'm home from school and on to a computer that actually has a soundcard =/
  19. This ain't half bad! It's dirty, but somehow it manages to rub me the right way. That is, all of it except for the voice samples did. They really started to get on my nerves. But I like what's here even with the samples enough to vote yes.
  20. Terranigma 'Blue' Cool, Terrangma! That was my fist reaction, anyway. To be honest, I thought this was a nice remix, but it could use a little work. It tends to sound pretty muddy - some panning should clear things up a bit. also, I noticed a couple missed notes in the background. But for a first submission done entirely on free software, this ain't half bad!
  21. Hello. :3 I submitted a Bomberman remix to OC on the 25th of July - and it didn't appear on your list of things to be judged?... (I put a hyperlink there, cos sometimes it just opens in IE or doesn't work with a direct link to the file).. I filled out the ID3 tags and did everything I think I should have - but if there's something else I should have done - let me know.. Also on the original message I said my webpage was www.wooxle.co.uk but that site doesn't work anymore. Could please swap it for um.. my email is rikfuzz@hotmail.com and remixer name is "Fuzz" n.n; Oh one thing I didn't mention before... The voice samples are from the Playstation version of the game.. But it's the same tune as was in the very original NES game. So I'm not sure what console you'd put it for - but I think the tune has probably been on most consoles in some form.. n.n; Well thanks a lot. ^^; Sorry to write such a long email, but please let me know if my remix has been rejected or just lost or whatever is happening. :3 Not sure specifically which game this tune's from, so I just called it 'bomberman.' Corrections would be apppreciated
  22. Magical Drop III 'Enigmatic Lunacy' This is a nice dance track. Though the chord progression stays the same the whole time, it takes that progression and builds all sorts of stuff on top of it which kept it fresh (though that piano still started to get on my nerves near the end). Nice use of voice samples, too. All in all, it's kinda short, but it's fun.
  23. Dragon Warrior 'Hail to the Throne' This is a solid, if a tad repetitive, tune. But unfortunately, for some reason I wasn't able to get as into it as I'm sure most people will. I'm starting to think that there's some games (Dragon Warrior being one of theme) whose music you can't really get into without having it drilled into your head by playing the game. Regardless, this really is a good remix, and if you played the game I'm sure you'd really enjoy it.
  24. Mega Man 2 'The Tallest Building' Do I hear an intro inspired by the Preylude? =P (That's Mustin's Prelude on PMM for those of you who aren't in the know ^^) Intentional or not, it works well here, and it's nice to hear some stuff from starla that isn't pure Chiptune. It quickly turns into he patented analogue style, though, and is actually by far my favorite song she's done in that style. So yeah, get it.
  25. Sonic the Hedgehog 3 'Ice Attack' This is some solid trance here, people. Though I don't have time to rant about the merits of it, I'll just say that it's really enjoyable. That is, if you like trance, but from past experience of the general population at OC that really shouldn't be a problem. ^^ Me likes
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