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  1. I can't listen since I'm on soundcardless computers, but I know this arrangement well enough to say: HELL YES!
  2. Hi, thanks for bearing with me on this one, it has taken me a few days to get to this. Here's the link to the <6mb version. I believe it's about 5.9mb, so it's cutting the line hahahahaha http://dragonneo.com/~spekko/music/spekkosaurus-trial-in-concert.mp3 It's a rearrangement of the Trial track from Chrono Trigger (SNES). There are a few errant notes here and there because it is a live performance, but the kicker is that it's live improvisation which is what i hope will constitute a candidate for posting on OC Remix. I had tinkered with the theme for a while and just sat down one day at the studio and played this 7:50 on a single take. Maybe you want to mention that to the judges or what not, for what it's worth. I appreciate your help on this.
  3. Almost every sample here either sucks to begin with or is used poorly. I'm sitting here wondering when the melody is going to come in, then I hear it in the bells in the background... barely. The ONE time the bells are loud enough to make a statement they have almost all wrong notes. Oh yeah, and a song drops several notches in my book the instant it loops twice then fades out, EXACTLY like most OSTs do. Shows the artist put absolutely no thought into song structure. I honestly see no reason to post this. No
  4. Beautiful. Simply beautiful. If it were me, I'd end it with a restatement of the "simpler" version of the theme just to bring the thing full circle, but that's just me. I honestly can't find any reason not to post this. Yes
  5. Yeah, some parts were questionable, and some transitions were even more questionable. But everything else rocked. i think .05 megs over the submission guidline isn't too much of a problem. Yes
  6. I'm kinda liking, this actually. Very interesting take on the theme. Drum work keeps it from getting too repetative. But alas, it needs an ending. Fix that one thing, resubmit, and you'll get a yes from me. NO
  7. Tremelo is NOT the same as vibrato. Saxes should have the latter and not the former. Seems like you used the former and not the latter, which actually makes the saxes sound more artificial than if you had done nothing to them (though that doesn't mean they aren't bad samples to begin with!) Although it *is* an interesting arrangement, your sample problems kill any enjoyment I could have gotten out of the song. NO
  8. First off, stationMP3/indielaunch will indeed accept >128 btrate MP3s. I'm hosting a long, high bitrate VBR song there right now. Onto the mix, I gotta say this is pretty average starting out, but it has potential... and now the bass and the breakbeat comes in, and I'm definitely liking it. Suggestions... I would have changed up the lead a bit, but it definitly works as it is. Oh yeah, and I'm sure you know how much i hate fade-out endings. But overall, the good outweighs the bad here. Yes
  9. OK, first thing's first: in the original song, the backgound "do-do-do's" don't keep doing the same pattern over and over - they actually change around to reflect changes in the chord structure. So when you keep them on the same pattern (which I don't think is even the right one to begin with), it really clashes. I dunno about that lead synth, it's pretty annoying. So are the drums, which are way too overpowering in my opinion. OK, this is around the 2 minute mark, and it's getting repetative and annoying. *shutting it off* If a song annoys me so much that I have to stop it before it's done, I'd say it's a pretty solid No.
  10. THAT took 6 months to make? I don't like to discourage, but maybe you ought to think about spending your time doing something else... cause this doesn't cut it. It's short and underdeveloped, and what's here isn't worth posting on a "short and sweet" basis. No And if this was a joke, then may God/Pretzel (whoever you believe is more powerful) help your soul.
  11. Does a good jub extending the short original out without being too annoying and repetative. Interesting textures on the lead synth - me likes. Yhe only thing that really rubbed me the wrong way was the dissonance near the end which didn't really seem to fit in. Oh yeah, and the drums could use a little more spunk. But I think it's postable. Yes
  12. Does to Other World what The Best of Final Fantasy 1994-1999 did for Liberi Fatali. namely, it took a perfectly good live song, nixed the vocals, and applied crappy synths to it. I honestly see no redeming quality here. It adds nothing to Otherworld, and it subtracks far too much. NO
  13. Final Fantasy IV 'Leap into the Darkness' Props to DC13 for giving one of the less-covered FF games some attention. I enjoyed this, but I had issues with the transitions, the ending, and (yes) the chiptune part (it provided some good variation, but came in just as I really got into the style before it, which made it's appearance pretty annoying altogether). Overall, a good listen, even if it ain't perfect.
  14. Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 'Fragments of Gold' Best rendition of the Dark World theme yet. Well thought out, well arranged, and well produced. Ending's a tad abrupt, but that's forgivable when the rest is this good.
  15. Donkey Kong Country 'Stray Donkey Strut' HOLY SHIT!!! This kicks ass! I disagree with djpretzel's self-review - he definitely should have made this remix, cause it's the best damn DKC remix on this site. I'm usually very fond of Pretzel's work. In this case, I am blown away by it.
  16. A bit presumptuous telling the judges how to vote, isn't it? I'm tempted to vote no here just for that. Anyway, that lowish instrument really sounds messy, and there's way too much clipping. I don't care what conditions you make your music under, the assumption is that the final mix is clean and as well-produced as you can make it. It's the clipping that really gets me - I just can't justify posting a remix whose remixer didn't even make sure the recording was clean! Normally I'd say fix the bass, the clipping, and resubmit. But since you've said that you can't do that because you didn't buy Fruity, I'll just vote No.
  17. You guys havent put up a new mix in a few days now, and when you finally reviewed some more remixes, they were no's... and everything lately seems to be games that have been remixed (ff, zelda, sonic, donkey kong, etc...). You guys must want something different to listen to by now. I sent DJP this remix about 2 1/2 weeks ago, and as i have been watching the judges decisions forum like 3 times a day (i read every review to get a better idea of what "not to do") Although i made this around the time i started checking up on the judges forum. So hopefully i dont have a bunch of stuff in it you guys dont like. Also, dont reject because you want me to fix something because i cant fix anything, i use FL trial version. NO SAVING. so i think just the fact i have only remixed for a total of 3 months, i use the trial version of fruity loops, this is a track unmixed even the game has no remixes here, this was made in one shot (only about 5 hours), and is better than some of the tracks you guys have accepted in the past, it should be accepted based on these facts. (hell, you guys can get rid of this remix from the site if you get a better SS remix in) I think he's submitting galford Samarui shodown 1.mp3. Anyway, we haven't really come to a decision on directly posting songs yet, and there's only 4 songs in here anyway.
  18. Just listened to that MIDI, and everyone who says it's too close to the original is right. Changing my vote to nol
  19. Chrono Trigger 'Temporal Distortion' djpretzel said "Judges loved it." I am a judge. Therefore, I loved it. Very highly recommended, folks - no matter what you opinion on how over-remixed CT (and I swear to God, if I hear one complaint about ANOTHER CT mix... )
  20. Streets of Rage 2 'Slow Moon Groove' What's here is very cool, but it's very short. However, I have to disagree with da dj's point that it was underdeveloped - for it's length, I thought it was very well developed. Yes, something longer would have been cool, but sometimes a short and sweet remix makes just as much of an impact as a 4-min+ one! And personally, I think this is one of those times.
  21. Mega Man 4 'Shades of Blue' This probably isn't one I'll be listening to constantly, but it's groovy, it's fun, and I'll definitely come back to it. djpretzel pretty much summed up my gripes with it nicely.
  22. Mega Man 2 'Teardrinker' Heh, looks like djpretzel quoted me. I'll let my past words speak for themselves.
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