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  1. Nope, I think it's because I've started posted remixes that slipped through the cracks which, had they not done so, DJ Pretzel would have posted automatically.
  2. Don't worry, it's perfectly fine to post songs right to the panel (since I became a judge I've always posted right to the panel)! Just think of it as one of the benefits of being a judge. This mix is pretty much spot on. Though I usually don't like medleys since they often consist of several underdeveloped songs rather than focusing on one and really paying a lot of attention to it, I must say this is done better than most that I've heard. The one thing I'd recommend is to keep working on your transitions and your ending - most of the ones in this song sounded abrupt and really took my by suprise. But I think each individual section is arranged well, and the overall quality is well above the bar. YES Edit - by the way, it's also perfectly acceptable to vote on your own song, though I too feel just a little squeamish about that....
  3. I dunno about this one. It's cute, but the quality just isn't up there. It's not quite good enough to get posted on its musical merits, and not wuite funny enough to be posted on its humor merits (see: Music of my Groin). If the singing were decent, I'd be more willing to post this. No
  4. DJ Night Force 9 asked me to put this on the judging panel for him, it's apparently one of 4 mixes he submitted but didn't get through.
  5. Asterix & Obelix '3 Ways' I'm really liking this. But then again, I'm always very fond of NoppZ's unique (at least to the remixing community) style. For whatever reason, though, this mix strikes me as particularly well pulled off. My only gripe is the fade ending (a major pet peeve of mine). I wish I could compare this to the source material, but I can only go on what NoppZ has remixed, and to reiterate: I like it a lot.
  6. Demon's Crest 'Phalanx (Possessed by Humans)' Well, this really ain't my thing. I've heard various incarnations of this mix, and djpretzel's right - it *has* vastly improved, and there's definitely quality here that some will appreciate. Just not me.
  7. Final Fantasy VI 'Phantom Midnight' I personally really liked this piece. The arrangement is straightforward, yes, but it's strength lies more in the emotion it lends the song rather than in showing it in a new light. Not the greatest FF mix here, but worth a download unless you have something against the game.
  8. <lamer>OHH I AM TEH OVERPOST MASTER!</lamer> I can't see anything wrong with this mix, other than it leaves me wanting more! But, length is pretty much a personal preference, and it's developed well (which is the main thing short remixes tend to fail at). I think the OC crowd would enjoy this quite a bit! Yes
  9. Hi, orkybash. My name is Evan Pattison, known as Starblaze to the folks in #ocremix. Game: Xenogears Title: Taming of the Skies E-Mail: EvanIzMeX@aol.com Author: Starblaze Length: 2:21 Unfortunately, I cannot edit the ID tags at the moment, and they all say VGMix.com (which is where I originally uploaded it), my real name, and other weird stuff. I am told you are all very liberal with ID tags and will likely edit it anyway. I hope this is true. You can nab it here: -Starblaze Posting this now that the judge forum has cleared out a bit
  10. Castlevania: Circle of the Moon 'Technomancy' Again, just posting this topic to add the ability to review this mix. Will listen later.
  11. Zelda II 'The Temple Revisited' Though I don't have time to give this a listen to review it, my recollection from when i judged it is that it's a well executed, if straightforward mix that I enjoyed muchly. But mostly I'm just posting this topic now to get the review page made for this mix.
  12. Barbie Super Model 'Plastic Goddess' Don't have time to give this another listen so it's fresh in my mind while I review it, but I'll start this topic now so the remix has a review page!
  13. That would be very hard, probably even impossible, considering how the music format is all wrong (and no, I'm not gojnna make an SPC version of this!)
  14. Hey, if I'm allowed to do it 20+ times, you are too! =P This song really sin't my personal tastes, and it does sound pretty messy sometimes. But it's done well enough, and a lot of metal/punk/whatever-this-is-and-you'd-better-not-get-on-my-case-for-not-knowing-my-rock-music-genres fans will probably get a kick out of it. Yes
  15. This is excellent! I can't think of a single part of this remix that I *don't* like. So this gets a big fat yes from me.
  16. Hey orkybash! bLiNd here (temple trance and dreamofzeal). I know you dont know if this was lost in dj pretzels submission box but i submitted it over 6 weeks ago. I noticed you said you would see what you can do about it on the judges decision boards. Even if you can't do much its alright, but here it is anyway. Donkey Kong Country - Blue Vision Remixer - bLiNd (Jordan Aguirre) almost all the other info is in the ID3v2 tag and on that page link. I appreciate a anything you can do, even just a reply to this email, thanks! -Jordan This is probably the last remix I'll post directly until some of them get cleared out.
  17. Sorry for not voting on this after I posted it - my internet went down and stayed down almost immediately after I hit submit! Vote coming once I get the stupid thing to download... Edit - OK, I think this one's good enough to post. It's kinda minimalist, but it pulls minimalism off well. In fact, I'm liking this more and more every time I listen to it. The only potential problem is the length, but I think even though it's short, it's well developed. Yes
  18. I sent in a remix at the end of May and I haven't heard from it since... I was figuring it fell through the cracks. This is the link: Thank you, I appreciate it. -Psychrophyte
  19. Though I usually like stuff The Wingless does, I gotta say that this took a couple listens to appreciate. There's a lot of notes that seem to clash, but somehow it works. or maybe I'm just tired. At any rate, I'm liking it now - it's something different, it's definitely *very* interesting, and it grows on you. And personally, I think one of the signs of a really good piece of music is it's deep enough that it has room to grow after several listens. Yes
  20. This remix leaves me kinda confused. Why? Well, half the time, there's simply not enough going on and it sounds too empty. Then the other half there's almost too much going on. Then suddenly it stops and goes into a completely different section with brass and an accordian. Would have liked some sort of transition here. Then it cuts right to a piano, which carries the mix to the poorly executed ending. Some advice for next time: variety is a good thing, but work on trying the various sections together somehow. With a little more work this could be a cool remix, but for now it's just very, very confused. I personally like the feeling of a noisy, enthic marketplace - if that was carried throughout the whole thing (ie, work on the slower parts and completely change the second part), and maybe some background ambience added to make it sound like there's a large crowd there then I think it would sound really good. But for now I'm gonna have to give it a no. It has potential, but I think it could improve a lot.
  21. ARRRRGH!!!! I don't know how this mix is gonna go from here, but PLEASE nix the intro! That is the most annoying thing I have ever heard! Hmmm... the fact that the same idea is repeated throughout the mix isn't helping... though this time the music adds some interest. I gotta give it to the artist, they did take the time to vary the music somewhat. But the problem is there's still really nothing here musically, especially before 2:15. After that it gets a little better, but what there is is overshadowed by the annoying (IMHO) use of samples. This *does* use the samples creatively, and if they were decent samples it *might* actually work. but as it is, this 6-and-a-half-minute remix got old after 1. No
  22. Sorry, but this one utterly failed to hold my attention. Plus, that sine sound just pisses me off. Maybe others might like it, but I dunno. That's why there's multiple judges, isn't it? No
  23. Well, I've listened twice now and I can't really hear much here that makes it worth posting. The first part isn't bad, I guess, it just doesn't rub me the right way. nothing really goes on except that high synth and the bass. If that part were expanded on I might post this. But then it just slams to what sounds like another song... except that it goes on for ten seconds and ends very badly. I'm left thinking "WTF was that all about?" Sorry, but this is a defenite No
  24. U.N. Squadron 'Forest Fire' Well, I thought this could have been better, though synthpop like this really isn't my thing (hey! I wasn't even in school when the 80's ended! ) Like djpretzel said, it could have used a little EQ work to bring out the mid range. Other than that, it's a nice, though straightforward, arrangement.
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