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  1. Well, I'm torn. Serously. On one hand, I don't think using prefabricated loops is a very good idea. On the other hand, it's just one element of the mix, and the rest of it sounds pretty good. This isn't necessarily a MIDI rip, and I think it's varied enough in other aspects that it's not just a case of slapping a better soundfont on it. YES, but barely. Next time make your own drum loops.
  2. Well, we've let through remixes that are this good that are over 6 megs... The last one I remember was .05mb over the limit. Sorry, the limit has to be set somewhere, and though we've let it slide if it's just a teeny bit over 6 megs, you're pushing it with .42mb. NO.... Until we get a smaller file. Then this remix kicks way too much ass to not post!
  3. Final Fantasy VII 'Otanjoubi Cid' Erm.... well, I liked most of it. Specifically, I liked the part that was the incredibly crisp, well thought out trance that we get from Haroon. But that intro, well, ruined the song for me. There's only a certain amount of strangeness I can take from a remix before it becomes unlistenable, and for me that crossed the line. But like I said, if the intro wasn't there it would be some really good trance.
  4. Alright! Lets get this sucker judged! Anyway, I think this is postable, and for the most part sounded very good. BUT there were some parts that I had problems with because the instrumentation was pretty drab (ie, around 0:50, and even worse around 1:25). There was also an audible hiss which really bugged me, especially around the beginning and the end. If I knew your setup I mught be able to help you with it, but for now all I can say is keep your levels high enough that there's not so much noise! But all in all, I think this deserves a YES Edit - Never mind about the hiss. I found out it was my computer, which was introducing it into every song I tried to play after upgrading DirectX. Curse Microsoft, curse them!
  5. Hmmm... while I really want to vote yes, on this, the thing really sounds too messy. Another example of a nice arrangement that's butchered by the recording quality. NO
  6. Heh, the beginning had me worried, but this isn't half bad! The synths, though not as high quality os they could be, are used to their best effect and make for some interesting textures. The only thing I would improve is the way the lead square wave is mixed in - I think it's a tad overpowering as it is. YES
  7. I think kefka wins here. I know I'm certainly driven insane. Some nice arranging work is done here, but the synth sounds get really muddled and ruin the whole thing. Oh yeah, and your drums could use a lot more variation than you're giving them. NO
  8. Your samples need a major overhaul, sir. That plucked thing is too thin... come to think about it, so are the strings. Not to mention that the attack on the lead is too slow. The notes in the strings (lead AND background) don't agree with the arpeggio at all. That tweaked my ear a lot. Last, but not least, I found it to be pretty boring. There really wasn't enough going on to hold my interest. NO
  9. Angelfire does not allow direct linking from offsite, non-Angelfire pages, to files hosted on Angelfire. This practice of 'remote linking' reduces our ability to serve out the homepages of our members quickly and efficiently. Next time, please link to an HTML page on your angelfire site, not directly to one of the files. Review coming when I feel like going to the trouble of getting around Angelfire's remote linking policy. OK... on to the review... I gotta say no. Yes, the sequencing isn't bad, and most of the samples are forgivable, but there's a few real stinkers that really bring it down. The mixing seems off to my ears. And last, but not least, the thing drug on about 2 minutes after I felt like "OK, you've made your point, the remix doesn't have to go on anymore!" Though I can tell a lot of effort went into this, it just doesn't rub me the right way.
  10. Perfect Dark 'Air Force One Is Down' Finally! Though we've had some decent Perfect Dark work in the past, this is the first one that really blows me away. Kudos for SysteManiac for such a kick-ass submission. The fact that it's a first makes it all the more amazing. Skillfully done, and definitely worth the download.
  11. Mega Man 3 'Blue Reflection' Holy crap, this is gooooood. It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but you should download it now just to try it. One of the most professional sounding remixes on the site. Actually, though, I did have one minor gripe - the vocals are mixed in just a bit to quietly. I can hear starla's (wonderful) voice, but I can't really make out the lyrics... but that aside, this gets a "What the hell are you waiting for?" from me!
  12. Super Street Fighter II 'Dancing in the Sky' Pretty formulaic Street Fighter techno, complete with voice samples. Nevertheless, I'm a sucker for songs like this provided they show more technical skill than being able to install FruityLoops, and this most definitely does. Can't think of much to criticize here, other than it doesn't do a whole lot to make its self stand out, but that doesn't keep it from being a good listen!
  13. Hmmm... sounds kinda messy in most places. Plus, there's really no element to tie the song together through all the random styles it switches between... except for maybe those bittry screams. Maybe I'd appreciate what the mixer was going for if I had played the game, but as it is, I don't. NO
  14. [17:11] 4-Eyes: This is 4-Eyes of Overclocked.... [17:11] orkybash: sup? [17:11] 4-Eyes: And I believe I was supposed to contact somebody like you if I believed my submissions slipped through the cracks. Then again, I forget things like THAT. [17:12] orkybash: yes, I can deal with lost submissions [17:13] 4-Eyes: Here's the link to my Indielaunch site.... (HERE IS WHERE WE REMOVED THE LINK JUST TO BE SPITEFUL! HAHAHAHAHA!)it's "Splatterhouse 3 - Mystery to Man".
  15. I will never let a Pokemon remix on this site!!!! Uh, yeah... did I say that out loud? (j/k) Anyway, the synths here are annoying as hell. The drums are annoying as hell. And I, too, noticed the clipping... you'd think people could actually listen to the files they're about to upload... It's also repetative times lots... not as much as the bomberman remix we just got, but still way too repetative. NO
  16. GAAAAAAAAAAAH! Get it out of my head! This remix is 4 minutes of the same theme over and over and over. Yes, some attempt is made to keep it interesting by changing up the instruments, but that's not nearly enough. In fact, the most interesting part was the ending (which is funny, considering how that's usually the weakest part!) But yeah, this needs some varitaion desperately. The other problem with this is there's no harmony! EVERY SINGLE INSTRUMENT is playing the exact same line. Not good. Not good at all. Sorry, but I can't see a single reason to post this. NO
  17. Now, I don't know if the background music is original or not. I do know, however, that it's the same ONE MEASURE repeated over and over (actually, there is some variation near the end, but it's not enough). The voice samples are crap to begin with, and the same few samples are repeated OVER AND OVER AND OVER! Regardless of whether or not "sample collections" should be allowed on OC at all, this is so terribly executed that that issue doesn't even matter. NO!! edit - toned it down a little...
  18. Interesting. I like this take on the theme, and the vocals add to it (though I would really recomment getting a better mic!) They add a lot, that is, until 2:30, where I felt that they were cheesy to an extreme. Regardless, that's pretty much personal preference, and this remix is quality enough to get posted. YES
  19. OOH!!! I AM TEH GARNDMASTER!!!!!!!11 [/n00b] Anyway, this mix really didn't do it for me. It didn't come across as being very well thought out - the ending expecially. NO
  20. Ick... the intro makes me want to throw up. The piano sounds bad, the strings sound bad, but having the strings mirror the piano just... isn't good. The mix picks up a little later on, but the samples are still pretty bad, the arrangement's a little too simplistic and repetative, and the idea's not quite developed enough. Try doing something interesting with the drums, and changing up the roles of the piano and the strings a little. Add a few more instruments, maybe? I dunno. But this does need work. NO
  21. Interesting intereperetation of the original. The execution isn't half bad, either! I only have two complaints: the part that sounded like the Chrono Trigger theme could have been expanded on a lot - as it is, it seems like it was thrown in just because you wanted to reference the original. While not a bad thing, it's better if you can make it make sense within the context of the song as well, and expanding on it could do a lot here. My second gripe is the fade-out ending - I think this is begging for something a little stronger! Regardless of those gripes, though, I think this is a YES
  22. Yeah, the percussion is good. Though the synths aren't the most realistic ever, the textures work well here, and I think maybe more realistic sounding samples would have ruined the effect. Love the comparison to Those Chosen by the Planet! Though it maybe didn't fit in that well, it was a good idea. Bottem line: quality stuff here. YES
  23. I'm gonna go with Jivemaster on this one. A remix like this really needs something to carry the energy. Usually the drums do this, but in this remix the drums aren't quite loud or interesting enough to do so, so it ends up kinda dragging in parts. And I'm 99% sure that this would be under 6mb if you encoded it at 128 kbps. NO
  24. This is nice. Around the middle of the song I thought it started getting just a little repetative, but then it changed things around a bit and it was all good. Haha, love the fake ending! So... yeah, I think this definitely deserves to go up. YES
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