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  1. Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening 'Seaside Lullaby (Wind Fish Ballade)' Though I have some gripes about the samples (get some vibrato on that ocarina!), this is certainly an expressive arrangement, and one well worth your time. Great for relaxation!
  2. Xenogears 'Taming of the Skies' Well, i'm finally getting around to getting the reviews started for these latest songs. This definitely does justice to the original from Xenogears (God, i swear that game has the best flight music!) I've been hearing grumbling about the quality of recent remixes, but folks, if the rule is becoming that the overall quality is less-than-good, then this is clearly an exception. Highly recommended.
  3. Hell yeah! This rocks - and DC13 said, one of the best chrono trigger arrangements ever.
  4. Yeah, I suppose I should have said "one loop through the OST." My point - and vote - still remains.
  5. Sounds good - don't have much to say about it, but I like it (wow, I'm really a man of many words tonight, aren't I ) Edit - as Rob and others pointed out, this is very very similar to the MIDI! Too similar to warrent posting, IMHO. Vote Changed - NO
  6. No. Here's why: there's practically no variation from the OST. Now, I don't mean that it's exactly like a MIDI rip, but it's not different enough to call it, well, different. The length has something to do with this - one major giveaway that a remixer hasn't put much thought into a remix is if it's exactly the same length as the OST. Listen to other remixes, pick up on 'tricks' they use to add to the song (breaks, instrument changes, key changes, tempo changes, etc.)
  7. Auron said this got lost and sent it to me. Email: mcfadden@velocity.net Remixer Name: Auron Real Name: Michael McFadden
  8. Here's the URL: It's a remix of Endless Mine Zone from the Sonic the Hedgehog 3 versus levels. It's called Endless Mine Endless Party. I'd like it credited to DarkeSword; my email is darkesword@exphyl.com, and my website is http://only.at/darkesword Thanks orkybash. The name sounds very familiar, but I couldn't find it in the judge decision forums. If we've already heard this, then my bad.
  9. Very, very good. I am confident that if this went through DJ pretzel it would be an automatic post. Yes
  10. Plok 'Title Jam' Oh man. This guy should just give up... it's like he's incapable of making a bad mix! Honestly, I can find nothing bad to say about this. Chalk up another one for Mazedude!
  11. The first part is cool. The chiptune was useless. Tehn the quitars come in and I'm thinking it's gonna be cool again, but noooo, they stop after a couple of seconds. Then the ending part sounds OK, except it's repetative and doesn't fit with the rest of the mix. Next time, give your song some semblance of a structure. Please. NO
  12. http://remix.overclocked.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=3620 Saunders set up a password on the ocr judges folder.
  13. It's been a month. I'm guessing you guys are just backed up, but just in case, here's my submission info again: Name: Inverted Silence/Jim Kang Song: Hymn to Death Mountain Game: Legend of Zelda Orig. composer: Koji Kondo Location: It's death metal cover (early 90's death metal) of mostly the Level 9 music from Zelda. will vote once i get home
  14. King of Fighters '96 'Psycho Rave' Solid, if predictable, trance. I for one didn't care for the main lead - it sounded off rhythmically. The rest of it's great, though, and well worth the download.
  15. Mega Man 5 'Good Night, Lil' Man' Good stuff - very emotional. Most of the samples were top-notch, with the exception of the strings djpretzel mentioned. All in all, I liked this one a lot!
  16. Very cool. Only potential problems I see are the length and the ending, but it definitely works as it is. Yes
  17. Righto. The piano sample's a little thin - it sounds fine when there's backup, but when it tries to do the solo thang it just doesn't work. It could really benefit from a but deeper reverb IMHO, not to mention a more thought-out ending (why does it seem like fruityloops songs always seem to end in a dropout??) I'm gonna say No for now. Slap on some reverb, maybe fix the ending, and I this would totally rock.
  18. Neither URL works at the moment, I guess I'll just have to wait until VGmix is back up!
  19. Yeah, DarkCecil's right - the percussion sounds creative at first, but it's just the latin equivalent of '4 on the floor'. While it's not as bad as I expected from reading the other reviews, this could definitely have benifitted from some panning and some processing work. Since my policy is to ask for a re-submit when something could be vastly improved with a relatively small amount of work (just panning the instruments and slapping some reverb on would improve this!), I'm gonna have to say No
  20. Very, very undeveloped. It just does the same thing over and over and over! I'm all waiting for the song to bust out, and I'm thinking 'wow this is one long intro!' And then it fades out. And I'm like, 'WTF?' There were some neat samples, but overall there's just not enough there (as has been pointed out before). I'm gonna give it a NO and a "next time, try not to lose the file."
  21. Hang-On 'Journey to the Finish' Night tight techno track, with racecar and announcer samples that seem to be obligatory in a remix of a racing game. Nothing too innovative, but enjoyable. If I had to nitpick one thing I would say that it needs a deeper bass.
  22. King's Quest V 'Concerning Daventry' First and foremost, this is not only a remix of the Daventry Theme but of Concerning Hobbits from the FotR soundtrack as well (although before anyone gets on my case, I'll say that only the motif of the song was used - nothing here's note-for-note from the soundtrack, or (god forbid!) taken from tha actual recording). The similarity *is* intentional, and in fact was the whole point to this remix! So just remember that I'm not trying to steal Shore's ideas - in fact I requested that he be given credit! Also, the title (in another nod to the inspiration it came from) was 'Concerning Daventry' in a nod to Howard Shore, and the fact that it's *supposed* to sound like Hobbits.
  23. I think my remix may have "slipped through the cracks" after I submitted it. Here's the info on where to find it. Game: The Adventures of Bayou Billy Remix Title: Baile del Bayou Genre: Latin Rock (or something like that) Thanks for your help. Hopefully this can get in the judging queue soon. Xargon xargon@karpacrossamerica.com
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