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  1. I created a music visualizer along with the remix and talk a little bit about my intent and process.
  2. Many will agree with me that this is the best theme out of LoZ: Twilight Princess. Sadness, urgency, mystery. These are the things that make the original theme so good. My goal here was to keep those elements but also draw from my influences to my own spin on it. You'll hear a lot of Ocarina of Time in here.. and some Chrono Trigger.
  3. That’s great man I really dig the last piece
  4. Ah it was a random sample, I don't really remember. I don't really have the right environment for low end monitoring, so I generally just take a shot at it with my headphones. I know it's something you're not supposed to do, but what can I do, I travel a lot my whole set up is portable. The thing is, I had this song sitting on my hard drive for almost 2 years, so I actually created it a while ago. I bounced the stems a while ago and then I came back and put it out just now. But anyways, thanks for the feedback bro, I will use more accordions in the next one. I do believe the accordian sound I used is from animal crossing sound font, but I also use Sonokinetic sample library, which is great. I appreciate your feedback, I listened to some of your stuff on Youtube and it's really nice. Do you have any original pieces? You got a soundcloud?
  5. Hey man, this is great. I listened to the original Gameboy version and you nailed it with the instrumentation choices. Actually the repetition in this case is justified, it feels right. It takes almost 2 minutes to loop and during the whole time it’s a winding journey that comes back around in a very satisfied way. It’s surprising it takes that long before it loops, it’s not common for GBA games. In my opinion, the endless looping of older OSTs is a feature, not a bug. Because RAM was limited back in the day, composers couldn’t afford to create unique loops so they got creative and made the most catchiest loops you can imagine. Nobuo Uematsu was a king at this. It creates a certain vintage feel that I personally love. So my first impression is to let it loop. It’s not so repetitive that it needs more variation. Nice work bro
  6. Thanks so much for writing this up! I didn’t use any pre recorded samples, so I could have expanded on the accordion. Thanks for the tip about 808 I generally have trouble with controlling the low end. The guitars are from Ample Sound sample library.
  7. Hello my friends, here’s a remix I finished over 2 years ago and just now got around to uploading it! Mix, structure, instrumentation, any feedback would be valuable ?
  8. Hello friends, in this one I took inspiration from Donkey Kong Aquatic Ambience, Final Fantasy, Pokémon and maybe something else. Initially I was going to keep it without drums, but I changed my mind and added them later. The song is structured in a loop like the old school SNES games. I’d love to know what you guys think!
  9. Most of the stuff I make these days is vgm inspired. Seems to be a very niche thing. Here are a few I’ve completed recently. www.soundcloud.com/bgevko/groove-salad www.soundcloud.com/bgevko/retrospect www.soundcloud.com/bgevko/skeleton-party www.soundcloud.com/bgevko/dream-keeper
  10. Hey @Chadlee, thank you for taking the time to listen and to comment. I'm happy that you enjoyed the track.
  11. @The Damned Thank you for taking the time to listen and comment. What you’re saying makes a lot of sense and the title is a bit deceiving. I suppose if I were to try to paint a picture with the remix, it would be more on the sunny and happy side instead of the gloomy sadness that the ghost house represented. While creating the track, I didn’t really intend for it to be happy. Original plan was to capture the sadness of the scene. However, as it started taking shape, it somehow went into the opposite direction. A little on the deeper side, I began imagining what it would be like from the ghost’s perspective to become alive for just one more day on Koholint island. I tried to capture the essence of the day, from the morning, noon, afternoon, and the evening sunset; the sections were meant to be symbolic of this, but only in my mind. I didn’t really expect anyone to interpret it the same way, but hopefully hat makes sense. @Black_Doom Thank you very much for your kind words, I think I’ll give it a shot and submit it.
  12. Hey guys, how's it going? My first post here. I have a remix from one of my favorite games, Link's Awakening. This one was a lot of fun to remix. Once it took off, it pretty much made itself, like I was both the driver and the passenger. I’m looking to see if I can get a second opinion on where I can improve. Particularly, if there's anything in the mix that stands out, or perhaps in the arrangement. Thanks a lot. I wasn’t planning on submitting this officially, but I changed my mind and decided to give it a shot.
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