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  1. Which source are you referring to dude? Would it be one of our 5 picks we chose from the start or the same track we've been using?
  2. Thanks brother, and as always, FANTASTIC job! Just entered my submission for round 2, I'm REALLY pleased with the way it turned out, i hope you all are too (when the songs are released haha )
  3. After some intense listening today (finally had a little bit to actually do it lol) i decided to polish up my track a little more, submitted my final version
  4. Hey HoBoKa, count me in! I could use something to play with while we wait for the results and rounds on the Cacophony compo
  5. Haha, i mean like i plan on making my track (heart of fire) at 120bpm, although that could change depending on my mood in a few minutes lol, but my question was would it be legit to say have the heart of fire portion at 120bpm and up the tempo of the wicked child portion to 170? Sounds like a big jump, but i do weird things like this pretty often haha
  6. Okay, one more question and i'll max them out, promise lol. When it comes to tempo as well, is there any problems with increasing tempo for your or your opponents choice? I'll be working in 120bpm for my track but Wicked Child (Jorito's track) i think is somewhere in the 170bpm range by the original songs tempo. Sorry if i'm bugging you guys and gals lol
  7. Awesome! Thanks for the quick reply, i just wanted to be sure to keep it legit and find out for sure earlier than last minute after all the work is done lol.
  8. Lmao i was just thinking the same thing dude! Either way it turns out I'm sure we'll have a blast working on this, as always when it comes to CV tunes MindWanderer- I've got a question for you dude, i just checked out the first round tracks (great job all btw!) and noticed that they are all midi oriented. Is that a guideline for the compo that i didn't see/understand or is it the composers preference on the writing style i.e live instruments, midi vst etc. I do guitar and bass in all of my mixes and i use vst's for my symphony/choirs, i just wanted to make sure i'm not breaking any rules before i get started lol. Thanks in advance, and keep kicking ass everyone! \m/
  9. Well If you guys feel that strongly about It, you could always make my first track treasury room Instead lol
  10. Thanks for the heads up dude Hey guys, here's what i have to throw into the fray: 1st choice - The Fury Within - Heart of Fire from Castlevania -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcZpu4ClZ28 2nd choice - Hidden Treasures - Treasury Room from Super Castlevania 4 -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lx-UYli3rOk 3rd choice - The Road to Destiny - Beginning from Castlevania 3 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78706bv98S8 4th choice - Eternal Conflict - Battle of the Holy from Castlevania The Adventure - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbgGxQGd4I4 5th choice - Successor of Souls - Ruined Castle Corridor from Aria of Sorrow - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abD92rOl90Y
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