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  1. Lol @ profile picture

    1. Dafydd


      I thought it was djp at first because he looked familiar, but then I remembered

    2. Meteo Xavier

      Meteo Xavier

      Thank you. At first I had the Facebook blank picture to confuse the shit out of people, but it got deleted somehow. So I chose this one as the next logical progression.

  2. Talk to Doulifée.

  3. So... bio?

  4. Hey Rexy,

    How's the bio coming along? Hope we didn't scare you off with all the crits, hehe.

    I'd write you a PM but your inbox seems to be full...

  5. I collected all the episodes a long time ago, and, as it happened, they had Dutch subtitles. I learned a few useful words, like "kicker" (frog) and "pronkstuk" (showpiece (crown jewel, in this case)).

    "Dafydd", by the way, is a Welsh name. I'm a man of mystery. Yeah.

  6. I guess Polo gave you more pie than you could eat, eh? Really now, I'd love to see that thing finished sometime soon. Do it done.

  7. Wanna make some improvements to that bio or should we? Let me know! :)

  8. "Sometime this week" just turned into "sometime last week". Not that there's a deadline or anything, but we're all eagerly awaiting that bio, you know. If you're not done yet, feel free to post whatever you got so far. In the project thread, I mean.

  9. Thanks! It's weird how some of the mixes have changed their names, I wonder why that is.

  10. Hey, I got all the OCReMoveds down, and there's still a few missing. Dunno if you have them...

    ===[ RECALLED ]===

    Bart Klepka - Alone in the Dark 2 'Hell's Kitchen (Zombies & Thompsons Mix)'

    Bart Klepka - Darklands 'L'homme Arme (Guided by Saints Mix)'

    Bart Klepka - Duke Nukem 3D 'Gotham (Distorted Mix)'

    Bart Klepka - Dune 'Sietch to Sietch (Sekence Mix)'

    DarkCecil13 - Final Fantasy Mystic Quest 'DC13 Mystic Quest'

    OCR01213 - Kaijin - Xenogears 'Child of the Stars'

    OCR01551 - Munisho - Castlevania 2 'Tears of Blood'

    FFmusic Dj - Final Fantasy 7 'Adelante (Mako Reactor)'

    ===[ LOCKDOWN 1 ]===

    OCR00024 - Secret of Mana 'Fear of Heaven'


    OCR00144 - Mega Man 2 'Trance Reality'


    ===[ BY REQUEST ]===

    Compyfox - Final Fantasy Adventure 'Mission of Mana'

  11. Sweet. Thanks man!

  12. Hey douli

    Just another reminder to upload those mixes to oc removed. Plz?

  13. Larry, can you send me ONE BIG ZIP WIT ALL DA REMIXES, er, the removed ones I mean? I'd be much obliged.

  14. Jadå :) 10char

  15. Hah, värt ett försök att skriva på svenska. Vi får väl se om protesterna regnar in. :) Jag förstår verkligen att du vill remixa andra spel också, men jag tänkte att om det är någon som har en ny på gång så är det väl du. Jag sätter igång med en, antagligen Port Town, och visar upp den i WiP-forumet om det blir nåt värt att höra.

  16. Verkar som att du inte får så mycket spam trots allt :)

    Jobbar du på någon F-Zero-mix just nu (eller är du färdig med någon ny förutom "Eat your own dust")? Vilken låt i så fall?

  17. Where do you get those fake achivement sig images?

  18. I have to ask, did you make that achievement image yourself or is there a generator around somewhere?

  19. Is it 13 left now or more? Do you have all the ones from the lockdowns up then but none of the ones that were removed by request?

  20. Thanks man! Tell me when you get the next batch up.

  21. Come on, Douli, get those OCReMoved mixes uploaded!

  22. Thanks, dewd! This is incredible!

  23. lol

    This new visitor message thing is pretty silly, isn't it... :)

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