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  1. There may be light in the other end of the tunnel, friends. I hope it will allow us to do the things I mentioned above. *hopes really throbbing-vein-on-forehead hard*
  2. Well I'll be... thanks for the heads-up. And to HELLO. This is the kind of help I want. Start making bios and we'll consider it Yeah, I was trying to explain that to DarkeSword. I already mentioned I'd prefer having one thread per character, as you know, and each bio on a page that allows for more formatting and code than an ordinary forum post - like a html page within the forum post. Since there are threads containing over 1200 posts in the site projects forum, however, I don't think he's too bothered. If you can come up with a better solution than the current one, I'm all for it. It'd need to be accessible - but not editable - to everyone if it's to be very effective. This is partially why I wanted a team to work with instead of having just everyone posting stuff all over the place. I need help organizing this
  3. Well, you said you wanted to do nintendo characters, so go ahead and get started. There are a few things I want to say first though - 1. I think we might be better off with having Mario, Link and other characters that have several different pictures on one bio page instead of one for each picture (one exception being Mega Man/Mega Man X, since they are not really the same character at all). Then you can just mention "this picture is from Mario 64" and explain what function the winged hat serves etc. Link would, naturally, have several bios, however. Telling people in detail about every single one of them might not be in our best interest, so I suggest you try to figure out what's similar about them (him seemingly always starting out as an orphan sent by greater powers to fight evil (usually Ganon) and save princess Zelda (Link's awakening being a notable exception)) since they are all independent games with independent stories, I mean (wow, that's some serious overuse of paranthesises)). Mention the fact that Link is a legendary hero that reincarnates several times in the history of his world etc, and that his bio is therefore different for each game and so on. As for Mario, mind what I said about wikipedia and the information that can be found there. You don't need to write a whole lot about him, I mean. 2. I understand the links are a problem when making the bio pages, but we'll focus more on that later on. We need the actual bio texts anyway, so we might just as well get started. 3. Make sure you keep track of where you find your information. If you run across any good fansites out there, keep the URL's around somewhere, we could use them later. Good Luck to all of you. If you find a character you would like to "claim", please say so here, so noone else picks it and does the same work to no use. I'm not sure I know what you're saying... If you're planning on posting entire bios in this thread, yeah, I guess that's ok. At least for right now. Ideally, we would have one thread for each mascot, but that would mean having our own forum (like, general, judges decisions, remixing, mascot bios), and right now, that doesn't seem possible. Hopefully this will be possible later on, but it'd need some serious action from the people who run the site, which is something we can't really expect until we show them we're actually getting somewhere. Myself, I guess I could go with the Mega Men for the time being. Those of you who know the less commonly known characters would probably do best to claim them. Kungfuchicken said he knows every one of them, so if there's one you don't know at all, leave it to him for now.
  4. Yeah, I was hoping we could agree on something together. This is, basically, an idea of how I want it, and is still subject to change. Visualizing it using the forum layout tools gets pretty difficult. On top to the left: Character Name Creator (Company) (company/manufacturer names should be clickable links to their sites) Year of Creation To the right of this information, the mascot picture. I'd prefer if we could have the pictures without their backgrounds, as well as having the entire bio page background white instead of gray. Below: Introduction, "who is this guy". We will specify exactly what to write here later. Then: Short biography - where does this guy come from and how did he end up becoming a super hero? Sometimes the introduction and the biography might sort of bleed into each other. Shit happens. After that: Major/more significant apperances, what those games were about, what kind of games they are, etc. Each of these 3 things should take about one paragraph, so no... huge... enormous... big... monster essays. To the right of that information, a (more or less) full list of games in which the character has appeared. If a game has music remixed on this site, the name of the game will be a link that redirects you to the remixes page for that game. The best thing would be if this list could be somehow dynamically updated so that if a game that isn't already covered suddenly becomes so, the name of that game will turn into a link automatically instead of us having to manually oversee the pages every time a new mix arrives. I'm not sure how that would work, but it'd be cool. EDIT: On the very bottom, a list of useful links to fan pages or the likes. Well, what do you think? Is it, in general, a good layout? Opinions? Massive critisism?
  5. Yeah, I was hoping we could agree on something together.
  6. Good. Let's have all three of you. Bahamut, I was going to ask you before, but I didn't, because I wanted you to remind me instead SupremeSpleen, Infinite HP (and, of course, Bahamut), count yourselves in. I also took the liberty to appoint KungFuChicken to the team, mainly because he seemed competent enough, but also because I liked his attitude. Heh hrm. He'll be gone until the 9th, however, but seeing as we're not likely to finish before then, it doesn't really matter. This, I believe, concludes the recruitment phase. As mentioned before, anyone is welcome to help, but we need a team to do the real work, and that's... us. I just hope 5 isn't too many, and that we'll get along, now that there are 5 of us. Hopefully it will allow us to work more efficiently and finish the project in less time. Darkesword, thanks for the bump. I guess it's time to move this thread.
  7. Thanks for answering all those questions, DarkeSword. Some of them didn't really need asking, I guess, but I just felt like pouring it all out and get some clarity on things. ... So what do we do now? Start picking people for the crew?
  8. Bump... Has this whole idea just been abandoned by everyone for the glory of Wikipedia? And what happened to DS?
  9. Which original are we talking about? The original Super Mario Bros or the original Donkey Kong? Speaking of Mario, this is what I found on wikipedia, which is what someone mentioned as an already existing source of information. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mario Obviously, we're not going to attempt to compete with as extensive a database as this. This is probably not the case with most of the 130 or so other mascots, but as far as Mario is concerned, it almost feels like the most convenient thing to do would be to simply redirect anyone who clicks the Mario mascot to the URL above, even though that does feel kind of sloppy. I guess the least you could expect is to get to know the mascot's name, what games it's been in (as an important character), and a short bio. If we can't find any good fansites on the character, THEN we should provide more information, but if there are already well-organized and reliable sources of information, there's really no need to put much of it here. In any case, however, we should always post links to games pages for games that the character has been in if that game has music that has been remixed and can be found on OCR. Wow, that last sentence really didn't make much sense, did it? I'll blame the fact that I haven' t slept for a good long while. I guess that's what I should go ahead and do for now, until someone in charge comes back to inform us about the current situation.
  10. Yes. If we did post a lot of information, then, naturally, we would make sure to make the non-vital less evident, maybe even providing a link that says "read more" instead of just making a huge post that might even scare most people off. I for one will try my best to make sure this whole thing is well organized when it's finished. The question is if we really should try to gather as much information as possible and post it here, or if we should make posts of about the same size as the big one I made above, and then post links to sites that already include all of this non-vital information (that may or may not be of questionable credibility). One big part of the work would be finding already existing and GOOD fansites and provide links to those sites (maybe 4 or 5 per character, or less, depending on how popular and well known the character is), regardless of how much information we put here. I wouldn't want this to become a new giant game character encyclopedia, that's not the point. This would be better off serving as something that introduces the mascot characters to people who know nothing or very little about them, and that hopefully inspires those people to find out more by following the links to the sites that provide more info than we do. In a sense, it might even serve as a bridge between people who have played Squaresoft games all their lives and who never heard of Mega Man (heaven forbid) and the people whose situation is rather the opposite. Of course, that last part sounds a little like a Martin Luther King dream, but if we can accomplish something that will change the world for the better, why not... "OCRemix Mascot Bio Database - Fighting Ignorance - Thy Deliverance." Screenshots from the games would be pretty nice indeed.
  11. For the sake of comparison, is my previous post about the size of a mascot bio page? Or too big? Or too small? I feel the bio pages should be slightly smaller, but then that's me.
  12. It wasn't really intented to be a pun at first (in fact, I didn't know what else to call the Mascots, the word just didn't come to mind), but you're right. Obviously, though, writing SEX anywhere is a well-known way to redirect attention that way, that is, had this thread been named "Mascot bios" (something I never would have come up with although it would have been much more adequate), chances are it wouldn't have had this many visitors. I guess the fact that the thread name didn't really clarify the subject helped, too. What surprises me, however, is how quickly someone like DarkeSword showed up. Hm. I'd be honored to be the organizer/editor of the whole thing, but obviously, I couldn't do it all on my own. First off, I stated in the beginning that I don't know who half of the "mascots" are, which means I'd have difficulties editing the content related to those characters. As far as professionality (if there's such a word) goes, I intend to make a simple, easy-to-navigate, well-spelled and consistent, albeit small "database". I have a ton of questions (that may be better off in the organizational forum you (DarkeSword) mentioned) about what we're aiming at. The purpose of the whole thing should, obviously, be to provide information about the game characters, for all to see and primarily provided for those who know very little or nothing. Or isn't it? I mean... how... EXTENSIVE is this going to be? I know several people who could probably write a 3-page essay on that car (what car is it anyway?), which is propably not of immediate interest. Are we to provide tons of non-vital information for those interested, or simply provide links (of course, we would be providing links in any case, likely a large number of them, too. Of course, if the character appears in a game that has music that has been remixed and can be found on this site, we would provide direct links to those game pages)? Are we to provide fun facts like "Captain Falcon is originally a comic book character" (or was this only after the realease of F-Zero?) and "Mega Man was originally named Rainbow Man" and "Yoshi has also made small guest appearances in games like Zelda - Link's Awakening" (I'd like us to...)? Are we to include pictures, other than those already found on page 2 in this thread? And how do we handle all of the information we're likely to recieve? Should we require information on where the information was found, or just consider most of it to be - pretty much - common knowledge (it'd be pretty embarrasing to publish untrue information in those bios, wouldn't it )? Also, we wouldn't want people to come and tell us that we "stole" info on something from their sites. Are we to be very strict and make no opinionated statements whatsoever, like an encyclopedia, or are we allowed to occasionally make fun of the characters? I mean, DJ Pretzel may be professional, but his analysises of accepted submissions are by no means "strict", and often include stories about his own experiences with the game, and sometimes completely irrelevant information (both of which I appreciate, because it makes reading them a lot more fun). Also, the entire prospect reawakens forgotten questions about the mascots. Who decided to put them up in the first place? Who chose which ones to put up there? And why? Why does Princess Zelda have 2 mascot pictures? And, finally, are we to eventually include the forum member mascots as well (so I can click on the girl next to DarkeSword's name and find out whether she's angry or sad or doesn't know)? I'm asking all of these questions out loud and outside of the "organizational" forum, because I want more than those few deeply involved to have their say, at least to start with, but I also want an "offical" point of view from the OCR staff (a general one), and all of this BEFORE I, or someone else, pick out the lucky few to be those deeply involved. As DarkeSword stated, however, everyone's welcome to help, but we do need a few people to collect and edit it all, and to make the decisions. Considering how much I've already thought into all this, I would feel very powerless NOT to be part of this crew. Who else should be in there is really very early to say, but I guess we shouldn't be more than 3 or 4 people in total, unless we need someone to do something very specific, like helping with graphics or such.
  13. Thanks... I was going to post it there, but it seemed like it WAS necessarily a remix albums forum, so I didn't know where else to put it but here. Besides, I suspect the general forum has the vast majority of the forum visitors. I'm glad I for once came up with something that recieved some kind of approval
  14. Well... it was mainly aimed at the people who run this site, but of course, letting the lesser beings in this community do the work is an excellent idea. I just thought it's kinda annoying when characters you know by neither name nor game show up and there's really no way to find out. The least you could expect is to have a name pop up when you point your mouse over it, like when I hold my mouse pointer over one of the emoticons here on the left, it says "Title: Crying or Very sad". I'm glad people are glad I brought this up. I have no idea of how to organise things at all. I can write about characters and stuff, do research on their stories and games and so on but I'm not a web designer.
  15. PLEASE REPORT ANY INCORRECT INFORMATION AND/OR INACCURACIES HERE IN THIS THREAD. THANK YOU! --- FAQ --- Q: What is the OCR Mascot Bio Project all about? A: The OCR Mascot Bio Project has enabled visitors of the site to click the mascots (game characters) in the upper right corner of the page and read about who they are, what games they appear in, and links to remixes of those games. Also, the bio pages include links to other pages for more information on the characters. Go here for more info. Q: How can I help? A: We would appreciate being informed of any typos, dead links or other problems in the bios (unless already listed under the known issues at the bottom of this post). If new games are added to OC ReMix and any of the mascot characters appear in them, please inform us so that we can update the appearance lists. Every so often, the site staff adds new mascots to the site - when this happens, you are welcome to help us write bios for them. Please read this before you do: http://ocremix.org/info/Mascot_Project_FAQ_and_Guidelines For reference, the following mascots bios are claimed and in progress: Duck Hunt Rosalina The following mascot bios are up for grabs: Abe Boo Chell Dart Feld Joe Musashi The King of All Cosmos Midna Professor Layton Ristar Roll Saren Arterius Shulk Spyro the Dragon Tanooki Mario
  16. lol awesome Sounds very professional, in all its simplicity. Did you do it all by yourself, or did someone help you out with vocals or such?... Oh and good on you for remixing an until now uncovered game.
  17. I don't mean to be mean or anything, but, this sounds just like the kind of music that they play in the background in chinese restaurants and stuff. Funny.
  18. lol! This is awesome... long time since I heard an organ being used in something this fun. There's a lot of megaman spirit here, too. Something in here brings back memories of the olden golden days... Sweet.
  19. It just so happens that Jeremy Soule is himself a pianist. I'm sure he'd be glad to hear this.
  20. Finally - someone made the rock remix this song deserved. Ever since I heard it first time I thought it was made to be played by a rock band. It could have been heavier, if you ask me, but I like the guy's voice. Very non-iron maiden, which is good. The drums are messed up at the solo part, and generally, the fact that the drums are played on a synth drags this song down quite a bit. Imagine a real drum kit on this and it would be a ton heavier. There's no excuse for having drums as bad as these - drums are probably the easiest instrument to fake, and to make sound real. The drums being played rather off-beat is also really annoying. Anyway, I'm glad this thing was finally released after having a sneak preview of it on their site for so long.
  21. I didn't like this too much. Like someone said, it's a bit too dirty. I dunno, maybe something's just wrong with my speakers, but going from one song with a pretty heavy bassdrum (enough to make my floor dance with it and my parents screaming from the below) this one just made my ears sore with all its high-end frequencies. Felt like chewing on sand (ever had salad that wasn't properly washed?). Also it didn't have the funny kinda feeling the original did, and I missed that. But that's just me. There appears to be tons of people here that liked it, so maybe I should just shut it, but everyone's free to comment...
  22. Keep it coming! I want more of this... yeah... ',,'o.o',,'
  23. As a reply to DJ Pretzel's review - where are the triplets? I don't hear them... neither in the original nor in the remix.
  24. Hm... I didn't really like the melody instrument... wasn't sure if it was a dist guitar or an oboe at first. Anyway, it had too much reverb and stuff... otherwise, really nice remix. Very nice flow, nice drums and such...
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