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  1. This is interesting music, but like has been said, the transitions are iffy. But good in a manic sort of way. The guitar work is good, but I wouldn't peg it at the fastest on OCR or the hardest to play. Tap-ons and hammer-offs are really simple. And it's easy to think that because they're fast that they're hard to play. But that's not true. Nonetheless, this is still good guitar work.
  2. The original was kind of a hard song to interpret, so I have to give kudos on that. But this arrangement, while not repetitive in terms of the leads, just doesn't seem to go anywhere. It doesn't have a clear build up to anything, which just makes it better background music than something to really focus on. Maybe that was the point, I don't know. But it is a worthwhile listen.
  3. This is pretty good stuff to hear. I like it when some of the crazy NES or capcom music is slowed down and made more relaxing. Especially with great sound. This mix sounds very good.
  4. I was actually thinking of trying my hand at an orchestral-esque remix of this very song, but since Russell did it, I don't know that I should attempt it. It is very good, although some of the transitions between instruments are a bit iffy, although mostly due to the original switching that way. And the discordance around 2:03 is nasty. But otherwise pretty slick.
  5. It's pretty good. You could probably benefit from some extra takes and edits, perhaps some chorus filters on the voice, etc. But the idea is really great and this works very well as a piece.
  6. I had heard this before through a link at the Minibosses forum. And I thought it was pretty cool then. Although I've always questioned porting Zelda into other genres. Still, it's pretty decent, if slightly repetitive (although Jazzy ambient music can be that way). Good job.
  7. Parts of this just felt a bit too empty. It could've benefitted from some cymbal crashes in some of the more grand parts around 3:30. Something to lift the emotion. But otherwise it was ok, and that was a very interesting intro/outro.
  8. I'm sorry, but this sounds just like a glorified MIDI with reverb to me. I read Carnival and I got excited, but this isn't Carnival at all. It's just Latin music with some chromaticism here and there. An interesting take on Kefka's music, but it is not to my enjoyment.
  9. All I go off of is the definition given at www.dictionary.com. Nowhere in there does it say that there is respect for the deceased. It just says it's a hymn, composition, or service for the dead.
  10. "Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead" was technically a requiem. It wasn't the Catholic holy kind, but it was a requiem nonetheless. A song for the dead that celebrated the Wicked Witch of the East's death. Not necessarily praise. It doesn't have to be praise to be a requiem.
  11. A requiem is mostly a song written for the dead. Not necessarily a tribute or praise.
  12. I'm always working on something. If you really want to know more, you can PM me.
  13. Great work with a song that in the game loops over and over, and the loop is only like 5 seconds. I love the sound samples in there, because they add a realistic feel. If people were offended, then they are offended by history, not Mazedude (one of my favorite mixers on the site). It's also strange, because this morning I was thinking of doing a Wolfenstein mix, and then I come see this one here. A good mix.
  14. This is really great. It's not my favorite kind of music, but I really like it. The only thing is that it could probably have gone on for twice as long and I wouldn't have known it. AmIEvil is hands down one of my favorite artists on this site. How do you do it?
  15. Some pretty excellent stuff here. The arrangement is excellent. THe sound is great. Definitely a good mix and a keeper.
  16. I'm not sure what to say about this. There are parts that are good, but I feel they are outweighed by some others. First off, the medley doesn't seem to have any coherence aside from the fact that these are all DD tunes. The transitions don't work, the arrangement doesn't really go anywhere, and this is emphasized by the ending, which is kind of dull. And of course, the issue of sound samples. But there were parts with good drums, and a couple parts with good melody and panning. They just need to fit with the other parts better and form a more coherent piece.
  17. Perhaps this could've been encoded a tad higher? The beginning had a few of those tiny encoding glitches. Some interesting improv in the middle. But the guitar sounds like its coming from one of those little amps. Now, I'm not one to talk about guitar sound or anything, but these probably could have used some more low EQ, and maybe a bit less mid EQ. Or perhaps it was because it was a little empty behind the guitar (just drums). But, I did enjoy the piece.
  18. Not the way I would've pictured the Serpent Trench music. Probably a bit too arranged for my tastes, or missing some of the core elements that made the song good in the first place (staccato hits with the echo, and some of the background strings). Don't get me wrong, this mix is still good and produced well, just not what I personally felt the music should sound like.
  19. Extremely excellent. I love this style. Usually, when I really like something, I even find something to pick at, but here, I've got nothing (not even the fading ending, because it was appropriate). One of the best songs on OCR, I feel.
  20. That's weird, I was thinking the same thing. At 2:20, he almost has a Mindless Self Indulgence vibe with the high falsetto in there. It was cool. But overall, I'm not sure this song is my taste, because I guess it felt too empty to me (in terms of bass), and I'm not extremely fond of hip-hop.
  21. I think I remember hearing this in the WIP forums long ago? I don't go there anymore, but I used to and I remember you and Russell talking about the "Sudden Loss" from Ninja Gaiden. I think your take may be more accurate towards what they were going for in the game (rock). I still like Russell's sort as well though. But yea, interesting song. Not my favorite amongst your others, but it shows a good progression. I too once submitted remixes more like this onee but then turned to the guitar. They talked about that in the review thread for Russell's version. Actually, more like argued. Anyways, it was from the end of the game. If you made it past all the nail-biting and hair pulling of having to start over on the three segments of the last board if you died against Ken Hayabusa or the Jacquio or that Alien thing, then you would hear this music. Not exactly an easy task. Yes, the two are quite the same. You often have to wonder if the composer of Ninja Gaiden borrowed it or honestly thought of it himself (because of course there is some variation). But then again, it sort of is a love song about Ryu and Irene, so take it as you may.
  22. People may not know, but this mix was finished in the summer. Before I even finished Ironsword which was right around then. It wasn't submitted until later because of miscommunication who was submitting it. And by the time it was accepted, both Carbunk1e and I had grown as artists and producers of music. We realize many things now that could've been changed. If it had been released around when we finished it, you would've better seen the progress of our work. We could probably fix it, but might make better use of our time by bringing something new as part of our collaboration.
  23. Yay NES, and yay Mazedude. It's good to finally see a second remix from this very shotty game (considered to be one of the suckiest for the NES); and this mix doesn't sound like a MIDI-rip! Anyways, it is a good mix with that sort of Irish feel in there. Whenever I played the game, this is how I thought the song would've been if it weren't just chiptune. So Mazedude manifested the ideas well in here. Right on.