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  1. Wow, I was just pondering doing Marble Madness. This tune is pretty good though. It strays from the original a lot, which can be good, but I kept feeling like all I wanted to hear was the music from the first board. So when it did come in, I was ecstatic. So maybe the buildup was a good thing.
  2. Nice job, Russell. Definitely one of the better orchestral arrangements. Sounds like an actual movie or cartoon or game. I really just like the feeling given off by this song. Most orchestral pieces seem very assembled, but this one actually gives off good emotional vibe.
  3. To me, this just seemed way too repetitive. It was just too simple with the only variation being kicks and bass, which were too loud. Sometimes simple can be good, but a little variation never hurt.
  4. This is a nice song, and some of the guitar was executed well, but clipping really gets me. I can't even seem to remember this music from FF3... oh well.
  5. I just love how this morphs into something happy towards the end. That little pitch bent synth is just great. Definitely some good stuff.
  6. I wouldn't worry about it. There are some, especially one in particular, who seem to get jealous. And while there may be some songs of better quality, there are definitely some of less quality as well. Maybe you could try again with a more serious effort if this one wasn't as much so?
  7. Thanks. Sometimes it's nice to have music that is just calm and not so in-your-face. Although I do like variety. So long as music conveys emotion, I like it. And to me, this song did it.
  8. Now this I like. A nice, dark, industrial bit for me. I haven't played Doom in a long time, so I forget the music, but I could easily see this fitting the game. The only gripe I would have would be the higher pitched sounds from the distortion. If they were toned down, I could've listened to this over and over. Hell, I'll do that anyways.
  9. Wow, with all that buildup from djp, I was almost expecting more. I've never played 7th Guest, but I downloaded it just from the review. Not exactly my type of music, but still 10x better then I could've done with that genre. I guess the beginning with the bass kinda threw me off... it just sounded kinda empty or midi-ish. But the rest is really interesting, albeit a tad repetitive.
  10. I like it. And I think timewise it is ok for this arrangement. Yes, it may be short, but it gets its point across well in that amount time. Any longer and it would've had to have strayed. And I just really like relaxing arrangements like this.
  11. Yay, more Crystalis. I heard this before, and I don't know where I put the old version, but somehow without reference I can just tell this version is better. I'm not really into house stuff in general, but I think this is still pretty good. Hell, it's Crystalis. But just not what I would've pictured, which can be a good thing. My favorite part was at about 3:13 where it was just bass, and the drums come knockin in. Although I think it should've wound down a bit sooner after that than it did.
  12. Thanks, I appreciate the input. I actually did have a metronome going so I wouldn't lose the beat, and when I posted this in the WIP forum, no one seemed to think there should've been drums or anything (which probably would've given it more of that confident feel). As for the opening, it's hard to hold out those last notes before you move on to the next one. Sometimes sliding is a sacrifice of the game. I've heard worse on some professional acoustic guitar CD's. But thanks, I'll try and keep that confidence thing in mind while I work on my next mix.
  13. Shame on those who haven't played RCR! Anyways, this is the track from any boss fight. Which is clearly very awesome. Pretty much how I would've pictured it when some stumpy guy was throwing a wheel at me. It was really the one piece in the game that stood out as different amongst all of the bluesy stuff. Mazedude picked probably the best one he could've from this game, and he did a fantastic job. I have no gripes, which is a first. Good job, dude... Mazedude that is...
  14. Thanks for some of the complements, guys. I thought a general slowing down seemed to fit water better, although you are riding off into battle on the dolphin. The original tune is quite spastic, so I wanted to calm the angry sea, so to speak. Is there one part specifically where you noticed this? At 2 minutes the backup guitar goes off on a varied strumming them with offbeat triplets and such, is that what you mean? I've been playing guitar for ten years, so I have a pretty good grasp on things, but I'm interested in your input.
  15. I had to download this just after reading the judges decisions (which I always do for fun). I've never even played this game before, but I liked this tune. I could understand the concerns for out of tune guitar. And for the bongos (they didn't have as much reverb as the guitars)... and of course repetition. But it's not so bad... I do like the arrangement, despite it's repetition because it's very calming. And then you're brought into a rock part in the middle which is kind of chaotic, but interesting. All in all, I enjoyed it, despite numerous little things that could've been changed.
  16. I dunno, this one just seemed more random than anything. The oscillating appregios just seemed out of place. Same with this clearly more renaissance type music being mixed with electronic music. And the melody just didn't seem to go anywhere to me.
  17. I was glad to see some Castlevania 3 that made it to the site. And this is a good mix, although no real variation on the original tune. Some of the instruments were arranged well in parts, but some of the transitions weren't as I would've hoped. In general, it was good, but it would've been nice if it was longer and if the transitions were smoothed out.
  18. Pretty interesting. All I think of is Arkanoid though, which is possibly a good thing. I suppose add it to the 80+ FF series mixes on the site... which one to choose from?
  19. I find this song getting stuck in my head. Last night, while struck with a bout of insomnia, all I could think of is the middle part with the chorus. How ominous it is. I truly like the darker feel of this song, and even the build-up to it.
  20. You're right, Ginnsu. Ninja Gaiden has shown to provide a few mixes on here, but none that seem to totally have the flare of the game. Something about this genre and the samples don't quite fit this song from the game. Something with piano might've been more fitting, but I digress. It was an ok mix, but not much to say about it as it just doesn't really grab you.
  21. Nice job DJA. This game did deserve a remix. And a good remix it is. My favorite part is at about 1:30. I can almost see the guy whipping his hair. Man, I gotta go play that game. I know there was a request for it in the forums a while back, were you answering to that?
  22. Well, I like it for what it is, which is just a good dance/techno tune. You proved that you could make what you wanted to, starblast. I mean sure, it doesn't stand out from a lot of techno or even other Final Fantasy mixes, but that doesn't make it bad. It's still pretty good.
  23. I like this arrangement as it is pretty catchy. Of course nothing like the actual feel of the game, which types of mixes I like a lot sometimes. And this is a good example of what I do like in regards to that. Especially since that would seem to be a good direction to go with the saturation of Final Fantasy mixes. And I know what you mean about the trumpets in your review, djp. A lot of emulated trumpets just sound so wrong once you play or hear the real thing. Just learning to play the trumpet now, though, thinking of actually playing this boggles my mind.
  24. It was pretty solid. Some very good guitar, and the recording of it was very good. The composition is very good, but I suppose that would be attributed to NoppZ? I haven't heard the original I don't think.
  25. Woo, glad to see something from the original Metal Gear. It was one of my favorite games, and one that I had always wanted to do a mix of. Anyways, I love the title. You can't go wrong with making fun of poorly translated dialogue. And while I love this game, somehow I found this mix to drag on a bit. Probably because there wasn't a lot that strung the medley together other than it was all music from the same game. And the password music should've been first really. Separated, I would've chosen the outside music to be on its own with perhaps something else added. But altogether I still liked this mix a lot. Good panning, some interesting instrument choices.