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  1. Alas, a remix from NES. Well, it's been over a month! Anyways, I was glad to see it was by goat. I was impressed with his last work covering an uncovered tune from CV2. Now, he covers a bit of Dracula's Castle, or Castlevania as it were. And when he gets to that part it's great. I covered this song once, and I must admit I like goat's interpretation of this part much better. My only complaint is that there is so little of the actual source material in the song. Yes, the rest of it is good, but with the transitions to and from the parts that are Castlevania, and the ones that aren't, it sounds like a bunch of jamming with Castlevania in between. It's still cool, but imo out of place. At any rate, good work.
  2. Crazy beginning, I thought I was in for a totally different ride. After the mania is over, we bust into some sweet guitar that I would not liken quite to AC/DC so much as the Dire Straits. That's slightly what the rift reminds me of too. Good selection for right/left channels with that guitar though. Then there's a sound effect like someone whipping something kinda? Eh well, it's all good, and has a sorta cool 80's feel to it.
  3. At last, A Symphony of the Night ReMix that is from the actual game play! Well, in terms of quality, the mix is a tad quiet, but I think it's fine. The hum might've been able to be removed in CoolEdit. As for the composition, I thought it was really good. I liked the stronger and lower notes at about 1:23. Then it ends with a quick tapping of the keys and a low note, where I felt it could've picked up and gone on a bit more. Overall, a well composed piece of music in regards to the actual library tune. And good to show people that the music can indeed be arranged from this game.
  4. Very interesting, some of that opening creepiness reminded me of "The Ring" and the video therein. Then from the forge comes some cool distortion and the lead which is a great sample. Then the sweet guitar comes in. K Praslowicz has obviously touched up in areas, as I can think of some of his previous things being slightly off key, but no hint of that here. Then we're back into that good lead, which feels a tad repetitive, but then busts into a chiptuney kind of drumbeat, which made me turn it down a bit. Then after a while, back into the dark and ominous ambience where it trails off. Creepy. Overall, a really good song, as I would expect from the collaboration of three musicians here that I like.
  5. Hmm, I must be the only one who didn't think it was "truly amazing" or "one of the best" on OCR. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it and really like Mazedude's stuff, but I still feel that it's too experimental to be judged alongside other songs in such a way. I guess that is the way with things like that. Never played A Boy and His Blob, but I wanted to, and I still like this.
  6. I heard this before, I think. But it must've been long ago, or in the WIP forum or something. I think then I encouraged seeing a full version done (the Brinstar part had not been added, if I remember right). So I like this arrangement, although some of the samples, mainly the horns, kinda bothered me. Also, I just felt there could've been more of a prominent bass instrument during the Brinstar part, instead of just at the end. All in all, a good piece, though.
  7. I like the rapid bass in the middle, but something needed to be different in the beginning, especially to set it apart from the other mixes of this song.
  8. Holy shit, Bionic Commando has HUGE potential (although probably not so much straight rock). I actually did a rock thing for Area 2, but it was long ago and poor quality. And I must say that is a great list of games to choose from. I look forward to it. I'm probably one of the few who's played Snake's Revenge.
  9. Nice to see it was actually different than the one at vgmix. And someone said it sounded like Romeo & Juliet. Yes, it is very similar, as I said before and was ignored, and I wonder if the original composer just borrowed the tune. One thing that kind of bothered me was how one of the notes was kind of changed... the first three notes of the song (I thought) weren't the same length, (not all quarters or whatnot), but rather a quarter, a quarter-and-a-half, and then an eigth. It definitely made the song, but perhaps it was Russell's intention to take it out for a more orchestral piece; the notes I suggested might be better suited to a sort of slow rock, which the original does do. And one question about certain string samples: Is it always appropriate for sequential notes (the kind played more rapidly) to have a volume swell from the start? To me, it just sounds a bit off. Other than that, I think this was a decent mix, although I was hoping for something more from Russell.
  10. A very good arrangement. I think my favorite part was with the piano. But it no longer made it sound like Super Mario Bros 3, but something serious, which is in no way bad. Some of these soundfonts I recognized... I must have them. Anyways, I think it was a really good song, an excellent first if it is a first. But if you guys are so much into orchestral pieces, you should also really check out Russell Cox, if you haven't already.
  11. This mix was interesting in terms of composition, but some of that composition kind of left me where the song was taking me. You'd have climactic parts coming, going, coming, and going. It was interesting to listen to, but not one that I feel has a great amount of structure compositionally, and really with samples/soundfonts that were kind of plain... perhaps that could be attributed to the way the reverb made them sound, I do not know.
  12. Actually, it's not hard to make things into rock... sometimes you just have to play with the tune a bit more to do so. 9 years is right around where I would've pegged you (I think I have been playing for 10 but still expand in ability as there are still some really hard things to play in terms of speed). I can't wait to hear more from you, actually. And then I'll go pimp it at the Minibosses forum like I do with most metal mixes that come through here. Got anything in the works? What is it (unless you'd rather keep it secret). Also, it is cool that some motivate others. I think that the band Game Over's song being posted was the punch I needed to stop trying my hand at techno, which I submitted two remixes of that failed, and then just go at it with what I knew how to do... metal. Then expand from there as I grow. It would be interesting to see how you grow, Rize, because what you have already put out is quite interesting.
  13. Well I heard this over at vgmix back when it was up and going. So I'm eagerly awaiting something different by Rize. Of course, this piece rocks and it is what made me download Legendary Strings at vgmix as well. I think it's good to hear drums and not have them be lost in the shuffle. These drums are more aggressive, so the snares and cymbals are going to stand out. And of course, the guitar is very good; the quality is good, the playing is pretty good, the solo and improv are very cool. I'm just curious, Rize, how long have you been playing?
  14. Heh, that lead reminded me of ghosts n goblins for some reason. Anyways, this is interesting music. Definitely not something I would play in my headphones at night on a stroll through the cemetery. It has a sort of gothic ambience feel, which I like. But I'm also a fan of up front in your face melody at times. So if this were behind some dialog in a video game or movie, I could definitely see it. Interesting mix. Abstract, but interesting.
  15. I like industrial, but that doesn't mean everything that's industrial is peechy. Anyways, I thought this track was good. Which song was it from the game again? I like a bit of a rough sound, but it's hard for me to listen to industrial right now having just gotten back from work in a factory. So this review is admittedly bias. Also, kind of a strange ending... not quite how I would have pictured it. I know, it comes full circle, but it just seemed abrupt and against the flow. Perhaps that was the intention. Beatdrop's best work? I dunno, but it's still good.
  16. I'm familiar with what detuning is, but the overall key here still sounded a bit off to me. Perhaps the higher parts of the detune needed to be louder? Mostly what I heard was the lower parts, I think. Nevertheless, it is still pretty cool. I was just wondering about that.
  17. Well it's gonna sound like either Maiden or Metallica since they were partially influenced by Maiden. Anyways, cool stuff. A neat interpretation of the mansion theme (I think that song is full of untapped possibilities). I did one, once, pretty much the same style although no real reinterpretation. But I like this, despite some claims to repetition. Like you, I know how it can be hard to get guitars sounding right. Most people use electronic samples to make their songs, and of course that is gonna be easier.
  18. Why is it that lead dance synths always seem off-key to me? Especially here. Is that like the trend or something? Besides that, I like the arrangement. The samples are all very good. And of course, if you're making trance it is going to be repetitive, (so sue me if I don't like too much repetition). At least, I like repetition if it leads to somewhere.
  19. It's about time a Double Dragon mix got accepted. And what better way to start a mix than with thugs punching a girl in the stomach and hauling her away. I like this song overall as it has that kind of beat that is just happy and good. The thing that threw me off kinda was the drums weighed a bit heavy on the right side. But in time I got used to it. I liked the little piano bits inside of it as they gave it sort of a sad feel in the midst of the happiness. An overall great song.
  20. Um, I'm pretty sure he has a right to say whatever he wants. And no, OCR isn't a private service for one person's birthday. I doubt that was how ffmusicdj intended it. More of a dedication for one, but a song for all. Anyways, the rest of the song kicks ass. No complaints about the music here.
  21. Cool, Dragon Warrior III. It figures that you'd choose the flying bird song, that one was probably the most easy to put into orchestra besides maybe the monolith music. What I don't get about this song is the break at about 1:10, and then it shifts into a different piece. Obviously it was intentional, but it almost sounded like "the orchestra" was starting a new song or something. The improvised part around 2:00 is way awesome, especially when the piano comes in. And then we get back to the initial melody, which leads up to the grand part at 3:00, the highlight of the song. But after that there's some weird transitions (the piano and amplitude of noise, the pause, and then all of a sudden there's harps from Alefgard). Which I might've preferred to go on longer, because it didn't seem finished or even a way to add on to what you had. But all in all, I think it's a good piece and I'm glad to hear some DWIII coverage.
  22. Well, you have my applause. This made me bust out Legendary Wings again (not many mixes do that). And this mix has been stuck in my head for awhile (I got it off vgmix). There is no problem with guitar-centric at all, as the Minibosses have proven. Infact, this sounds like how they might do the song (although some elements of their percussion are a bit more dominant). And Legendary Wings is an excellent NES game, but you're right that people aren't going to grab it up like Final Fantasy or Mega Man. Besides, having a first remix for the song on OCR is a good thing.
  23. I like this. It was dark, it was catchy, it was good. Although it didn't really seem to build to anything. And some of the piano samples at points were a bit jarring. And it ended the same way it began, which brings it full circle, although I can't say I was impressed with a fade in fade out song that didn't really get off the ground. Although I still liked the general sound of it.
  24. I don't think I ever played Doom 2, so I don't know which tunes they are. Regardless, I do like this mix, and I would say it is one of Mazedude's better vg arrangements. Don't have any nits to pick or anything to say besides that I loved all the pieces.
  25. This song is two songs, make no mistake. The first song, the strings didn't sound so great at first, but once you get into it, it's all good. The piano was good. It was a good arrangement. Then we get into the second song which was techno/dance kinda. The reason it's a second song is because it's totally different from the first part, and the segway was emptiness and some dialog. And that by itself was just sorta plain. And the ending just stopped abruptly, I felt. Maybe that's a good thing though?