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  1. I really dig this! It's too bad my favorite part of it feels like it got cut short, and with a fade out ending, to boot.
  2. This site has a nice collection of music that the brothers Follin have put together, but I don't see anything from the NES game Wolverine. This one is credited to Geoff, so I don't expect anything from it to be on Dirge for the Follin.
  3. Halfway in I was worried the song was going to wind down. Then I checked and was pleasantly surprised that the song was long enough to give me my fill. I'm definitely coming back to this one!
  4. A must listen for prog-rock lovers! Personally, I have no problem with the transitions, as I've heard plenty such transitions in various other prog-rock. If you view this from a medley perspective first, the transitions could use some work. If you view this from a prog-rock perspective first, the transitions fit right in and a medley seems only natural for its source. There are plenty of prog-rock songs with jarring transitions and also plenty with very smooth and continuous transitions between musical ideas. YMMV on which you prefer. (both ) Fans of Guitar Hero III may remember this one: Impulse - An Endless Sporadic
  5. The original melody always brings out a sad sort of nostalgia for me. This remix, however, removes all of the sad feelings and leaves me with a sort of happy nostalgia. I'm not sure if that makes any sense, but I certainly loving it!
  6. I agree with WillRock: Super duper clean production, nice arrangement, gud stuff. I usually find myself getting bored pretty quickly with this genre of music, but I enjoyed every second of this.
  7. na-na na-na boo-boo I like the stereo aspects here. I'd probably like this song a lot less without them, although they aren't overstated or anything. Fun listen!
  8. This song was very human to me. From the playing, to the pace and arrangement, I find myself following along too closely on a day in which I have very little to be actually sad about. One of my favorites!
  9. I love trying to pick out all off the details in a song like this one. Love the textures. 10 smiles for you.
  10. I had to immediately replay this one, I loved the intro so much! It really pays to pay attention to everything that's going on at every point in this song. DJPs review seems spot on to me.
  11. "C'mon, Bubba, let's play some Bubble Bobble! Yeehaw!" I still listen to that one as well. As opposed to that remix... this Aveh bluegrass remix has speed and yet still maintains a delicate touch on all the instruments. I love it! Amazing work!
  12. The ending of this one really clicks with me for some reason.
  13. More funk! Excellent! I'm looking forward to the day when the remixes are searchable via the new search terms.
  14. Beautifully done, melody-driven remix! A must listen for any LttP fan! Thank you!
  15. Looking back at the original, it seems like each instrument makes sure to put itself into a corner to make room for whatever instrument has the central focus. In this remix, I get the feeling and mental imagery that each instrument is aware of the next, but does not feel inclined to resign itself into a corner. Rather, each sound presses on to create a full soundscape, a piece that has a beautiful flowing feeling to it. Excellent work! Thank you! Once again I find myself loving a remixed version of a FFVII or FFVIII song that I either disliked or had little impact on me... 10/10
  16. My brain was switching back and forth between snow and beach, and then I read your comment and had to laugh. Whatever atmosphere my brain can or can't settle on, I love the use of samples and the overall atmosphere. Great work!
  17. Wow, well the next time I can't decide whether I want to listen to Chrono Trigger, Xenogears, or Trigun music, I know what to reach for. The melody of the source actually fatigues my ears quickly, but this remix flows more freely to me. It's like the music is saying, "Come play with us!" and not, "LISTEN NOW!"
  18. Solid from start to finish. Nice work! It's great to hear a remix with zero filler - everything here seems like it's here for a reason and presents itself in the right way, at the right time.
  19. I know it's going to be a little while still, but I am SO excited for this!
  20. Dig this mix. The instruments feel very "aware" of each other, if that makes sense. The original source sounds more like they're fighting for dominance.
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