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  1. I wouldn't change a thing about this track. All the different rhythms come together and just sound right. Nice work!
  2. The original song is a little bit of a turn off for my ears - some instruments just plain didn't agree with me, a couple instruments were a little too loud, and although I listen to video game music from time to time on it's own, I never listened to this one outside of the game, classifying it as "video game only" music. This remix completely clears up whatever my ears don't like about the original. Excellent attention to detail on this one! There are some guitar noises that may bother some people (as mentioned), but nothing that really bothered me. Usually I prefer an actual ending to fading out, but once again, it doesn't really bother me this time around. Great dynamics as well! I'll be listening to this again!
  3. Great remix! I think this one probably shines a bit extra if you're familiar with the source. I'm definitely going to listen to this a bunch more times...
  4. Yeah, I hear it too. And for some reason it makes me want to listen to Plok - Beach. This remix makes me wonder what Plok would have sounded like on the Genesis. Then again, the composers of Plok probably would have found some kind of weird way to twist the Genesis sounds into something less Genesis sounding yet still awesome. Anyway... all great stuff, love the remix!
  5. It looks like someone worked on a remix of Beach a while back, but nothing completed. More PLOK!
  6. This arrangement is fantastic! After about a minute of the song, I was curious how it would sound played on a harpsichord. Three+ minutes later: screw the harpsichord, you know what you're doing here! Masterful performance!
  7. Some serious groove on this one. Love it!
  8. For those confused about the disco: The drum beat is a standard disco beat and the synth bass is also a standard for disco. The song may not sound very disco to your ears, but at least the drums are a textbook disco pattern.
  9. This seemed a little thin to me at first, until I realized I was losing all of the bass because of the way my headphones were on my head. Love it!
  10. The build up on this one was a little slower than I wanted at first, probably because of the original, but the ending was just too awesome to pass up. Nice work!
  11. It might be a terrible idea, but I think it would be interesting to hear this Lufia track somehow mixed together with Secret of the Forest, from Chrono Trigger. My ears like to focus on the bass on both of the songs, so I'm hoping for some of the same focus in a remix. Any takers?? I also just found out about the Lufia II project that's been underway for a while, so I'm already looking forward to that!
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