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  1. This mix more than any other on the site is a time capsule of a specific time, place, and culture. It's infamous not for the actual music, which is fine, but because to this day I am still encountering people who think System of a Down did a Zelda cover at some point, all because this music was labelled that way and spread around on Napster and Kazaa. This is a living artifact of a bygone world. This site has been around a really, really long time.
  2. Happy to see this game finally get some respect, and it's an excellent piece. The opening in particular is good stuff. The bells around 0:54 are very early OC remix in the best possible way. There's a phantasy star 2 mix on this site that did something similar. Also happy to see that I'm not the only person who remembers Spencer Nilsen.
  3. This piece of electro-zazz could be something from the first couple years of OCremix. I mean that in the best possible way.
  4. Undertale/Deltarune remind me why I play video games. This mix reminds me of why I still check in on OCRemix.
  5. I don't know about lo-fi, but I sure get some Boards of Canada 'Music has the right to children' vibes from this, and that's pretty great. Like nostalgia for something you've never actually experienced
  6. This is far and away the best track on the Sega Racing album, and since it was posted I've listened to it on loop many, many nights while reading. I added it to my Sega playlist, which until now mostly consisted of analoq and quinn fox tracks. Lovely synth, fun panning. Sounds almost christmassy in the last minute or so. Christmas Sega Rally? I think it's the bell tone sound.
  7. This sounds like it could have been posted to OCRemix around the early years. It's that same sort of arrangement. I love it. But now, of course, I have to ask for a remixed version where the live instruments are replaced with FL Studio loops instead. Like a lo-fi mix.
  8. This is the single greatest music track on the entire OCRemix website. It takes a fairly plain track from an early DOS game, straps it to a rocketship made of groove and piano, and shoots it directly into the stars. In the years since, analoq seems to have dropped off the face of the internet. Wonder what ever happened to him/her/them. Tracks scattered through long-abandoned websites and web services.
  9. Listening to this takes me back to the first couple years of OCRemix. It's goofy, fun stuff in the same vein as SMB 'Soundcheck'.
  10. This was my first favorite track on the site. So simple, but so well-done. Reminds me of sitting by the window in winter while it's snowing, listening to OCRemix's radio stream on winamp and playing Phantasy Star. I wonder where AmIEvil is nowadays. Simple ideas executed well outclass slick, professionally-produced-sounding tracks any day.
  11. I have been lurking on OCRemix listening to the music here since 2003. OC Remixers like Quinn Fox, Analoq, McVaffe and Darkesword have formed my musical taste since high school, and I've heard fantastic work here, but this is the first time I've felt the need to actually register for these boards and comment on something in twelve years. Space Station Silicon Valley is one of the most original and unique games ever published, but it's been criminally forgotten. This is a tragedy. Imagine my joy to find that not only *someone* else out there remembers it exists, but liked my favorite piece in the game enough to remix it. Snow Joke in the original form is a very chill, relaxed, loungey piece of music which has that indefinable quality which lets it be run on loop for hours without becoming tiresome. A .usf rip of it has been part of my 'it's snowing outside' playlist for many years. This remix has just replaced it. 'Soap Globe' doesn't deviate terribly much from the original melody, but enhances it with an almost Earthbound vibe, kind of a playful exuberant wackiness. It sounds like someone recorded a band that had been messing around on stage more interested in having fun than performing a professional set, then tried out all the effects they had available to see what sounded cool. It's 'dirty' in a good way, every iteration of the melody sounding totally different from the last one. It's never boring for a single second. Here's my single complaint: please change that awful, awful freaking ending. Introduce a new, more kicked-up, kind of tropical melody variant and then immediately fade to close? Why in the world? Where's my extended version.
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