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  1. Daniel Baronowsky has submitted a WIP of Ryu's Ending that really exemplifies what I'm looking for in an ending theme. Now, this isn't to say it's the only way to go about doing one--Myth's more ubeat take on Cammy's ending stands as testament to this--but if you're considering trying an ending theme and are short on ideas or a little confused about the mood and genre guidelines, you might want to listen to his WIP: http://www.therighteous.net/music/ryu.mp3
  2. Really nice work. This is a good example of how and when the mood and genre guidelines can be relaxed for ending themes. I'm gonna check this against the source tune for accuracy in a bit but arrangement and production I already dig.
  3. Great. In fact, I will not be much of a presence in this following week. Tests, exams, school stuff... But it's alright, most of my song is done, I just need to fix some production standarts (taking the chance to thank Ritcher ) and then add gitz and final production. Mr.Nazgul: If you wanna record another vocal WIP, it would be great!! Cool. The WIPs due June fourth are just that: works in progress. Everyone's has been really cool so far and I look forward to hearing all of your revisions next Saturday.
  4. I just emailed and PM'd McVaffe. Now you kids can stop your yammering and get back to work. *whipcrack*
  5. I just heard the new version of Red Tailed Fox's WIP, and let me tell you, once the vocals and the gitz are added, this is going to be a song people will talk about for some time.
  6. Well thank you for leaving me the fuck out! After Down With Bane, THIS is how you repay me??? I'm kidding, of course....Anyway, I'm thinking of Wu-Tanging this Fei Long theme; anyone have (or know where I can find) SFX/voice clips from some old martial arts movies? -DCT Man, I challenge you to Chinatown like every other month and you're all like "I have friends coming up from Vegas" and shit.
  7. Yes, I'm smiling, guys. I've been in Baltimore for the past three days attending the release party of and finishing up my voicework for Neon FM. I'll email McVaffe and let him know about the project, on the off chance that he might have time to contribute something to it. I might also challenge him to meet me at Chinatown Fair for a few rounds, since we both live in New York. Right now I'm not going to say I'm going to cover any tracks but as the rounds progress and the track list gets more and more full, you can bet I'll step up and do what needs to be done to get every single track represented. Good luck on your ReMixes. I'll check back in with you next week.
  8. McVaffe is a mytserious and more-often-than-not absent entity.
  9. Sounds messy and chaotic with all those verbed hi-hats and overly distorted synths. I dig the strings, though. Good call giving them the melody.
  10. aahahahahaha! I know how to get in touch with Matt. Maybe I just will.
  11. I've heard the album. It's mostly very good but a few songs are just terrible; you can barely even recognize their melodies. I bet OCRemixers will do better justice uh? FACE!
  12. I've heard the album. It's mostly very good but a few songs are just terrible; you can barely even recognize their melodies.
  13. I've uploaded the new version of Red Tailed Fox's Cammy's Stage submission, which I'm hosting for him. What do you think? Post your comments here. I'll do the same later. You're absolutely right. Submitters, please post your WIP in the WIP section with a link to the project thread. The more feedback you get and the more exposure the project gets the better!
  14. He's not talentless, he just has talent in more productive areas Uh huh you know it Gurlfriend Uh huh *snaps fingers* Dear Sosus, please send us money. -The Musically Talented.
  15. This kind of flagrant abuse will cease under the Riley judicial term.
  16. Solid. I like it. EDIT: I personally think that adding hiphop drums would would take away from the atmosphere of the piece. However, one way to add a bit more "face punching" might be to add some higher-energy, heavier brass. Maybe? I really have no idea when it comes to music composition (I tend to just listen to it rather than make my own), but that's my suggestion. You know, I've given it some further consideration and I think you might be right. Hip-hop drums could detract from the piece, which is already pretty damn face-punching. Just keep doin' what you doin', Vurez! We love you.
  17. Oh, dude! This is awesome! I've always thought of T-Hawk's stage as a low point in the SSF2:T soundtrack but this track has comepletely changed my mind. You have taken the T-Hawk track and brought out the dormant awesome that has always been. I think I could punch someone in the face to this, but I'd be more likely to listen to this while driving away after having punched someone in the face. Could I pursuade you to try incorporating some hip-hop elements to this already stunning WIP? It's a fucking rocking track and I doubt anyone will submit another T-Hawk's Stage remix, let alone one with a snowball's chance in hell of dethroning this one, but if you want to make it more continuitous in terms of genre with the rest of the album, you might consider trying to infuse the song with some hip-hop drum loops as you continue to work on it and/or fatten up the bass. Another option would be to keep working that hard edge--the "Tarintino" one"-- that's present already until it really becomes prevailent. Either way YES OVERRIDE. I think I've punched about five people in the face from listening to this song already.
  18. Dude, music from you is always a good thing...but out of FIFTY tracks you choose two of the few that have already got interested remixers with WIPs? Hey! That's OK. You should choose your first choice of songs to remix; that way you'll do the mix you want and, consequently, probobly a better mix than you would have if you settled for a song you weren't as inspired by. I'm confident we'll be able to get representation for every single one of these tracks. From the obscure "End of Vs. Mode" to the obiquitous "Ryu's Stage." It's quality I'm most concerned about at this point. Everyone do the best mix you can and do the one you most want to do; indeed, in the initial post there are previsions in place for you to do just that. No compromises! Punch in the face!
  19. 'Love to have some work from you in the collection. We'll see what happens.
  20. Nah, I'm not really, although I did get in a lot of fights as a kid. I'm from Middletown, tri-state area. It's About an hour and a half from Brooklyn, where I do have some family. I was raised in a middle class home that transitioned to lower middle class when my father died at age 11, but I can't say I'm from the streets proper. I do go to Chinatown sometimes, though. Chinatown's hardcore. Anyway, Street Fighter.
  21. Whoa! That is some mangled English, sir. I would like you to do a remix of one of the ending themes. Will you do a remix of one of the ending themes? Now, I´m feeling very happy. Personally I want to do Chun-Li's Ending (Part 3). I have some ideas for this track. And I will post my WIP about this song on these days. Thanks for the interest. EDIT: I will post the ReMix with the letters: "Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers". Probably, on VGMix Alright! We have bridged the culture gap! We have penetrated the language barier! I'll update the main thread to include your declaration of intention.
  22. Whoa! That is some mangled English, sir. I would like you to do a remix of one of the ending themes. Will you do a remix of one of the ending themes?
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