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  1. No, but maybe you could have some weird guys sing Tetris over it? That would be friggin' badass!
  2. Sounds good, you guys. A chill guitar mix could work but keep in mind that our criteria requires that you try to make it sound urban.
  3. This is the freshest, most creative and rawly powerful OC ReMix that's been posted in a long time. I'm surprised the Judges let it on. Fantastic work, DHS. My hat is off to you. Now I want to dig up a C64 emulator and play this game for the first time, and that is the mark of a good game-music arrangement.
  4. I see you have something in your sig about a Street Fighter pallete database. Would you be interesting in contributing some graphics or design to our project website when it launches?
  5. You're more than welcome to submit something. We haven't yet had any representation of hard rock in our bevy of urban genres, so I might suggest you make an attempt at shredding.
  6. The project certainly isn't dead. It is, rather, as you put it, simopley lacking updates, and that shouldn't be seen as an indication that the project is going through some difficulty. On the contrary, things have actually been going along very smoothly. I'm working with Rama to setup a web page for the project, to be unveiled when we have a good amount of finished material to showcase and I've been in quiet and private but persistant contact with everyone working on an arrangement to submit to us. So you can see why I haven't updated; there simpley isn't anything I have to say about the project in its public forum at this juncture. I'll reiterate that we are still looking for artists and that any interested artists should still read the instructions in the first post and follow them if they would like to submit a piece. I will, of course, post again if there are any major developments, posted questions for me to answer or concerns to adress, and I will be keeping the tracklist updated periodically. Other than that, all I really have to say about the project is that I'm still pleased with the response its received and I expect it to be finished some time in the next six months. Thanks for following it so far.
  7. Forgive me if this has been brought up already. I've read the whole thread but it's been a while... anyway, may I recommend omitting this track? It's basically the wedding theme dealie we've all heard a million times, and sticking with OCR standards, it wasn't made popular by this game (or any game).Also, I'm having no luck with my mix after the first 1:20, but I'm still trying... hard to force inspiration Bye! An astute observation, Tasty. However, in the interest of vermisilitude, I intend to keep Ken's Ending Part 2 (The Wedding March from Marriage of Figaro) on our tracklist. In fact, I aim to get a "famous" remixer to do it, as a conceptual joke. Besides, that very same standard is violated by DJ P's own Sailormoon Ravebody, undeniabley one of the best and gayest songs in the archive. And don't worry about it if you're having a hard time with your track. If you're not feeling it, don't force it. Either give it a rest and come back to it when you're feeling some inspiration or, if you suspect no amount of inspiration you're likely to run into in the near future will be sufficient to take the track where you want it to go, don't feel bad about abandonning it. Just let us know as soon as you decide, if that is, indeed, the case. You can always try your hand at one of the twenty-plus remaining songs. Blanka's theme is a pretty hot track so I'm sure someone would snatch it up right quick if you did decide to switch songs.
  8. Hi, I'm a new guy here. I've been watching this thread since the beginning (and actually, the main reason I joined the forums is so I could keep up with it). This is a very cool project, thank you for starting it. Anyway, I have an mp3 of the SSF2T opening theme (ripped from the Street Fighter Collection). I also have Akuma's theme, if you need that. As for having two remixes of the same song, you could technically call one the original SF2 theme, and the other SSF2T character select theme (since it's a remix of the SF2 theme), if you wanted... just a thought... Hah! I like the cut of your glib. While calling the two themes by different names would be technically correct, it's precident to credit a song, when arranged, by it's original title, at least in the VG arrangement community. But really, I'm pretty pleased with the idea of putting one at the begining and one at the end of the album to wrap up the package. Anyway, thanks for your interest and offer. If you could host the songs or email or AIM them to me so I could host them, that would help everyone involved.
  9. You have some top-notch production value and an album that is cohesive in tone and style, so major props to you there. The arrangements themselves, however, felt a bit uninspired. "Tinkley" comes to mind as the best way to describe the concepts behind most of them, which, I might add, are sometimes so derivitive of their source material that they would not pass the OCR guidelines laid out by the judges who made them so, roffle roffle.
  10. We have a slight problem. James and Jivemaster have both remixed the same song, seemingly unbeknownst to them, as James credits his source tune as the original Street Fighter 2 title theme (correctly) and Jivemaster credits his as the Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo title screen (which actually has different music). They're both very strong mixes and I'm not going to cut either of them. I've decided that since the source tune is, essentially, the main theme from the game, having one arrangement of it to open the album up and another to close it, so long as they are signifigantly differentiated from each other, would not be a bad thing, but we will need someone to do the Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo title screen theme, a track which is not in the Zophar SPC. Does anyone know where we could get an accurate version of the original Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo title screen theme for use as a source tune?
  11. OK. Heard your remix and was initially very pleased with your subtle expansion and re-interpretation of an amazingly under-played theme in the scene which has always been one of my favorite. You do a good job of expounding on the short but sweet melody and give us some much-needed rock representation, preserving and intensifying the original mood of the piece in a way that could make this track a candidate to lead off our album with atmosphere and style, BUT --and this is a big but-- You have some very serious production issues. As it stands, I wouldn't include this in the finished product. Your drums are plastic-sounding and not-at-all compressed. The brass synth you're using is dry as Protricity's grandmother and sounds terrible. Everything in the mix is pulled towards the middle frequencies. You need a serious upgrade of your production values. Unfortunately, this is my week area as an arranger/composer and I can't offer very much in the way of constructive suggestion, except for this: Consider making this into a collaboration with someone who's an accomplished producer and/or guitarist, someone who can help you choose a better sonic pallette to really do justice to your solid arrangement.
  12. Just got a chance to listen to your WIP. Good stuff. It's my favorite of rave-esque submissions so far. We're getting a good balance of hip-hop and trance/breakbeat style electronica: both urban genres. Hopefully we'll get some hard rock in here soon. This is not an invite to try hard rock with synth guitars.
  13. I realized yesterday, while playing Street Fighter Anniversary Collection that the Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo title theme is not the same song used on the Super Street Fighter 2: The New Challengers title screen. I've added the SSF2T theme as the 51st track on our list.
  14. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA! It's a jock jam! This could only be improved by someone chanting "I like to wrestle bears!" Recomended.
  15. I think you'll be OK, as long as you have some experience arranging.
  16. Red Tailed Fox and Myth's new version: There's a note that hangs a little too long at 2:15 and becomes dissonant; this is a very minor nit-pick. I still love this track. The arrangements right where it needs to be and I'm very happy about that. Great work, Red Tailed Fox. Myth's vocals are strong but that stereo panning delay makes the overpower the instrumntal. I'd like you to get rid of that effect. There are also a few places where they're a little too off beat; I appreciate syncopation and there's something to be said for the enjoyable aspects of sloppy vocals, but it seems like there a few places where you just mess up that mar an otherwise tight performance. I'd like to help you work your vocal tracks over, Myth. If you're using a different-take-for-each-line recording technique, which it sounds like you are, there's a fairly simple, albeit time consuming, way to fix timing errors by doing chopping and beatmatching in Acid Pro. I'll talk to you more about this in a PM. I'm certainly not going to push it on you if you'd prefer to do it "raw." Can't wait to hear it with the gitz. This is one of our flagship tracks.
  17. Thank you, everyone who submitted a mix before the deadline. We've got some very solid material and we're finally passing the formative stages of the project; that is to say, we have a base pool of talent involved and we've established a feel for what kind of songs the project will contain and how the project will progress towards completion. What we need now are some finished tracks, which I know a few of you are nearing. I'm very excited at this stage and I'm going to be adding a new color to the tracklist to indicate finished and accecpted arrangements as soon as one is available. So, those of you nearing completion, get to it. Do it for the glory! Do it for the honor! Do it because I asked nicely. As a few people have dropped out or grown silent, we're going to need some fresh blood to replace them. Please don't hesitate to spread word about this around. It's great to work with up-and-coming "scenesters" and I'm sure some of you have some untapped friends. I'll be contacting some people who took interest initially but then disapeared. Also, I'll be inviting some more established arrangers, who I have contact with, to be involved in the project. I apologize for my absense on AIM as of late. I'm in the process of begining a new job and working on an album of original music. If you need to contact me, the best ways are via a private message on the OCR forums, or via my email adress: shael.riley@gmail.com. I'll provide feedback for everyone who made the deadline by the end of Monday. Thanks again and keep up the punch-in-the-face work.
  18. You might wanna try to send him via AIM (altough Shael has been really busy, and hardly on AIM). If you want I can send Shael the remix as soon as he is on (I have to send him my WIP also) my AIM adress is: Red Tailed Fox (duuuuuh). About your mix: The arrengment surpasses the execution. I like the intro idea, altough I think the chosen synths need to be worked to sound less dry, the Intro copuld be way more developed. The biggest problems are drums here. No, sorry, the biggest problem here is the Hatz and Crashes you chose. They sound very dry, and the dinamics doesn't change at all... These guys need some work on. And I think they are appearing to much. Overall it is going good so far. I can get to Palleteswap again, so no worries. I've got the mix.
  19. I like it. The concise, news-broadcast style format is a bold idea that's working out very well so far.
  20. OK. Guys, I am super sorry. I don't know why I said the deadline was last Saturday. I wasn't even drunk. I screwed up the dates. June 4th is next Saturday and I can't apologize enough to anyone who got thrown off by my mistake. Sometimes I just confuse time. dur dur. The first Deadline's NEXT Saturday, June 4th. I'd originally said: Needless to say, I'm holding off on contacting absentee submitters until the actual deadline, June 4th. A dur dur. buh. Also, I finally got in touch with McVaffe and, like I promised you I would, and he politely declined, as he'd already done several Street Fighter arrangements and is a little burnt out on not only remixing SF music but on VG mixes overall. He was pretty cool about the whole thing and suggested we might meet in China Town to play a few games of SF2, though. DCT, I'm looking at you.
  21. Hey! Great show, guys. This is the best "scene" radio show I've heard since VG Frequency. Listening now to see if you messed anything up.
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