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  1. hehe. Well, the body of work can speak for itself. The author, however, is not gay and, in fact, is dating a rather atractive woman who dressed up as Lulu from Final Fantasy X at last year's Magfest. And thanks for the praise I'm amazed that this is still getting reviews after almost three years. Sweet!
  2. I am totally in love with this mix. This is one of the most original, clever and inspiring titles to grace this site. Mazedude, you've impressed the hell out of me. I tried to ReMix this track a while back, but couldn't really get inspired with the--as DJ P put it-- "lack-luster" original, although I do like the tune, if only for nostalgic reasons. Happy industrial. Who'd have thunk it?
  3. I had no idea I was doing a Canadian accent at the time but it seems that I was, inadvertently. I'm not Cannadian, though. I'm from New York! Downstate New York, even!
  4. This is the best thing since Music of My Groin. Seriously though, I love this mix. It's totally creative and original. Keep that Nokia rockin'.
  5. It's really overwhelming to think that I inspired this mix. It's a great compliment really. And while it's hard to compare our two mixes due to their drastically different styles, I must admit that you have me beat on finesse and production value hands down. I absolutly love this mix and have listened to it very nearly as many times as I have my own. It's straightfoward, no-fucking-around, kick-your-ass rock. And while a little variation within a piece is usually preferable, I don't fault the occasional piece that establishes a mood imediatly and sticks with it throughout -like I said: straightforward rock. The tweaking you did on the OCR release really brings out the natural brightness of the dist guitars; particulary, the rhythm sounds a good deal crisper on my system. Rock on, man. ;-P
  6. The backup singer is me. So is the lead singer. It was all poorly multitracked on Goldwave, which has no multitracking capabilities so I had to do some guesswork as to when the different sounds I was pasting in would occur. I'm honestly surprised it turned out as well as it did.
  7. I fucking love this! Yes. I'm so emphatic I had to curse. I've been waiting forever for a Monkey Island 2 remix. It's just solid all around. It more than overcomes my general dislike of medleys with it's totally sweet craziness. w3rd to your three-headed monkey.
  8. You know... It's actually chromatic the whole way through. Just the real harsh stuff doesn't come in until later. Didn't notice that first time around. Goood schtuff.
  9. I love this piece. It makes me wish Bubbleman got his own game- a heartwrenching RPG where he broods and meets Bubblegirl but she dies, so he broods more and kills some demons. But I digress. The chromaticism, that DJP mentions in his quip, is well placed towards the end, allowing for a nice buildup. Once you've become acclaimated to the new chord structure of this old, familiar tune, the chromatacism surprises you yet again. Instrumentation is excellent. A beautiful blend of NSF sounding synths and chilling, bright piano along with warm, slow strings give the mix a full sound without being overpowering. The deep, haunting drums maintain their power because of the restraint which this piece excersises. Viscerally/ intelectually it's great all around. I love this unique and engaging ReMix.
  10. The soft, swisshy drum loop beautifully compliments this subdued but powerful arrangement of acoustic/dist guitars and piano. And when you have dist guitars you can't go wrong with bells. Beautiful, moving piece. I've never played the game or heard the original but this is well worth the download.
  11. I just love this song. It's an OCR classic and everyone should hear it as far as I'm concerned.
  12. Aaah! Ken! You have the best Alis on Overclocked. LOL! How's it going, man? Thanks for leaving comments. I never see you on Trillian anymore!
  13. Ah. Yes. There is a very subtle squire wave which is chromatic and brings it back to minor just at the very end, since it is a castlevania song after all.
  14. Ouch! And from someone who uses my favorite Pink-Gi'd champion as their alias too. Well, everyone's entitled.
  15. No! Good ear, to hear that it sounds a bit "off" during the last chord. I believe it's called a Pickedilly 3rd- resolving the last chord as major when the rest of the song isn't in a major key signature. I wanted to capture the pure, innocent joy of the FM music that came out of the old NES, especially as heard by us when we were kids and to contrast it against the hollow electronica feel of the non-chip sections of the song. So, I raised the last interval a half-step to end on a major- rather than a minor- 3rd for a sort of beat-the-game feel. ... You were talking about that, right?
  16. I originally had a chorus pad swell up at the crescendo of each motiff- not that my stripped-down, electronica version has anything resembling that sort of dynamics - but I thought it conflicted with the retro, hollow, cold and mechanical sound I wanted so I ran it through some heavy duty aliasing and it became that "watery" effect you hear in the background. As for the piano, church organ, guitar and samba beat, it sounds like a fucking awesome mix. Why don't you do it?
  17. I like it. It's like COtMM pealed back the pink plastic shell surrounding Barbie and revealed her horrible, twisted inards, in sonic form. A poignent new use of the ReMix medium. Plus it's fucking cool.
  18. w007! Thank you very much! All the percussion- with the exception of the "ghostly" metal hit, which really functions melodically anyway- is sampled from a Casio Sk1. I got the idea to do the chip/not chip thing from the DDR MAX2 Remix of Burning Heat. (Very, very awesome.) I suggest that anyone who enjoys this song, in any of it's incarnations, head over to VGmix and check out Nukkus's Kiss the Abyss, which is a really great counterpart to my piece as it's more in the original style of Awake and really rocks fairly hard.
  19. So is that you rapping? Or did you just scratch and mix. Kickin' scratching.
  20. I personally think the scratching is friggin' awesome! Reminds of DJ Killmore (Incubus.) The rapping's not bad either, but it's not great. inda Linkin Parkish. Good mix overall. Well worth the DL.
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